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An Off-Topic Gift

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, I bought a book in Dec. 2012 that has greatly benefited me, health-wise. I ve been on fire about this book, telling anyone who ll listen to me
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2013
      For Everyone,
      I bought a book in Dec. 2012 that has greatly benefited me, health-wise. I've been on fire about this book, telling anyone who'll listen to me about it, so of course I especially want to share it with you rosacea-cure members, because I'm very thankful for the support of your memberships.

      Following is a blurb I wrote about this book:
      BLURB CONTENTS:==> [[[BTW, I want to give an astoundingly valuable gift to those who are taking the time to read this post. That gift is the awareness of a book I've read that has radically, profoundly changed my life for the better, health-wise. EVERYONE DESPERATELY NEEDS THE KNOWLEDGE IN THIS BOOK. THIS IS DEADLY SERIOUS AND I'M NOT KIDDING. I am obeying God's Will as well as I know how, in recommending this book to you, Dear Reader. Do not fail to benefit, by underestimating this book. At first glance, it may look mundane, BUT IT'S NOT. It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime book!!! GET IT! READ IT! STUDY IT! And thereby empower yourself to give this blessing to all those who'll take your future advice to read it. HERE IT IS:
      TITLE: "Why We Get Fat -- And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes, (ISBN 978-0-307-47425-4). His website is AT:
      Whether you're fat, thin, or in between, YOU NEED THIS BOOK, because you need to learn the reality of the disease-causing, even deadly, "metabolic syndrome", (that also kills certain thin people), which Taubes clearly, uniquely clarifies and defines.
      This is not a new book; -- its last printing was Dec. 2011. So you'll find hundreds of reviews of it on Amazon.com, BUT only if you STUDY THE BOOK ITSELF will you really get the astounding, DETAILED knowledge you need in these matters. There's a HUGE amount of "push-back" propaganda that's bent on contradicting that knowledge, by some extremely evil people and organizations, with various self-centered motivation$ to suppress that knowledge.
      This book liberates us by undoing the last 50 years of (WORLDWIDE) brainwashing we've been subjected to, which has corrupted our understanding of the most basic realities of food, human metabolic-pathways, and the correct means of EASILY MAINTAINING a lean-body, truly healthful life. If only I'd had this knowledge 50 years ago, my entire life would have been so incredibly much more healthy. DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK. IF YOU DO, YOU'LL KICK YOURSELF LATER, IF AND WHEN YOU FINALLY FIND OUT JUST HOW AMAZINGLY PROFOUND IT IS.]]] <==END OF BLURB
      So, there it is. Admittedly, this book has nothing to do with this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure, but I simply had to share this with you.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

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