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A 6-year REVIEW: [DMSO + fluconazole] CURE

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  • Dave Fleming
    Subject: A 6-year REVIEW: [DMSO + fluconazole] CURE For Everyone, I believe that the survival of this [rosacea-cure] board, during the last five years, is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008
      Subject: A 6-year REVIEW: [DMSO + fluconazole] CURE

      For Everyone,

      I believe that the survival of this [rosacea-cure] board, during the last five years, is truly a MIRACLE, so I again strongly recommend that EVERYONE, (yes, this means YOU, dear Reader), copy all messages from this [rosacea-cure] board, (or at least copy the messages listed as crucial, in the Home-Page Description), in case this [rosacea-cure] board disappears, at any future time. And promote this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure, in every way you can.

      And before saying anything else, I want to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude, to those at Yahoo!, who have somehow resisted whatever sinister, malevolent pressure MUST have been placed on them, since April 2003, to delete this [rosacea-cure] board. Historically speaking, this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure is easily the biggest medical breakthrough since penicillin. Therefore, Yahoo!'s fulfillment, (in maintaining this [rosacea-cure] board), will benefit mankind more than most people can possibly understand now, since this cure has still not been widely acclaimed as the "blockbuster cure" that it is.

      And it's important to put this situation in historical perspective, by applying the words from an old pop song,
      "Time is on my side, yes it is!,
      Ti-i-i-im, is on MY si-de, YES IT IS!!!",
      concerning the ultimate victory of bringing this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure to all mankind.

      And let's get one thing very straight, concerning motivation. I claim that my motivation in promoting this cure is absolutely pure and "God-centered", because I'm not doing it to make money, or for any other benefit, other than the bliss I gain by trying to help billions of fellow-suffering humans, to CURE their hitherto-incurable diseases, (as well as PREVENTING and/or ARRESTING IDIOPATHIC DISEASES that may be INDIRECTLY CAUSED by the chronic mycotoxins from these hitherto-incurable diseases). In fact, I had taken a "pledge to God", long before I "discovered" this cure, that I would "spread all possible blessings to my community".

      But I was stubborn and closed-hearted at first, because I honestly wondered, whether God would want this cure to be allowed to people who are doing very evil things. My thinking, was that only the "good" people should receive this cure, but this meant that there would be an added delay of many, many years, (or even many decades), before this would happen. Also, as I examined my mind-set in prayer, some scripture came back to me from my past experiences, that "no one is worthy, no, not one", and, "God causes the (life-giving) rain to fall on the good and on the evil, alike". At that point, I became highly motivated to share the knowledge of this cure, and I desperately went searching, for any and all ways to promote this good news.
      Then, I found the amazing Yahoo! free-groups service. But the folks running the "rosacea" groups there have found ways to reject this momentous cure, (sometimes quite cunningly), for five years now.

      Obviously, people like Na$e, Pa$coe, and Barrow$ are making money from their "involvement" in helping folks to "control/treat" the symptoms of their incurable, reoccurring, progressive rosacea.

      And, (as Barrow$ loves to trumpet from the rooftops), there's absolutely nothing wrong with making money in that way. BUT THAT'S ONLY TRUE AS LONG AS NO CURE EXISTS.

      So, to continue to appear to be "nice guys", Na$e, Pa$coe, and Barrow$ have to convince you that they believe this cure doesn't work. But that can't be done, without deceiving you. At most, they could claim ONLY that they simply don't know, whether it's effective or not.

      Na$e was so absurd and ham-handed, that he met his God-given comeuppance in 2006, as at:

      Are Pa$coe and Barrow$ next?
      It's my opinion, that Pa$coe and Barrow& are losing the blessings that God had planned for them, (IF they had unselfishly promoted this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure); and they will ultimately lose even the blessings that God had allowed them, before this cure's advent.

      Pa$coe made his intentions very clear to me in 2003, by banning me off his r-s board, when I knew that he knew, that I had done nothing to deserve that.
      But Barrow$ is far more subtle, because he has not (yet) banned me off his [rosaceans] board. Why? Well, the poor guy may be a bit "conflicted". Was it his "scheme", to "try this cure" himself, getting all the attention he could for his web$ite$, and then receive payment for ads on those hundreds of web$ite pages, from companies that desperately want to suppress ANY cure that would put them out of business? It seemed so predictable to me, that he then solemnly pronounced judgement, (after his "kangaroo-court trial" of this cure), that, "It didn't cure my rosacea". Hmmmmmmm....

