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The Brothers of the Rose Cross

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    The Brothers of the Rose Cross A Chapel Talk of the Rosicrucian Fellowship August 9, 2009 By Jean de Galzain [Jean Lecturing]
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      The Brothers of the Rose Cross

      A Chapel Talk of the Rosicrucian Fellowship

      August 9, 2009

      By Jean de Galzain

      [Jean Lecturing] <http://www.rffriends.org/wpx/?attachment_id=1096>

      This morning I want to talk about the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross
      and their work.

      We are very privileged to be on this mountain, celebrating
      100 years of service with the inspiration of the philosophy of The
      Rosicrucian Fellowship, which was given to us by the Elder Brothers of
      the Rose Cross.

      The work of the Elder Brothers is to explain to us the whole
      process from creation to involution to evolution to divine realization.
      They worked with our founder, Max Heindel, to bring about this
      monumental work called The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception that is very
      rich in spiritual meaning.

      Back in the fourteenth century, in the year, 1313, Christian
      Rosenkreutz, a high initiate of the Christian mysteries, founded the
      Rosicrucian Order. He chose twelve brothers, all adepts and initiates
      of the higher mysteries whose mission it would be to expand the
      Christian mysteries through the Rosicrucian mystery school, and to
      further man's evolution, particularly in the Western World.

      Now, what do we really mean by initiation? Initiations are
      internal experiences that first connect us to our past in a phase of
      involution, then to the present day, and finally they move us through
      the steps of our future evolution. Initiation involves an expansion of
      human consciousness and the conscious activation of closest relationship
      with our spirit within which we call "our higher self" and it includes
      also the practical development of our divine creative faculties on a
      daily basis. This ultimately leads to the realization and activation
      of our divine omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. During the
      cosmic involution/evolution part of our journey, we attune ourselves to
      the spirit, the higher self, through right living. Right living
      consists of practicing right action, right feeling, right thinking, and
      right intention—and actually living a life of service to others in
      the light of love and selflessness.

      Such spiritual experiences are the dominion of, the power
      of, and are supervised by the mystery schools. What are mystery
      schools? I brought with me a little diagram to try to illustrate what I
      mean. It looks like a flower, if you will. There are 12 mystery
      schools on earth and they are each represented by a little circle here
      around the big center. These mystery schools are not on the physical
      plane like regular schools on earth are in a school district. They
      actually are in the invisible plane, and they are sub-divided into seven
      lesser mystery schools, of which The Rosicrucian Fellowship is one.
      These schools cater to the needs of spiritual aspirants through the
      process of working through nine lesser initiations. So, as there are
      seven mystery schools of the lesser mysteries, there are five greater
      mystery schools, up here, that work with aspirants who have already
      completed the nine lesser initiations through the work of the lesser
      mystery schools.

      Each of the mystery schools is actually an order of twelve
      brothers (and I have represented them by little sticks) twelve brothers
      around their head which is the thirteenth member and is represented by
      the little red stick. One of the purposes of the mystery schools is to
      provide esoteric training to all aspirants who enter the path of light,
      in order to accelerate the process of their own evolution and in order
      to accelerate the evolution of our planets, guiding them from within to
      enter the golden gate of the inner etheric temple where initiation
      really takes place.

      [Twelve Around One]
      <http://www.rffriends.org/wpx/?attachment_id=1099> Why thirteen? This
      is based on the universal mathematical principle of sacred geometry, the
      relationship of particles of cosmic matter in space. To best illustrate
      this, I will give you the following example. If you take a box of
      ping-pong balls, all of the same size, and you take one, and want to
      hide it from view by placing other balls around it, how many balls would
      it take? It would actually take twelve to hide the one. It is an
      example, a mathematical ratio, something you can't argue for or against.
      It's a fact of the universe. The Rosicrucian Order has twelve brothers
      around Christian Rosenkreutz who is the thirteenth and august head of
      the Rose Cross. [Jean Lecturing2]

      Now, each of the twelve mystery schools has a thirteenth
      member. I can explain it here if you can imagine that each of the red
      sticks is the head of a mystery school, and when the twelve heads gather
      together they form a higher level of school that you could say is called
      the central council of the White Brotherhood. It is centered (so they
      gather here, these little red thirteens all gather in the White
      Brotherhood around its thirteenth which is the head of the planet, who
      we will call the planetary spirit of the earth and who is presently,
      since the crucifixion, overshadowed by The Christ Spirit.

