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5Le Comte del Yle

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  • Antioch Lusignan Rivers
    Nov 22, 2006
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      "Le Comte del Yle" or "Lord of the Isle" refers to the Isle of Wight, not to the isle of Avalon;and yet, it was "the Dragon Isle" to the Druids, hence Lord Anthony as hereditary lord of the isle of Wight was the also the Dragon lord to the old religion, as well as representing the gnostic version of the new as prince of Jerusalem.
      This is an important distinction for the religion of the Goddess was still older than that of the Druids. Katherine Maltwood's analysis of the Lake in her, "The Glastonbury Temple of the Stars" really only went as deep as the religion of the Druids, her "Dawn Religion"; whereas, the religion of the Goddess was feminist and far older. Actually, you had several layers of accretions in the Lake of Semiramis, exempli gratia the mosaic floor depicting Dionysus Bacchus on the floor of the ruined Roman villa on the artificial island of Canis, where Bradley spring is located. Although an island technically, Avalon was an artificial island and actually ceased to be one when King Arthur's engineers had drained the holy lake and the "holy isle" of the Great Goddess became merely Wearyall Hill or the Tor above the Christian town of Glastonbury, built upon former lake-bed.
      Therefore, when one speaks of "the lord of the isle" one is referring to the male representative of the (largely) male-dominated religion of the Druids, the isle being the Dragon Island off the coast: the Isle of Wight.

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