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70Rotary Links & Membership Minute

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  • Rtn. Mohanakannan P.
    Jun 18, 2010
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      Life evolves in a jungle
      A community development project takes root beneath the forest canopy in Guatemala. Watch the video and learn more in the latest issue of Interactive.

      What's new for clubs and districts
      A roundup of Council actions that take effect 1 July.

      Kick Polio Out of Africa
      Soccer ball reaches final stop on its African journey.

      Foundation approves first global grant
      Project aims to disrupt spread of dengue fever in Indonesia.

      Rotary charters Palestinian club
      RI President John Kenny joins the celebration of new Ramallah club.

      Going to new heights for the Annual Programs Fund

      District governors reach Mount Everest base camp in fundraiser for The Rotary Foundation.

      Global Polio Eradication Initiative launches 2010-12 plan
      The Geneva meeting will build on the gains already made and galvanize new action on polio eradication.

      Visit the RI president's photo gallery and travelogue

      Read about and view photos of RI President John Kenny's recent visits.

      The Membership Minute:

      Membership, your club, and the RI Strategic Plan

      The revised RI Strategic Plan focuses on strengthening Rotary at the club level and provides the framework for clubs and districts to craft a successful future. This back-to-basics plan, with its revised vision and three targeted priorities, affirms that Rotary’s future lies in strong, focused clubs that are well known for their accomplishments.

      So why is the RI Strategic Plan important to your club’s membership? The answer is very simple: Dynamic clubs attract new members, and they are a source of pride for existing members. Who wouldn’t want to belong to an action-oriented club whose contributions are improving lives in their own communities as well as communities worldwide?

      Consider the ways your club fulfills the priority of supporting and strengthening clubs by answering the following questions:

      • What are three innovative things your club has done — or will do — to address membership issues relevant to your region?
      • How has your club become more flexible to accommodate the needs of younger working professionals? What specifically have you done — or can you do — to attract members from a diverse cross-section of your community?
      • How is your club approaching membership recruitment and retention differently than it did 5, 10, and 20 years ago?
      • What does your club offer to its prospective and current members in terms of leadership development opportunities?

      These questions will get you thinking about how your club’s membership efforts support Rotary International’s mission and vision, and how your club can step up these measures to play an integral role in implementing the RI Strategic Plan.

      Consider the following resources to guide your club in its strategic membership efforts:

      2010 Council on Legislation: Noteworthy membership news

      The Council on Legislation, Rotary’s “parliament,” meets every three years to deliberate and act upon all proposed enactments and resolutions submitted by clubs, district conferences, the General Council and Conference of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, and the RI Board. Here are a few highlights from the 2010 Council:

      • A fifth Avenue of Service was added: New Generations Service.
      • Transferring and former Rotarians must obtain a certificate from the board of the previous club confirming the prospective member’s prior membership in that club.
      • No club may limit membership in the club on the basis of sexual orientation.
      • The RI Board was requested — through a resolution — to consider proposing legislation to the next Council to create a new type of membership: satellite club membership.

      Visit the RI website for more in-depth information on the results of the 2010 Council on Legislation

      Public Relations Grant deadline

      It’s not too late to encourage district leaders to submit an application for a Public Relations Grant by the 15 July deadline.

      Enhancing public image and awareness, one of the three priorities of the RI Strategic Plan, is vital to bringing new members into Rotary. Read more about non-Rotarian perceptions of Rotary — and the importance of PR in your local communities — in the 2008-09 focus group report. Look for an updated report, with data from the United States, on the RI website in mid-June.