      The process of evolution as indicated in the Bible, or the
      process of creation in Genesis, takes seven days. Max Heindel and the
      Elder Brothers explain that these seven periods are periods of
      manifestation that include creation, involution, and evolution. So, in
      the book of Genesis, God the Spirit within the Universe, makes his
      creation through seven cosmic steps. These cosmic days last through
      eons of time. They're not like 24-hour days. They are vast expanses of
      time; actually beyond time.

      When you deal with these periods, you actually have to deal
      with a scale that is beyond time and space. It's in the abstract
      worlds. But, let's give it a shape so that we can relate to it. We
      have a concrete mind that needs to have something to see, to touch, and
      to attach ourselves to.

      So, in the first phase of evolution, (we call it the Saturn
      period) this phase was involved with the creation of the physical body.
      In the next phase (or the Sun period) God created the "vital body" or
      etheric body. In the third phase (the Moon period) we created the
      "desire body" or emotional body. And in the first half of the Earth
      period (the Mars half of the Earth period) we went through the process
      of creating the mind (and I say "we" because God and his creation cannot
      be separated). We are part of his creation and we are also part of God.

      Actually, our bodies are not ourselves. They are just
      instruments which we use to gather wisdom and to experience the divine
      faculties. The real part of us is the flame of spirit which is
      invisible to most and which actually has no beginning, no end, and lives
      forever. It stands as a driver inside the body as we try to meet our

      We are presently at that stage of creation. Commencing from
      this point on, we are now starting the phase of evolution. When we came
      down from the Saturn period and we had created these bodies, we were
      moving from the spirit of God into the material world. Now that we're
      in the material world, we're starting to undo all of this and go back to
      the spirit. This process is called evolution. So, the second half of
      the Earth period is involved with perfecting the mind and assimilating
      all of the qualities and powers of the physical body into the mind –
      learning the laws of the physical world. Now, with science and the
      guidance of spiritual philosophy and the experiences of the heart we can
      penetrate more and more so that we can understand why we are here, where
      we have come from and where we are going.

      The next period is the Jupiter period in which we will be
      involved with the creation of the body for a human spirit or abstract
      mind which is the lower state of spirit. In the Christian religion, we
      refer to spirit as a three-fold being. We talk about the Holy Spirit,
      the Son, and the Father which basically represents three cosmic energies
      – all in the one spirit. In the Jupiter period we will create a
      body that can use the power of the Human Spirit or the Holy Spirit.

      In the next period, the Venus period, we will be involved
      with creating a body for the Life Spirit or for the spirit of love and
      imagination which represents the body for the Son part of the spirit.
      We will assimilate all of the information from that body into the mind.

      From there we go to the next phase which is the Vulcan
      period, the final day of creation, in which we will create a body for
      the Divine spirit, or the Father aspect of our spirit and spiritualize
      our mind and assimilate all of these qualities, so that we will have a
      three-fold body of spirit and a spiritualized mind which will help us to
      become creators. By the end of the Vulcan period, which is the last day
      of creation we will have become creative Gods. We will have reached
      divine omnipotence with the full development of our creative powers, we
      will have achieved omniscience with the full development of our
      conscious knowledge of the five rungs of evolution, and we will have
      achieved omnipresence with full consciousness into the realms that are
      involved in this phase of evolution. So, this is a very long and
      broad process.

      In order for us to accelerate this process, we are given the
      opportunity to go through the nine lesser initiations. The first vow of
      the initiate is "silence," which means that there's not much information
      available about initiation. This is an internal process that has been
      individualized. Each one of us goes through it in his own way, at his
      own time, and therefore it is difficult to describe to somebody else
      something that they haven't gone through themselves, but Max Heindel and
      the Elder Brothers gave us a few pointers that we can actually talk
      about to give us a better idea of what initiation involves.

