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The Melusine and Her bloodlines...

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  • Antioch Lusignan Rivers
    Approximately one thousand years into Christianity, the Goddess of Light known variously as Lusinia, (Juno) Lucina, and Melusinia/Melusine --even Mere Lucine--
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      Approximately one thousand years into Christianity, the Goddess of Light known variously as Lusinia, (Juno) Lucina, and Melusinia/Melusine --even Mere Lucine-- of Avalon...who, is correctly also termed "a late mediaeval manifestation of Aphrodite" by Walker, incarnated three times...and married Christian counts or princes, mothering three royal "Christian" houses!
      Lusignan is the most famous of these three. Where La Melusine gave birth to the children of Raymond count of Poitou, miraculously building a castle, and her children were all marked by  very unusual birthmarks: the eldest who could even pass for human, for her first try or two was to give birth to an unacceptable monster...was marked by having a lion's paw in his face! Now, there are two things very important to understand: first, that this line of children were otherwise extremely golden and beautiful, looking sort of like the prince in "Beauty and the Beast"--a not entirely unrelated legend, by the way, refering as it does to Diana goddess of the Ardennes(Artemis) and, that most clearly in Jean Cocteau's version, of course--except for these "deformities". And the second important thing to know: is that, these unusual birthmarks all showed Melusine's children to be reincarnations of one or another of the beasts of the goddess Hera. The first, as the most important, was the Nemeian Lion: hence, the lion's paw in his cheek, which, grew claws and golden fur as he reached puberty. Because, the Melusine was The Great Goddess and not a different being from Hera or Aphrodite or Isis...as Barbara G. Walker ably points out, the "goddesses" were originally only "aspects" of One Great Goddess who was splintered apart by male patriarchists in order to shatter and to undermine Her. It would be like us saying today that Jesus was not Christ and not Yahweh who was not Adonai, et cetera...taking various names and epithets and calling them "seperate" that are now recognised as different names or aspects of the same thing.
      When Heracles/Hercules slew the Nemeian lion and other sacred beasts of Hera, this represented the destruction of the Children of the Goddess. Hera, in the new patriarchal version of the myth, was misrepresented as a crabby housewife with the rolling pin...nose out of joint because Zeus was a philanderer. Thus different aspects of her: such as Io/Europa, Selene, and so on were treated as her rivals, rather than as different manifestations of the One Goddess. Hercules himself, was a great blow to the Goddess religion: misrepresented as a child of Zeus by Hera's rival, they thus stole from Her, Her own dear child who actually bore her name! Hera: Hera/cles...Hera/clius?
      Somewhere...and Somehow, myth becomes "reality"...and, with the passing of the belief that Hercules was Hera's own dear boy, he did become the slayer of Her children...and, somehow and somewhere, with the death of the power of Her religion in this plane of existence, Her sacred creatures were indeed slain;however, She did manifest around one thousand AD as the Melusine and, in Poitou, gave birth to them all...
      When her husband spied on her through the keyhole, he saw that she was a serpent from the waist down and he told...causing the Churchmen to come with the mastiffs (big dogs that eat bears) to chase her out of the castle she had built, and she shapeshifted like mad...at one point leaving a human footprint near a window outside of which a casting was preserved...at another point becoming a mermaid and diving into the water...and, at yet another point becoming a swan who fled shrieking for her children who were inside. (Not a happy exorcism, but then, they never are.) In later centuries, like a family banshee she would fly as either swan or dragon around the ramparts to herald the coming death of her descendants...
      In Luxembourg, she was bathing in her cavern far below Luxemburg Castle--watershed year 963 AD--where her Christian husband came upon her. Here, happily, she was better prepared for escape and, very straightforwardly dove through a hidden aperture or window directly into the river Alzette in the form of a mermaid...all very tidy.
      The third successful manifestation was in Angeou (Anjou) where she gave birth to several children and was in the chapel with the youngest two by the hand...when the priests decided to confront her with the Host (i.e., eucharist) in a manner that she had somehow managed to avoid up until then...remember, this sort of thing is tricky and, we are dealing with rival magicks...whereupon she transformed into a Dragon for, in Anjou they were more frank than in most places and echoed the Acts of the Apostles(3:21) in likening the Scarlett Woman or "that Great Goddess whom Asia and all the world worshippeth" to the very Devil. Grabbing her youngest two by the hand, she fled shrieking out of the window into the sky in the form of a dragon...we may consider that the churchmen had very potent magic indeed or, perhaps she was just tired of that gig...
      It is possible to interpret these tales as the passing of a cult, as millions of people were being put to death in Europe "to save their immortal souls" ...and it did start far earlier than the usual dating of the "Burning Times": consider how many Charlemagne made war upon... or it could be treated at face value, as literal, physical manifestations of a really big "X- File" type of alien...after all, you have snake-bottomed Enki saving Utnapishtim (Noah) in the Sitchin version of the deluge and Ninhursag equatable with Shamuramat(Semiramis) makes a very good shapeshifting acquatic alien/goddess...and you have the central African legend of the Matu among the pygmies, equatable with the Nomo of the Dogon...and continuing in a tradition of either serpent-bottomed or fish-tailed goddesses ffrom Auset/Isis as "the serpent of the Nile" to a fishtailed Aphrodite on Cyprus, fishtailed Venus the eponymous goddess of Venice, and Melusina the patroness of Naples...but don't stop there: continuing north, you find Holle was three mermaids, a trinity of eponymous goddesses of Holland!
