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126March 4th

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  • rowena cherry
    Mar 4, 2007
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      Thank you to everyone who kindly responded to my questionnaire about

      Ever since a great author who is now one of my friends --but we were
      complete strangers at the time-- told a publisher that she ought to
      buy everything I wrote, even my laundry list, I have been wondering
      how on Earth (or in outer space) I could make my laundry list interesting.

      I've done it!

      The thing is, if I do it here, Amazon might claim the rights. Can you
      I'm sorry. I have a weird sense of humor.

      Anyway, I've sold it... my editor just does not know what she is
      getting, yet. I'm writing at least three more alien romances --one
      starring a buff alien hero who does not see the need to wear
      clothes--, and I suppose that polishing and pre-editing them is at the
      top of my metaphorical laundry list.

      Unless you count tallying the tax deductions. They were supposed to
      be done before March 1st. I still haven't decided whether to wade
      through all my phone bills since August of 2003 to claim that one time
      refund, or whether to take the standard amount.

      I'm also doing a last minute laundry and packing for a ten-day road
      trip (which means I may not be able to blog while I'm away). "Packing"
      includes learning the basics of Windows, so my family can use a laptop
      when we stop for the night.

      I'm hoping to do some drive-by signings at a few Barnes and Noble
      stores along I-75, if they welcome me, and if they still have copies
      of Insufficient Mating Material in stock. At least I don't have to
      pack big costumes (as I do for the Romantic Times convention) and
      quantities of promotional materials.

      Talking of RT.... Yesterday I received a surprise phone call from
      Bobbi Smith. I said Yes!!! when she asked me to step in and present
      on the pre-convention Research panel, at the RT convention. What an
      honor! I'm speaking on Research (twice, now), also on newsletters and
      internet self-promotion, and on the sword-fighting side of science

      I've also taken on a monthly radio show on Passionate Internet Voices
      Radio, starting on the last Wednesday of the month.

      Ah! And I'm going to be teaching chess to a class of very bright
      seven and eight-year olds until the end of the school term.

      It's quite a To-Do list!