      Aspirants to the nine lesser mysteries are esoterically
      trained through the seven lesser mystery schools. The first four lesser
      initiations lead the aspirant through a recapitulation of the four
      previous periods in evolution. The Saturn period, when we built the
      physical body, the Sun period when we built the etheric body, the Moon
      period when we built the emotional or desire body, and the first half of
      the Earth period when we built the mind. The fifth of the lesser
      initiations leads to the present period or the Mercury half of the Earth
      period. The last four lesser initiations lead to matters dealing with
      future development through the end of the Earth period. All nine lesser
      initiations culminate into the first greater initiation that summarizes
      the entire Earth period. After that there are three more greater
      initiations dealing with a state of consciousness of the next three days
      of evolution, the Jupiter period, the Venus period, and the Vulcan
      period which eventually lead us to liberation.

      Now, we mentioned "adepts," and what do we mean by an adept?
      An adept is a person who has graduated from the first greater
      initiation, meaning that he or she has successfully experienced the nine
      lesser initiations internally and is continuing toward the four greater
      initiations. When the adept goes through the first greater initiation
      (which is an internal experience, of course) he undergoes an alchemical
      process that includes a biological transmutation that changes the
      relationship between his physical and vital bodies as well as the
      emotional and mental bodies, using the full power harnessed in the
      Golden Wedding Garment of super vital body, I would say.

      By spiritualizing the mind with spiritual practices, with
      positive mental discipline, with uplifting thoughts and other
      constructive uses of the mind, they mold their abstract and concrete
      minds to process more spiritual light. By purifying and uplifting the
      desire body, that body through which we express feelings and emotions,
      we connect with the higher regions of the desire world, activating
      nobler, more compassionate, more selfless feelings to create a deeper
      soul connection with others and the universe. By activating more
      etheric energies with good daily habits and intentions, better hygiene,
      responsible use of the creative force, and repetition of good things; we
      supercharge the two higher ethers of the vital body, namely the light
      ether and the reflecting ether. They are involved with sense
      perception, mental cognition and activity, and memory; and they enable
      us to do greater work on the inner planes as conscious invisible

      By keeping a healthy body with a minimum of physical
      exercise, by following appropriate nutrition, and assimilating
      sufficient amounts of phosphorous into our physical bodies, by engaging
      in positive, constructive activities, and a highly spiritual lifestyle;
      when ready, adepts consciously initiate an alchemical transmutation of
      their biochemical structure from a carbon base to a phosphorous based
      chemistry. Carbon has four valances, phosphorous has five valances;
      therefore the chemistry base is changed. Such a process is, in essence,
      the way they render themselves invisible, allowing them to navigate
      between the visible and invisible realms at will.

      They then have the ability to materialize and de-materialize
      their physical bodies at will. This allows them to be of greater
      service to mankind as they act as invisible agents or helpers in the
      guidance of world governments, as scientists, artists, philosophers,
      inventors, thinkers and other creative individuals. They help promote
      the advancement of the greater culture in areas of art, science, and
      spirituality or religious philosophy. The order of the Elder Brothers
      consists of twelve around Christian Rosenkreutz, and one of these
      brothers is specifically connected with The Rosicrucian Fellowship,
      because it is a preparatory school of the Rosicrucian mystery school on
      the inner planes.

      This is why the teacher (that brother that we mentioned
      earlier) promotes the development of a sane mind, a soft heart, and a
      sound body as well as the daily full training and development into a
      super vital body, the etheric body that we call, the Golden Wedding
      Garment, which is necessary for the transition to conscious living on
      the inner planes. By analogy, imagine the super vital body as the space
      suit of the astronaut. His body is used to travel in a different
      country, one which is an invisible sea of energy that surrounds us but
      which at this point we have very little perception of.

      Following the Lemurian period, into the watery Atlantean
      period when the atmosphere had much water and we were breathing with
      gills, like fishes, we needed to build lungs. Several Atlantean floods
      precipitated the water into oceans and we then needed the ability to
      breathe fresh air. The floods came in a series. There was not just one
      flood; there was a series of them over a very long period of time. The
      last flood dates back about 10,000 years when the Sun was crossing by
      precession into the sign of Cancer.

