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Successful Japanese treatment

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  • bakaboy68
    Hey everyone! I was diagnosed with rosacea about 6 years ago in the States, and put on an anti-biotic (sorry...I ve forgotten the name now), and two
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
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      Hey everyone!

      I was diagnosed with rosacea about 6 years ago in the States,
      and put on an anti-biotic (sorry...I've forgotten the name now),
      and two creams...one for morning and one for night. My doctor
      had me on this treatment for about 2 and a half years to 3
      years...and to tell you the truth...I wasn't seeing much of a
      change. I moved to Japan, and got sick of having my
      prescriptions shipped over to me...not to mention it was putting
      me in the poor house. So I finally caved in, and went to see a
      Japanese doctor.

      The doctor here in Tokyo was shocked to notice that I had been
      on the same antibiotics for such an extended period of time, and
      warned be that it could cause other health problems to continue.
      She promptly removed me from the pills, recommended daily B-
      complex vitamins plus Vitamin E. I switched face soaps to an all-
      natural face cream soap with aloe, and she gave me a small
      prescription bottle of a yellowish water that smelled kind-of like
      rotten eggs. My wife said it looked like Onsen water (volcanic hot
      spring water...famous in Japan for it's healing powers and
      benefits for the skin). There are many different kinds of hot-
      springs in Japan, and the water has varying quantities of various
      minerals, each containing different healing properties. I'm
      guessing that this water had a high sulfur content due to it's
      yellow color, and slight rotten egg smell. Anyway...I put the water
      on after I shower in the evening before bed, and by golly! It
      worked!!! The postules/acne like problem has cleared up
      greatly...and the redness has been greatly reduced!

      Of course there are days when the redness flares up...heat...diet,
      and sunshine all play a part there I'm sure. But my skin is worlds
      better than two years ago.

      If anyone is on a similar treatment...or is familiar with something
      like this yellowish water. Please let me know what it is. I can't
      seem to find a translation for it in my Japanese to English
      dictionary. In fact...I'll have to look again to see if my wife can
      even give me the Japanese name again.

      As a suggestion to anyone else out there. I want to add that
      when I run out of this medicine, I can go to department stores
      here in Tokyo, and buy the various kinds of hot-spring bath
      minerals in powder form. They sell this for people who want to
      enjoy the hot-spring experience at home. I mix this up, and apply
      it to my face, and it's a good temporary fix. Not to mention...a lot
      cheaper than my American treatment.

      Just wanted to share this with everyone, and get feedback from
      people with a similar experience.

      Good luck everyone! And if you ever come to Japan...be sure to
      visit the hot-springs. I recommend Hakone (not far from Tokyo).
      You'll be surprised at what it can do for you.
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