      The Goddess was international and the modern reader must shed little compartmental ideas about what is "European" or what is "Jewish" as opposed to what "Egyptian" and so on...the modern nation-states and even the sharp seperation of races seems to be a male-generated, patriarchal prerogative, generated from men jealous about their Y-DNA strands and keeping birth-givers as their "chattel" and biological slaves...the old religion of the Great Mother Goddess, wherein women were free to choose their sexual partners, led to a great deal more genetic as well as cultural diversity in "the old days"...
      As human beings spread out across the planet, they went back to visit rather than "discovered" primitive savages whose lands they could claim and whose labour they could exploit (all that came much later) and the Goddess's temples were actually places where a "foreigner" might be embraced and a child be conceived...as opposed to a foreigner of a later era visiting where the men ruled and the womenfolk were all claimed and locked up in hareems as "property".
      The two-tails of the Melusine as at Metz in Alsace-Lorraine--itself names "Elsass-Lothringen" after Lohengrin the Swan-Knight, a son of the Goddess from the Grail Castle or Avalon--probably represent a bifurcation of Her holy bloodline...interpretted as a symbol. But, also consider a literal interpretation: as in the case of the unsuccessful manifestation on the Stauffenberg: why Melusine did not become the mother of the royal house of Hohenstauffen (perhaps their trouble in later centuries with her decendants(?) was that she manifested to a mortal named Peter Dimringer who, jilted her. Having promised his lovely speckled dragon her day in church, he went to the altar with another woman! At the wedding feast, she got even: as wedding guests succumbed to poison, they looked up to see a snake's tail dripping over the punch bowl at the reception!
      Actually, though, the Stauffenberg version of the legend reads much more like an 'X-file': when he encounters her, she takes him into a "castle" (ship?) that is invisible from the outside!
      Consider Her symbology: the sign of Juno Lucina, the "lady of light" at Rome being an upright line crossed at base by a short horizontal line and by crisscrossing rays at the top: enacted when the Melusine holds up the sword of kingship from below the waters of Her holy lake to the mortal candidate (King Arthur)...and the Vesica Piscis, the roughly "almond shaped" symbol of a stylised fish...not horizontal as in the well-known Christian "ichthys" version...but vertical...a symbol of the yoni...and compare different pagan sculptures of the Melusine and of the sheila-na-gig on some very old Irish churches.
      Consider the page of Cups in Tarot decks: the card showing a page holding a cup in which a fish disports! Literal...or, a very excellent symbol of what is truly sacred in the holy grail? The source of generation: of life...
      The (artificial) islands in the artificial Lake of the Ladies of the Lake in Somerset...of which, the Dove was the centre of the Giant Wheel of the Zodiac...were shaped like ancient signs of the Zodiac, some as large as three miles across? The sign and island of Pisces, significantly, was that island known as "Avalon" and was the place where the Lady of the Lake herself...the mortal one...ruled over the priestesshood of the Great Goddess...whereas Semiramis's ship(?) would probably be the cavern "beneath the lake" where Lancelot was reared by "mermen"--not something I ever thought a misprint in the German "Lanzelet"!
      Thus, you should not think of one body of legend or myth as "Jewish" and another "British" or "Egyptain" but look instead for what was international:
      even the Roman empire stretched, you know from the island of Britain all the way to Egypt. Caesar of the Gallic wars was also Caesar to Cleopatra VII you know...she even had his kid! Look at the evidence: Judaea was so much a part of the same Roman empire that the infant Jesus was rescued from Herod's slaughter of the infants to the Jewish community in Alexandria, Egypt. Same empire, same Roman law, same coinage, same Latin used where the common Greek "Koina" was not employed--itself a legacy of Alexander some three centuries earlier. What of "the missing years" when Jesus had been taken back to the Temple at age thirteen where he argued for three days(!) with the Jewish priests, before coming back at age thirty for the last three years?? Where was he??? Well, the Jewish Talmud says he was in cahoots with "heathens" in Egypt "and other foreign lands" and the folks at Avalon DO claim him...and Somerset WAS in the same Roman empire with travel and communication never so easy, so why not collate the evidence? There is a house in Somerset--or the remains of one--he is supposed to have built for Mary his mother.
      There is abundant evidence that Mary was a priestess of a Gnostic cult;and that, his bride the other Mary, the Magdalene, was a pagan priestess and not a "common prostitute"--which it never even says in the Bible. In the Talmud his mother is described as a "hairdresser" and the Magdalene, his wife, seems definitely to be more like a priestess of Avalon than anything else...you should not forget how reviled they were in King Arthur's time, nor how they were mistreated in Josiah's purges much earlier...circa 621 BC...to see how this would have been enough to have caused Mary Magdalene trouble with the patriarchal priests.
      To think of either Mary as "Jewish" and therefore beyond the possibility of the Avalonian priestesshood, is to see women precisely as the Patriarchy wants you to see them: as the "property" or chattel of the men who ruled those societies and "owned" them. The religion of the Goddess was international and was still QUITE active outside of Judah well after the Josiannic purges! The priestesses did not just shrivel up and blow away as dust overnight because Josiah had burned their sisters in Judah, you know. Her priestesses of Isis were still going strong in Egypt during the youth of Jesus and the Magdalene...and in Avalon as well.

      Dynasty and House of Antioch-Lusignan-Rivers

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