      So, those were the pioneers of Aryana, which is our present
      age. They would gather themselves together and climb into the
      highlands above the mists and the water and they had already developed
      lungs and could breathe the rarefied air. But, the people who were
      living in the low-lands were still in this watery atmosphere and had to
      learn to build those lungs, because they were still breathing with
      gills. When the various series of floods became infrequent, those who
      did not build the lungs could not survive. At the present time we still
      have 85 percent water in our bodies, but when we enter the Aquarian Age,
      about 500 years from now, the water will eventually evaporate and be
      replaced by ethers. Those who have not trained their vital bodies will
      not be able to survive in the higher etheric atmosphere in the Age of
      Aquarius. Therefore, it is important that we develop our vital bodies

      The Elder Brothers provide esoteric training for each
      generation of Western seekers that emphasize the building of a
      super-strong vital body. The Elder Brothers do much work to overcome the
      destructive effects of materialism, of nationality, of greed, of
      selfishness, of negative thinking. Every night at midnight they perform
      a midnight service in the etheric temple. They attract these types of
      negative energies in order to transmute them into pure love,
      benevolence, altruism, positivism and high spiritual aspiration which
      they eventually send back into the world in order to uplift and
      encourage all good. Were it not for their powerful spiritual
      vibrations, the forces of materialism would have crushed all spiritual
      efforts by now.

      Therefore, it is imperative that we help them by learning to
      do this work – that we help them by doing the work ourselves –
      meaning, practicing in our daily lives the positive principles they
      teach us. So, every time you find yourself thinking a negative thought,
      you've got to stop and think about that. You've got to try to
      retrospect it and see how you can change it, emphasizing the more
      constructive. When you bump into situations where people do something
      bad to you and you start nurturing resentments and ill feelings you have
      to look at that too, because this makes you sick, anyway. Not only does
      it destroy your ethers, it burns your inner energy, so it is important
      to learn to forgive, to learn to practice Christ's principles, because
      all of the Christ's principles are alchemical principles that change the
      energies within and without. Everything we do has an effect. If you
      think a thought, that thought affects your internal functions and it
      also affects your environment. It affects your aura, of course, but it
      also affects the soil and affects the energies around you and affects
      other people.

      It's the same thing for your feelings. If you have ill
      feelings for things that you have difficulty dealing with emotionally,
      you have to focus on them to try to find a solution, a way to transmute
      those negative feelings into something more constructive. It's the work
      of alchemy. It's a conscious process that demands a certain amount of

      It's the same thing for your intentions, your motives. What
      are your motives? Are they universal? Are you trying to do something
      good for the whole, or are you just sticking to yourself and wanting
      just to help yourself. If that is the case, you've got to rethink them,
      because we are all in the same boat – on one planet here and
      everything we do affects everybody else.

      If we start generating positive thoughts, positive feelings,
      positive intentions; and by consequence we generate positive action, we
      will change our planet and make it a better world for everyone. Not
      only do we have to strive to practice this positive philosophy, but we
      also have to go out and teach it to the world.

      Unlike others, we don't proselytize. All we have to do is
      be an example of what we believe. When we show, by our own works, the
      principles of our philosophy we are actually teaching it. We are to be
      living examples of what we believe. We are to educate the world about
      living the life, a positive way of life that harms no one, that respects
      all life, that nurtures our planet, that protects our resources, and
      that loves and respects our brothers and sisters. When I say brothers
      and sisters, I don't just mean human brothers and sisters. I also mean
      our animal brothers and our respect for the plant kingdom and for the
      earth itself, the mineral kingdom. We must put into practice the cosmic
      principle of universal love and compassion that Christ gave us 2000
      years ago. As the Age of Aquarius dawns on earth, a Golden Age of
      conscious living and spiritual light, we will abolish all wars and
      eliminate disease. Men and women of good will shall share in love and
      peace for 1000 years.

      It is our responsibility to care for the earth and its
      people; we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers. We are to practice
      love as taught by Jesus Christ in deed and in truth, not just in words,
      and we are to strive for universal brotherhood.

