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PCC will of Joseph IVILEAFE, 1702

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  • David Smart
    What made John JESSER such an impossible husband for his daughter: religious persuasion? poverty? Nb Mr [Thomas?] ROSSITER being asked to preach a funeral
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      What made John JESSER such an impossible husband for his daughter: religious
      persuasion? poverty?

      Nb Mr [Thomas?] ROSSITER being asked to preach a funeral sermon with other


      Testator: Joseph IVILEAFE, Gent of Frome Swd
      PROB11 ref: /465 q.98
      Legacies: • my body to be buried in the vault which I made
      wherein I buried my wife and children towards the west end of the psh church
      of Frome in the entrance of the middle alley near the font
      • to the children of my nephew Robert BOYCE, Silver wire
      drawer of London, £40
      • to my mother in law TEMPLE, my mother in law IVILEAFE, my
      brother John BULL and my sister his now wife 20s each to buy rings
      • to my brother in law Richard BOYCE of London 20s to buy a
      • to Thomas IVILEAFE of Lamyatt £10
      • to my uncle William HAYTER £5
      • to my kinsman William BANNING £5
      • to my sister BISSEs three daughters 20s each
      • to my brother William WHITCHURCH deceased his eight
      daughters £5 each when they come of age or are married with the consent of
      their friends and relations
      • to Hester GOLLEDGE my sister’s servant 20s
      • to my maid servant Katherine BRITTAINE 20s
      • to my sister BOYCEs daughter of London Alice PERRY 20s to
      buy a ring
      • to Mr JENKINS 20s to preach a funeral sermon at my interment
      • to Mr PHILLIPS, Mr BARTLETT and Mr ROSSITER 20s each to
      preach one funeral sermon each at the Meeting and also gloves to them and
      their wives and hatbands
      • to my only daughter Mary IVILEAFE all her mother’s wearing
      apparel, both woollen and linen, also a mourning suit with mourning ring
      • to my well beloved friends and relations Mr Peter TEMPLE of
      Bishopstrow, Wilts, Mr Joseph TEMPLE, Mercer of Bristol, Mr Edward PIERCE of
      Devizes, Wilts, and Mr John SALMON of Wriglington [Writhlington] £5 with a
      ring, hatband and glove; and to their wives £5 each with a mourning ring and
      • £100 to my Exors to invest and the profits divided yearly
      between the ministers who preach to the Assembly or Congregation commonly
      called the Presbyterian Meeting at one SHEPPARDs in Frome and to their
      successors, whether the same be continued at SHEPPARDs or elsewhere so long
      as such meeting be permitted
      • to my Exors, their heirs etc. for ever all my lands,
      tenements and hereditaments in the psh of Hemington and in Frome and all
      other lands etc. of which I am seized in fee and also all my leasehold and
      all other personal estate on trust to allow my daughter Mary, my only child,
      £30 yearly for her maintenance and education so long as she continues
      unmarried and reside with any of my sd trustees or in any other good and
      religious family where they direct; otherwise only £20 yearly until her
      marriage; and if she marries with the approbation and consent of my Exors
      or the greater number of them, to convey to her, her heirs, etc. all my sd
      real and personal estate; but if contrary to my desire to her
      notwithstanding the persuasion and advice given her by myself and other
      friends and relations she has already or shall before or after my death
      marry John JESSER, Mercer of Frome, I give to her for her portion only £500
      out of my real and personal estate to be paid when sd John JESSER has
      settled his land to her for life and shall also have secured £300 to be paid
      her within a month after his death; and if my trustees have any moneys left
      out of my estate it shall be laid out in the purchase of lands in fee
      simple, the rents from this and my other lands and leasehold estate from the
      time of her marriage to John JESSER (except £5 half yearly which my Exors
      may if they think fit and not else pay to such person or such uses as she
      shall without her husband direct and appoint for her sole and separate use
      during her life) shall from time to time yearly paid to the ministers called
      the Presbyterians and their successors at their general association in the
      counties of Somerset or Wilts to be by them employed (as long as the Law or
      Government permit the same) towards the maintenance and education of young
      men designed for the ministry in university learning a the Schools in London
      or Taunton or elsewhere where the tutors maintain the principles of religion
      comprised in the System of Divinity commonly called the Assemblies
      Catechism, the persons to whom and in what proportion the same shall be
      allowed I leave to the discretion of the ministers at the sd Association;
      only my desire is that in case my daughter Mary marries John JESSER and has
      a son or sons by him, if the son or sons are likely to be useful in the
      ministry and shall in the judgement of the Association be capable they shall
      be preferred before others; and in case such teaching be laid aside or not
      permitted, the rents shall be employed for the better maintenance of poor
      ministers and their families of the sd persuasion; and in case there are
      none such or such disposition shall not be permitted, my Exors to convey my
      lands etc. to the children which my daughter Mary shall have and which live
      to attain 21 or be married and to their heirs etc. to be divided between
      them; and if there is none such, my Exors to pay:
      - £50 apiece to the respective eldest child of sd Peter TEMPLE, Joseph
      TEMPLE and Edward PIERCE
      - £100 to be equally divided between the children of the sd Thomas
      IVILEAFE then living
      - £20 apiece to my sister WISEs daughters
      - £50 towards building a workhouse in Frome for the poor to be paid
      when any such shall be built
      - £50 to my cousin William BANNING
      and after to convey my lands and leasehold as follows:
      - one moiety to be equally divided among the eight daughters of my
      brother William WHITCHURCH decd, their heirs etc.
      - one third of the other moiety to be equally divided between the
      children of my niece Alice PERRY and their heirs
      - the residue to be divided equally between the children of sd Robert
      BOYCE and their heirs
      and if my daughter Mary marries John JESSER, survives him
      and marries any other husband by the consent of my Exors, the sd lands and
      leaseholds to be conveyed to the only use of my daughter and her heirs by
      such husband; and for want of such to the use of my Exors and their heirs
      for the trusts herein before directed
      Executors: Mr Peter TEMPLE, Mr Joseph TEMPLE, Mr Edward PIERCE and Mr
      John SALMON
      Signed: 10 Oct 1699
      Witnesses: William BAILY, William ROGERS, Christopher STEVENS
      Proved: 27 Jun 1702 at PCC London by John SALMON, Peter TEMPLE and Edward
      PEIRCE, Exors
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