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Please Help Expose The Horrifically-Evil Suppression Of This Cure!!!

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, There is some important NEW info in this post. Once again, we want to emphasize that this [rosacea-cure] board is 100% active, with an ongoing,
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      For Everyone,
      There is some important NEW info in this post.
      Once again, we want to emphasize that this [rosacea-cure] board is 100% active,
      with an ongoing, absolutely God-ordained goal of exposing and ending the
      intentional, malevolent suppression of this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure in the USA
      by "Big Pharma" and by other$. Please continue to send out copies to everyone
      and anyone who might be concerned, of the post, "TO INSPIRE RESEARCH ON THIS
      CURE", as found at:

      To understand the (Case 1, Case 2, & Case 3) explained below, one should first
      understand the causes of, and differences between, "FIRST-TIER" and
      "SECOND-TIER" inflammation, as coined and defined in the following paragraph,
      most of which is found at:
      (11) When we discuss this cure, we must clarify two "different kinds/stages" of
      inflammation: (let's call them FIRST-TIER and SECOND-TIER). Since the
      ROOT-CAUSE "entities", (which appear to be fungal), apparently are parasitic,
      they are never "stopped" by any means other than this (DMSO + fluconazole)
      cure. Such "stealthy" infestations do finally "cause" SECOND-TIER inflammation,
      (after one or two decades of slow growth), by doing so much physical damage to
      the human cells at their "root/start sites", that our immune system begins to
      attack these human cells, in order to deconstruct and remove them. The
      so-called "treatments/controls" for this SECOND-TIER inflammation do nothing to
      the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, but rather simply suppress inflammation, while
      the ROOT-CAUSE "entities" continue to grow and flourish. Once this (DMSO +
      fluconazole) med is used, it apparently "strips/disrupts" the cell-wall
      ergosterol of the ROOT-CAUSE "entities", laying them open for the first time to
      an attack from our immune system, which creates a FIRST-TIER inflammation. This
      FIRST-TIER inflammation is CURATIVE and must be allowed, and, depending on how
      extensively the ROOT-CAUSE "entities" are established, this will entail few or
      many applications of the med, with waiting periods for our immune system to
      remove the ROOT-CAUSE "entities", along with any human cells they've damaged.
      Since new tissue must grow, to replace that which is damaged, many weeks or
      months may be necessary, for these repetitive med-application-and-waiting cycles
      to be complete. Soft tissue takes the least time to grow back, but if the
      ROOT-CAUSE entities have infested bone or cartilage, this takes much longer to
      grow back, even approaching one or two years of occasional med-applications,
      (ideally using the "SOAK-METHOD" to topically apply the med). Incidentally,
      these (most-likely-fungal), nasal-sinus infestations certainly must be the cause
      of rosacea and many other facial diseases. And these (most-likely-fungal),
      toe-or-finger infestations are certainly most suspect for causing, (either
      directly or indirectly), diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and many
      SECOND-TIER-inflammation skin-diseases of the hands, arms, legs, and feet.

      At some point, all of the ROOT-CAUSE "entities" will have been removed by the
      combination of med applications and our immune-system action, and any further
      application of the med will no longer cause any "reaction", (i.e. FIRST-TIER,
      curative-process inflammation), thus defining the end-point of this (DMSO +
      fluconazole) cure.


      [Editor's Note: The SECOND-TIER inflammation defined above often increases and
      decreases spontaneously, because of the "normal" vagaries and unpredictable
      fluctuations in the strength of our immune system, as well as because of the
      extremely slow and possibly erratic rate-of-growth of the "stealthy
      infestations". This explains why this SECOND-TIER inflammation is so difficult,
      (and largely impossible), to study, define, or diagnose accurately.]

      [Editor's Note: One major reason why (DMSO + fluconazole) is completely
      effective, (while fluconazole alone is not), is that DMSO causes the
      trans-dermal transport of fluconazole and, most importantly, creates a
      "reservoir effect", (which is an AMAZING, UNIQUE effect), wherein a concentrated
      deposit/reservoir of fluconazole is created deep in the skin at the site of the
      topical application of the (DMSO + fluconazole). This means that the
      site-specific disease-infestation is subjected to a high level of fluconazole
      while the systemic and body-wide dosage of fluconazole is kept at a bare
      minimum, thus avoiding chances of any side-effects from the fluconazole.]