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        The Brothers of the Rose Cross

        (Ver en formato Power Point)

        The Brothers of the Rose Cross ...(I)pps

        All those aspiring ones who align themselves, "in spirit and in
        truth," with The Rosicrucian Fellowship and its Teachings, place
        themselves within the sphere of the Illumined ones of the human race
        whom we speak of as the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross. It is greatly
        to our advantage as spiritual aspirants to realize the full
        significance of this fact and endeavor zealously to reap the full
        benefit of such a wonderful privilege. We can help make ourselves more
        attractive to their assistance by taking time to meditate upon them and
        their humanitarian endeavors, to send them our gratitude and love, to
        rededicate ourselves to serving them in their constant efforts of
        uplifting humanity. The Brothers of the Rose Cross are Adepts, being
        among those Compassionate Ones, who, through many lives, have unfolded
        their inner faculties to a very high degree by loving, self-forgetting
        service to the race. They have passed through all the Lesser and
        Greater Mystery Schools, thereby reaching a stage of evolution which
        frees them from all the ties to Earth. However, they have elected to
        stay here on Earth as helpers, each being given work according to his
        particular interest and bent. These Hierophants of the Western
        Wisdom Teachings have forged a second spinal cord by drawing the lower
        love-ray of Venus upward and transmuting it to altruism, conquering for
        it the dominion over the sympathetic segment of the first spinal cord
        and the left cerebral hemisphere now ruled by the passionate Hierarchy
        of Mars, the Lucifer Spirits. Thus each Brother is a complete creative
        unit on both the spiritual and physical planes, able to use the
        bi-polar force (masculine and feminine) through the double spinal cord,
        illuminated and raise in potential energy by the spinal spirit fires of
        Neptune (Will) and Uranus (Love and Imagination). This creative energy
        conceives in the twin hemispheres of the cerebrum, ruled by Mars and
        Mercury, a vehicle fit for the expression of the Spirit, which is then
        sent out and objectified in the world by the spoken Creative Word. By
        means of this power he is able to perpetuate his physical existence and
        create a new body before he leaves the old one. All of the Brothers
        have a material body, and they live in a house (in Germany) which
        appears to be the home of well-to-do but not ostentatious people. They
        hold offices of distinction in their community, but these positions are
        only for the purpose of giving a reason for their presence. Thus they
        avoid questions and suppositions as to what they are or what they are
        doing. Outside their house and through their house is what may be called
        the Temple. It is etheric and is different from our ordinary buildings,
        but may be likened to the auric atmosphere around the Pro-Ecclesia or
        Temple at Mt. Ecclesia, in Oceanside, California (2222 Mission Avenue),
        which is etheric and much larger than the buildings themselves. Such
        structures are around churches and other buildings where people are very
        spiritual and of course differ in color. The Rosicrucian Temple is
        superlative and not to be compared to anything else; it so permeates
        with spirituality the house in which the Elder Brothers live that most
        people wouldn't feel comfortable there. Being able to control their
        actions and emotions, the Brothers save all unnecessary strain upon
        their bodies. They know the exact elements required to keep up their
        bodies. They know the exact elements required to keep up their bodies,
        and the proper proportions in which to take them. Thus they secure the
        maximum nutrition and a minimum of waste. For that reason they may keep
        their bodies in a state of youthful preservation and vigorous health
        for hundreds of years. Lay brothers who have been connected with the
        Temple for twenty to forty years in this life have indicated that the
        Elder Brothers look just about the same today as they did thirty or
        forty years ago. Judging by the standards of ordinary men they seem now
        to be about forty years of age. It has been said by some of the lay
        brothers that Christian Rosenkreuz is today using a body which has been
        preserved for several centuries. This may or may not be so, but our
        august leader is never seen by the lay brothers who gather at the Temple
        (etheric) for the midnight service. His presence is only felt and is
        the signal for beginning the work. To trace the beginning of the
        Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order is as difficult as it is to
        find proof of the beginning of the first Manifestation of God. Since
        theirs is a work which aims to encourage the evolution of humanity,
        they have labored far back into antiquity--under one guise or another.
        We have historical proof, however, of the appearance as early as the
        thirteenth century of advanced teachings which were to prove as a bright
        star to many. During the past few centuries the Brothers have worked
        for humanity in secret. Each night at midnight there is a service at
        the Temple where the Elder Brothers, assisted by the lay brothers who
