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James II and James III of Scots

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  • Antioch Lusignan Rivers
    James II King of Scots was the father of James III and his sister, Princess Cecilia Stewart. By secret treaty of 1483, a secret marriage was performed by
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2006
      James II King of Scots was the father of James III and his sister, Princess Cecilia Stewart. By secret treaty of 1483, a secret marriage was performed by proxies between Anthony Woodville and Cecilia Stewart.
      King James III of Scots was brother to Cecilia and King Edward IV of England was brother-in-law to Anthony, and they had already the rights to the kingdom of Cyprus ceded to Anthony in secrecy. Edward IV had done something unprecedented in reviving claims on his brother-in-law Anthony's behalf, to continental principalities through maternal lines of his descent. Some of the logic for this was that Anthony had single-handedly defeated all of his Luxemburg kinsmen, who had entered Westminster Abbey insulting Edward's queen by disrupting her coronation, by bescratching their Melusine shields on Ships Green. It was conceivable that they had forfeited some sort of right to him "in battle" and had disgraced themselves anyway by bearing false arms (i.e., shields depicting Edward's wife as the mermaid) to the queen's coronation. Frankly, some of the precedent for this move was that Henry V had bypassed the Salic Law in claiming France through maternal descents. But, really it was a practical one: by granting his brother-in-law the arms of the house of Luxemburg as well as those of Lusignan and del Balzo, Orsini and other continental lines Anthony had inherited through his mother, and by granting him these arms within England's jurisdiction, he had done something far more significant at the time than merely "cook the books" in order to grant his wife's brother a fancy coat-of-arms, as Henry VIII was to do a century later for Anne Boleyn. No, the situation in 1483 was far more than mere flattery or heraldic decoration.
      The concept of "Crusade" was not yet dead in 1483. There were still people all over Europe, all over Christendom, who thought that recapture of Jerusalem might be viable. The timing for somebody grabbing the strategic Island of Cyprus--as strategic politically and dynastically as geographically and militarily--could not have been better. There were three former queens of Cyprus in exile in different countries, each of whom had secretly agreed to cede her claims to Anthony for various considerations (and none of them ceded them elsewhere until after Anthony's death) and the Cypriot kingship had last been held by a Bastard and was then vacant!
      The murders in 1483 of both King Edward of England and Anthony Woodville(Rivers) ended these secret plans and they were never made public but one can read much in the history of Anthony's disappointed queen:
      Princess Cecilia, who had been destined to reign as Queen Cecilia of Cyprus and of Jerusalem, premier queen of all queens in Christendom, secretly had a child out of wedlock in the following years, with a Scots nobleman who afterwards married her, and her bloodline thus did enter almost anonymously into the Scottish nobility.
      The other queens, the three exiled former queens of Cyprus, after having waited a decent length of time for the regime change in England (there were still the brief reign of Richard III to get through and the beginning of the reign of Henry Tudor who, as Henry VII, might have honoured the arrangements of his bride's father for her maternal uncle) and to see if Anthony's heir, Richard last Earl Rivers, would pursue his brother's plans, went ahead and ceded their rights to the House of Savoy, to the Venetian Republic, et c..

      Dynasty and House of Antioch-Lusignan-Rivers

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