      Case 1: Almost infinitely-variable numbers/kinds of disfiguring and/or
      "non-pretty" diseases of the face are curable with [DMSO + fluconazole], but
      this cure is being intentionally, malevolently suppressed by significant
      portions of the USA medical community.

      Case 2: The drug "Enbrel", (enbrel.com), "treats" rheumatoid arthritis, (which
      is an idiopathic disease), by suppressing the immune system.

      Case 3: Although it's difficult to pin it down and prove it, I believe that the
      on-going truth about Morgellons disease is being suppressed, and people with
      Morgellons are being deviously labeled as "mentally ill"; they've been
      malevolently accused of "imagining" the symptoms of Morgellons disease. I can
      testify that I've experienced a couple of minor symptoms that seem aligned with
      the claims of Morgellons patients.

      Namely, I've had a minor "crawling-skin" sensation in my lower leg. I've not
      seen any "fibers" as seen by Morgellons patients, but I have noticed that a few
      hairs, (where I've applied [DMSO + fluconazole] on my arms), have grown three or
      four times longer, and thinner in diameter, than the "normal" hair growing

      My "crawling skin" actually felt like some insect was "turning around in one
      spot" exactly every three seconds, half-way up my calf. It occurred ONLY in my
      left leg, where I had previously used the "soak method" of med application one
      time on my left foot, with accompanying applications of brushed-on med on my
      leg, from knee to foot.
      In my case, I easily cured that minor, single-site, "crawling-skin" sensation in
      my leg with additional topical-applications of (DMSO + fluconazole), so I did
      not have to suffer as Morgellons patients do. My "crawling-skin" was quite
      minor, (and I cured it quickly), so the other label used for this Morgellons
      symptom, (i.e. "restless legs syndrome"), would apply to me only as a minor
      case, AS AT:

      To explain the mysteries of the "fibers" of Morgellons, there is some sort of
      relationship that the "azole" drugs have with endocrine-hormones such as
      testosterone, (e.g. ketoconazole has the strongest antiandrogen effect, and
      fluconazole appears to have no antiandrogen effect). This relationship with
      testosterone, (and thus with hair-growth), implies to me that the "fibers"
      described by Morgellons patients MAY be created by some sort of
      endocrine-hormone side-effect of the anti-fungal drugs partially
      curing/(temporarily EXACERBATING) stealthy, (probably fungal), infestations.

      The three above cases all fit the scenario, (i.e. of "Big Pharma" and others
      lying and INTENTIONALLY, MALEVOLENTLY suppressing this [DMSO + fluconazole]
      cure), of this claim that [DMSO + fluconazole] is a cure for an untold number of
      previously-incurable diseases.

      In case 1, Big Pharma and others make untold amounts of money by
      "treating/controlling" face problems, which essentially consists of suppressing
      the immune system, (and thus temporarily lessening the SECOND-TIER
      inflammation), without ever being able to explain the root cause of the face
      problems. Such immune-system suppression obviously debilitates the patient's
      health. The money being made is so huge because of the natural sensitivity we
      socially-integrated humans have, to any and all disfigurements of our face.

      In case 2, Big Pharma makes perpetual money from Rheumatoid Arthritis without
      curing it, and without ever being able to explain the actual cause of Rheumatoid
      Arthritis, or why their drug "Enbrel", (which debilitates your immune system and
      thus lessens the symptoms of SECOND-TIER inflammation), is "working".