        are able to leave their work in the world (for many of them reside in
        places where it is yet day when it is midnight in the location of the
        Temple of the Rose Cross), gather up from everywhere in the Western
        World the thoughts of sensuality, greed, selfishness and materialism.
        They seek to transmute into pure love, benevolence, altruism, and
        spiritual aspirations, sending them back to the world to uplift and
        encourage all Good. Were it not for this potent source of spiritual
        vibration, materialism must long ago have totally squelched all
        spiritual effort, for there has never been a darker age from the
        spiritual standpoint than the last three hundred years of materialism.
        Seven of the twelve Brothers go out into the world whenever occasion
        requires, appearing as men among men, or working in their invisible
        vehicles with or upon others as needed; yet it must be kept strictly in
        mind that they never influence people against their will or contrary to
        their desires, only strengthening good wherever found. The other five
        Brothers never leave the etheric Temple, and although they do possess
        physical bodies, all their work is done from the inner worlds. The
        Thirteenth of the Order is the Head, Christian Rosenkreuz, the link with
        a higher Central Council composed of Hierophants of the Greater
        Mysteries, who do not deal with ordinary humanity at all, but only with
        graduates of the Lesser Mysteries. He is hidden from the outside world
        by the twelve Brothers, as the central ball is hidden by twelve balls
        of even size. Even the pupils of the School never see him, but at the
        nightly services in the Temple his presence is felt by all. Every
        midnight at their service the Elder Brothers open their breasts to
        attract the darts of hate, envy, malice, and every evil that has been
        launched during the past twenty-four hours. First, in order that they
        may deprive the Black Grail forces of their food; and secondly, that
        they may transmute the evil into good. Then, as the plants gather the
        inert carbon dioxide exhaled by mankind and build their bodies
        therefrom, so the Brothers of the Holy Grail transmute the evil within
        the Temple: and as the plants send out the renovated oxygen so
        necessary to human life, so the Elder Brothers return to mankind the
        transmuted essence of evil as qualms of conscience along with the good
        in order that the world may grow better day by day. During the
        Temple Service the twelve Brothers, together with the lay brothers,
        function in their soul bodies. Hence it is evident that the presence of
        the Head of the Order is altogether spiritual. Nevertheless, he is
        always active in the affairs of the world, working with the governments
        of the nations in the Western World to guide them along the appropriate
        path of their evolution. To this end he appears in a physical
        embodiment, at least part of the time. After the first year of World
        War I the Elder Brothers, by dint of hard work and organization,
        succeeded in creating an army of Invisible Helpers who, having passed
        through the gate of death and having felt the sorrow and suffering
        incident to an untimely transition, were filled with compassion for the
        others who were constantly pouring in, and became qualified to soothe
        and help them until they also had found their balance. The Elder
        Brothers all possess the external picture consciousness of the Jupiter
        Period, which they use in initiating their pupils into the Rosicrucian
        Order. The Initiator fixes his attention upon certain cosmic facts, and
        the candidate, who has become fitted for certain powers, is like a
        tuning fork of identical pitch with the vibration of the ideas sent out
        by the Initiator in pictures. Therefore, he not only sees the pictures
        but is able to respond to the vibration, and the latent power within
        him is converted into dynamic energy and his consciousness is lifted to
        the next step upon the ladder of initiation. The mass of humanity is
        taken care of by the religion publicly taught in the country of their
        birth; but there are always pioneers whose precocity demand a higher
        teaching. To them a deeper doctrine is given through the agency of the
        Mystery School belonging to their country. When only a few are ready
        for such preparatory schooling they are taught privately, but as they
        increase in number the teaching is given more publicly. The latter is
        the case in the Western World at present. Therefore the Brothers of the
        Rose Cross gave to Max Heindel the Philosophy as published in The
        Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception and sanctioned the launching of The
        Rosicrucian Fellowship to promulgate the Teaching. The purpose is to
        bring aspiring souls into contact with the Teacher when by service here
        in the Physical World they have shown their sincerity and given
        reasonable assurance that they will use their spiritual powers for
        service in the other world when they shall have been initiated therein.
        The scientific method of soul unfoldment advocated by the Elder
        Brothers is always bound to benefit anyone who practices it and can
        never under any circumstances cause harm to anyone.








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