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2The Dynasty and House of Antioch-Lusignan-Rivers

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  • Antioch Lusignan Rivers
    Nov 22, 2006
      Twelve generational chart of the Dynasty and House of Antioch-Lusignan-Rivers of the Principality of Jerusalem-Cyprus:
      I.  Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales, hereditary Lord of the Isle of Wight, Earl of Rivers and Knight of the Garter murdered in 1483 by the Duke of Buckingham at the command of Henry Tudor who also ordered the murders of the Two Princes in the Tower of London and two years later, in 1485, murdered King Richard III at Bosworth Field and usurped the throne of England from him. Anthony was secretly declared Prince of Jerusalem-Cyprus as "Anthony Arnite" in Venice in 1476, was ceded the rights of the three former queens of Cyprus (who all ceded them elsewhere, publicly, only after his death), and had the arms of the house of Lusignan bestowed upon him by King Edward IV of England. His secret marriage to Princess Cecilia Stewart had been sealed by proxies in 1483 and he was to reign in Cyprus whence a new Crusade was to be launched to recapture Jerusalem. In that very year both he and King Edward IV were murdered and these plans were never made public. Anthony was not only going to restore the pre-Schism Church (his Lusignan ancestors had attempted an interfaith communion between Orthodox and Latin Rite on Cyprus) but the True Gnostic Mysteries of the Original Church, from before St. Paul as "Saul of Tarsus" had put to death the original disciples in the Jewish Court at Tarsus. These included the tradition of the Melusine as received through his mother, Jacqueline of Luxembourg, through her ancestress, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and from Eleanor's cousin Esclarmonde de Foix who was high-priestess of the Albigens at Montsegur (Mont Salvasche) as well as the Mysteries which the Christ brought back from Avalon (identified with Glastonbury in Somerset) to restore to Judaea those Mysteries which had been destroyed by the anti-Gnostic King Josiah six centuries earlier.
      In preparation for this restoration of the true Gnostic Church, Anthony had been hailed as "Conde de Escueles" in Spain where the word "Escuele" could ambiguously mean either "Cauldron" or "Grail". The arms of Lusignan conferred upon him in England as a Knight of the Garter together with the arms of Luxembourg were to represent the continuity of the line of the house of Antioch-Lusignan of Cyprus. He was granted as a supporter a Melusino armoured and armed as a token that Jerusalem would be recaptured for the Melusine, identical with the goddess of Light, Lusinia or Juno-Lucina of the Luciferian Enlightenment, who is also Venus-Aphrodite (Aphroditessa in Cyprus) and Auset-Isis. She whose image was put up as a mermaid or siren in the Temple under the Romans and whose image was in the Temple as the Asherah six centuries before the Christ attempted Her restoration. As a crest, Anthony had the Trefoil god, a sylvan aspect of Shiva, representing the Green Knight (Green Man), the embodiment of the god of vegetation but also Trefuilngid TreEochairr the god of the Christ's friend, Fintan Ard-Ri at Tara, who was shown a vision of the Christ's murder at the hands of the anti-Gnostics in a Druid Grove.
      Anthony was succeeded by his brother, Richard Lord Rivers, who was spared initially under Henry VII because the Woodvilles, not knowing that Henry Tudor had ordered the murders of Anthony and the Two Princes, had sent Edward Woodville to France for him and helped finance his campaign, because Richard III had declared them illegitimate and attainted them as witches in Parliament in 1483. But in 1492, both the former queen, Elizabeth Woodville (or Rivers) and her brother, Richard, Earl of Rivers were murdered by command of Henry Tudor who had made himself King Henry VII and who wished to inherit the remainder of the Woodville monies and lands that he had not already confiscated.
      Richard Rivers, last Earl of Rivers and secret Prince of Antioch-Lusignan-Rivers of Jerusalem-Cyprus, in the last years of his life, had secretly married a devotee of the Gnosis, a priestess of the Mystery of Melusine of Avalon named Elizabeth, who managed to bear him one son before he died, named Richard Rivers after his father. This child was saved by being passed off as the child of another Richard Rivers, Steward in the household of the Duke of Buckingham(the son of the man who had murdered his uncle, Anthony Woodville). Raised as a servant, the child posed no threat to King Henry VII who inherited the remaining Woodville lands and money from his father, last Earl Rivers
      II. The child, Richard Rivers. Raised as a servant in the household of the Duke of Buckingham. Born in 1490 at Penshurst, Kent and passed off as the child of Richard Rivers, Steward of the Buckinghams and a devotee of the Rivers family (the dowager Duchess of Buckingham had been a sister of Queen Elizabeth Woodville and of her brother Anthony Woodville). Died at Chafford Place, Penshurst.
      III. Sir John Rivers born 1510 Penshurst, Kent died 1583 Hadlow, Kent married Elizabeth Barnes, suceeded her father (of the Muscovite trade) as Lord Mayor of London. Attempted to prove that he was Earl of Rivers during the reign of Elizabeth the Great but was thwarted.
      IV. George Rivers born 1553 died 5 June 1630 married Frances Bowyer. Grocer of London.
      V. Sir John Rivers born 1579 died 1651 married 1602 Dorothy Potter. Studied at Oxford and became a Barrister of the Inner Temple in an attempt to claim the Earldom of Rivers as his grandfather had but the only physical proof was a jewell-encrusted book in the last Earl's hand stolen from the College of Arms by an agent of Lord Savage, Viscount Colchester, in order that Savage could be granted the title Earl of Rivers. As a compensation, John Rivers was granted the Baronetcy of Chafford.
      VI. James Rivers christened 15 December 1603 at Westerham, Kent died 8 June 1641 London, Middlesex County married 1628 Charity Shurley
      VII. John Rivers born 1630 died 1679 married 26 February 1662/3 St Barth, London to Anne Hewett
      VIII. Thomas Rivers born 1668 Easton, Hampshire died 8 September 1731 married 1718 Mary Holbrooke
      IX. Peter Rivers born 1721 died 20 July 1790 married 1768 Martha Coxe
      X. John David Rivers born 30 September 1777 and christened as his two elder brothers and one younger brother were also at Winchester Cathedral where their father was an Anglican priest before he succeeded to the title Baronet of Chafford;however, he fled to Prussia. His younger brother Henry became a powerful Anglican minister, murdered his two eldest brothers some months apart in 1805, and expunged the birth and christening records of his remaining elder brother, John David Rivers, who had fled, in order that he could succeed to the Rivers family money and the title Baronet of Chafford. John David Rivers arrived with a Prussian passport in Charleston, South Carolina 5 September 1808. Married 25 September 1816 Eliza Frances Ridgewood. Died 29 December 1831.
      XI. William James Rivers born 1822 died 1909 married to Maria Bancroft. Declined the post of Treasurer of the Confederate States at Richmond, Virginia. Author of "Eldred", an occult initiatory document. Friend of Albert Pike, responsible for some of the material used in the circles of vonBismarck and Mazzini. Professor Emeritus of Ancient Languages at South Carolina College (later University of South Carolina) and later President of Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.
      XII. Wilfred Jeanerette Rivers, MD of Eastover, South Carolina. Graduate of University of Maryland Medical College, Johns Hopkins. Manuscripts in collection of University of South Carolina.

      Dynasty and House of Antioch-Lusignan-Rivers

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