      In case 3, Morgellons-disease symptoms, (which include SECOND-TIER
      inflammation), are those that would occur when someone comes into contact with
      any anti-fungal drugs, (which might be prescribed to take ORALLY for specific
      causes, such as candida infestations). Anti-fungal drugs are listed at:
      Such anti-fungal drugs can incidentally also PARTIALLY cure/(temporarily
      EXACERBATE) certain stealthy, (and sometimes non-stealthy), infestations in the
      body, which would cause FIRST-TIER inflammation, a symptom of Morgellons. The
      MAJORITY of the USA medical community has, since 2004, INTENTIONALLY,
      MALEVOLENTLY persecuted and discredited Morgellons patients by claiming they
      have "delusional parasitosis", which is a disease dug up from 1937
      medical-history, whereby the patient is "imagining" the disease, AS AT:
      In fact, the first cases of Morgellons were first reported in the early 1990s,
      after ORALLY administered anti-fungal drugs had been prescribed since the 1980s,
      with fluconazole being very-widely prescribed after receiving FDA approval in

      Because the above cause-and-effect reality of Morgellons is INTENTIONALLY,
      MALEVOLENTLY being kept secret from the patients in the USA, the proper
      follow-up of using TOPICALLY-APPLIED [DMSO + fluconazole] to complete the
      partial-cure is never allowed by the USA medical community. Instead, Morgellons
      "patients" are persecuted so that no one will discover the fact that anti-fungal
      drugs are partially curing/(temporarily EXACERBATING) stealthy infestations in
      the body. "Big Pharma" and other$ do not want those stealthy infestations to be
      cured by [DMSO + fluconazole], because it would end the source of perpetual
      income/profit$ generated by "treating/controlling" such reoccurring,
      seemingly-mysterious, chronic bouts of SECOND-TIER inflammation by simply
      suppressing the immune system, (which concomitantly debilitates the patient's
      overall health).

      Furthermore, (and ASTOUNDINGLY), it is almost certain that specific,
      currently-idiopathic, indirectly-caused diseases would also be prevented, or
      arrested, and/or cured. The theory, is that these indirectly-caused diseases
      are caused by the cascade-effects of the chronic, (i.e. decades-long,
      body-wide), levels of mycotoxins produced by such stealthy, (and sometimes
      non-stealthy), site-specific, non-body-wide infestations. These mycotoxins are
      Darwinianly explainable as substances which are produced either to digest prey,
      (in this case, the prey is the human body), or to damage or kill competing
      bacteria, (e.g. penicillin is such a mycotoxin, which is used to kill bacteria
      in the body without unduly damaging the human body). The nature of these
      mycotoxins is almost infinite in variety, toxicity, and in effects, (especially
      cascade-effects in the human body).

      The candidates for such indirectly-caused, currently-idiopathic diseases
      include, (but are not limited to), diseases associated with any malfunctioning
      of the immune system. Such currently-idiopathic candidate-diseases include,
      (but are not limited to): many types of cancer, (including all cancers
      associated with initial, chronic inflammation), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus,
      multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's disease, etc. Even a condition such as obesity,
      although it's not considered to be a disease per se, might very well be caused
      or enhanced by the presence of such decades-long, chronic mycotoxins in the

      Thus, a seemingly-unimportant disease, (such as nail-fungus, or dandruff, or
      gingivitis), might be the indirect, stealthy CAUSE of cancer that develops a
      decade or two later, (elsewhere in the body), and kills you. Nail-fungus,
      fungally-caused-dandruff, and fungally-caused-gingivitis are classified by
      "modern medicine" as "INCURABLE", but in fact are all easily cured by (DMSO +
      fluconazole), especially with the greatly-enhanced cure resulting from using the
      "SOAK METHOD" of topical application of (DMSO + fluconazole), as mentioned in
      rudimentary forms AT:

      I hope this revealing of the above full-truth facts helps to force doctors in
      the USA and worldwide to properly prescribe (DMSO + fluconazole), (BY THE LITER,
      and ideally using the "SOAK METHOD" in topical applications). This will cure a
      vast variety of previously-incurable skin, nail, mouth, eye, bowel,
      alimentary-canal, and nasal-sinus, (i.e. rosacea and many other facial
      disfigurements, such as the horrendous Rhinophyma), diseases. It is highly
      likely that curing those sometimes stealthy, chronic diseases will also
      INDIRECTLY prevent, arrest, or cure currently-idiopathic, incurable disease such
      as many types of cancer, (including all cancers associated with initial, chronic
      inflammation), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's
      disease, etc., and possibly even conditions such as obesity, which are not
      usually defined as "diseases".

      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

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