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61Like to become a COMPLETE ADULT & help eradicate POLIO in the process!

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  • Rtn. Mohanakannan P.
    May 14, 2010
      Dear Rotarian,

      You can become a COMPLETE ADULT & help eradicate POLIO in the process!

      After 20 years of hard work, Rotary and its partners are on the verge of eradicating this tenacious disease, but a strong push is needed now to root it out once and for all. It is a Golden opportunity to make a difference of historic proportion. Thanks to Rotary and its partners, the number of polio cases has been slashed by more than 99 percent, preventing five million instances of childhood paralysis and 250,000 deaths.

      The disease remains endemic in just four countries -- Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan -- although other countries remain at risk for imported cases. Unless eradicated, Polio remains a train journey away or a flight away.

      To help address th e critical funding gap for polio immunization activities, Rotary has accepted a challenge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to raise $200 million to match challenge grant s totalling $355 million given by the foundation. The resulting $555 million will support polio eradication activities in the remaining four polio-endemic and high-risk countries, where polio continues to infect and paralyze children, robbing them of the ir future and compounding the hardships faced by their families.

      India has been a major beneficiary of the world contribution and with our growing economy, it is now our responsibility to protect ourselves and eventually the world. As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk. The stakes are that high.

      To meet the final push. Rotary District 3230 has embarked on th is fund -rai sin g event - A Life changing oration by Shri T.T.Rangarajan, (Founder - Alma Mater) on 'complete adulthood' .

      By donating now, you can together help Rotary achieve a polio-free world.



      About TT Rangarajan who rendered this oration:

      The rise and fall of every human being has its effect on the overall human consciousness. Every lesson learnt, every mistake committed, every error corrected, every discovery, every invent ion, every insight, every idea, every revelation, every talent unfolded, every limit redefined, every thought released, every vibration experienced... by every individual paint s yet another stroke in the evolution of human consciousness.

      When 'a' man lives his life with heightened awareness, his life helps humanity to gain a few years of maturity, without having to live those few years. In effect, he fast-forwards human ity by a few years. Every being who is living his life with heightened awareness is actually doing God's work... he has been delegated a responsibility by Existence to play a part in evolving human consciousness...

      To play a role in evolving human consciousness, T.T.Rangarajan founded Alma Mater on February 14, 1995. Today, hundreds of organisations and hundreds of thousands of people would vouch for the turnaround Alma Mater has created in their lives. His vision of lifting humanity to a higher level of spiritual consciousness is carried through his experiential workshops, residential spiritual retreats and his brainchild - the growth oriented magazine – Frozen Thoughts.

      Rajan , who is affectionately referred to as the ‘Voice of Love’  is a spiritualist , endowed with a deep connectivity to existence. He guides people in their quest for self-realisation . He has brought meditation to the common man, and in his presence, thousands have experienced the depths of silence. Across the globe, he is highly revered by all those who have experienced him. He, for one, believes that the messenger should be the message. His skill in harmonising the materialistic and spiritual world is gracefully reflected in his lifestyle.


      For your copy of this limited edition contact:

      District Secretary
      Rotary International District 3230


      +91 9444204466