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[rosacea] info on request - The Yeast Syndrome

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  • Rogoff
    Hi everyone, I m back. I have gone the herbal route and must report back to you my results. It hasn t been easy...an I must stress that this is my opinion.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2000
      Hi everyone,
      I'm back. I have gone the herbal route and must report back to you my
      results. It hasn't been easy...an I must stress that this is my opinion. I
      visited a ND who steered me in the right direction. I completed Para 90
      Herbal Parasite Cleanse (AIM) and followed a yeast free sugar free eating
      plan now for approx 6 weeks....I have had dramatic results...My face was in
      a very bad state and so were my eyes. I was diagnosed as having rosacea by
      two Dermatologists, here in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was put on
      doxycycline (tetracycline) antibiotics and rosex gel (similar to metrolgel).
      My skin improved a little then got worse. I felt worse daily, the itchy dry
      patches got worse....so I took my health into my own hands so to speak and
      stopped the antibiotics. After following the yeast-free program for 6 weeks
      my skin has never looked better! I also have been on MSM, colloidal silver,
      and flax seed oil, a pro-biotic and lots of water. IMHO there is a LINK
      between ROSACEA and CANDIDA ALBICANS! I don't have to sell anything to
      anyone, but from what I have been through, its worth the effort......not
      only do I have more energy, my flushing is not as severe as it used to
      be...the pimples/pustules dry itchy patches (I was told I had eczema as well
      as rosacea) has gone! When candida albicans thrives in an enviroment where
      the host has been on antibiotics killing off all bacteria good and bad for
      some time, stress and various facts, eventually the candida travels through
      the blood, all through our organs and cells and skin and brain! I bought
      the book The Yeast Syndrome and have been following it. My husband who does
      not suffer from rosacea, but has had problems relating to IBS/Crohns also
      athsma...also has improved all his previous symptoms have disappeared. Its
      quite amazing. One can search the net and read about candida albicans....Dr
      Bernard Jensen believes all our problems stem from our bowels! My ND
      prompted me to do a liver cleanse/gallbladder flush, which I did and felt
      great! I believe my immune system was compromised and as I had been on so
      many antibiotics for sinusitis as well as rosacea (I did take interflora at
      the time) I believe systemic candida to be a problem.
      Wishing you all well.
      Cheryl Rogoff
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