      He kept a public, daily diary of his topical facial-applications of [DMSO + fluconazole], for 141 days, (and he asked for donation$, to read it), and he said some very good things, about this cure. Then, he made the deceptively-simplified statement: "It didn't cure my rosacea". But he had already admitted in his "Diflucan Diary", that [DMSO + fluconazole/Diflucan] got rid of all his pustules and papules! And he did indeed show some amazement and happiness, at that result! I don't know what YOU might say, dear Reader, but most people would admit that getting rid of all pustules and papules means that his rosacea was at least PARTIALLY CURED, and I would say that meant 80% or 90% cured. But he refused to admit, what he had already stated in his "Diary". Following his fore$eeable "scheme"/motivation, he just said, "It didn't cure my rosacea". Uh-huh.....
      And in the preceding months, I myself had stated quite plainly, that MY rosacea and developing rhinophyma had not been 100%-cured after just 141 days of using this cure, either.

      BUT THAT'S HOW BARROW$ ENDED IT, and he sometime thereafter, quietly, silently removed links to his "Diflucan Diary", off of his website. Why did he do that? Well, his own words in his "Diary" proved that he was half-truth lying, when he said, "It didn't cure my rosacea", because he had admitted that this med had cured all his pustules and papules. Perhaps because he feels guilty, (and also because he may want to straddle this fence, so he can falsely claim later that he promoted this cure), he STILL admits at least THIS curative effect of [DMSO + fluconazole], in his current, watered-down, obscurely-placed statement, "It is excellent on pustules, papules and pimples" at:
      Before, he said it cured his pustules and papules, as at:
      But HE'S OBSCURED THAT "Diflucan DIARY", and he now uses the non-commital, sly, ambiguous phrase, "it's excellent on". Hmmmmm.

      Since that time, the ante has gone up. Only 200-million people are estimated to have rosacea, worldwide, so Barrow$ was only hurting THEM, right? But since Barrow$ ended his "Diflucan Diary", I've come to the opinion that almost all of humanity needs this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure, because there are so many different "kinds" of "infestations" that it cures. That means that my present opinion, is that probably 5-BILLION people need this curative med.
      The "infestations" are often invisible, with no discernible symptoms, or are easily ignored, like "liver spots". But these "parasitic, (most likely fungal), infestations" are most likely secreting "mycotoxins" into our bodies for many decades, which very likely are causing MANY DISEASES WHOSE CAUSES ARE PRESENTLY UNKNOWN.

      It's mind-boggling, to consider that such idiopathic diseases as "chronic-fatigue syndrome", or arthritis, or lupus, or MS, or certain types of cancer, or premature aging, or alzheimer's disease,
      or (YOU GUESS ONE!!!), might actually be prevented or arrested, by getting rid of the insidious, (usually-stealthy), sources of these "chronic mycotoxins" in our bodies.

      From my viewpoint, Barrow$, as a professed Chri$tian, desperately needs to justify his willingness to allow billions of people to continue to suffer, while he refu$e$ to promote the full truth about this cure. This poor guy just doesn't appreciate the fact that God has given him an opportunity to help BILLIONS of his fellow human beings, by helping to spread the positive news of this cure. And very few people in all history have had such an amazing opportunity.
      Meanwhile, he continues to make money from disease, and he has always loved to boast, about his right to make money from this suffering. He goes on, and on, and on, and on, about this, at:

      BUT WHEN A CURE APPEARS, then all this blustering bravado, about the righteousness of making a profit from helping folks to "control/treat" the symptoms of their rosacea, STARTS TO SOUND VERY EVIL INDEED, ESPECIALLY FIVE YEARS AFTER THE NEWS OF THAT CURE APPEARED ON THE INTERNET, (and on his [rosaceans] board), IN APRIL 2003. In addition, Barrow$ knows that I have repeatedly stated that this cure does NOT remove whatever damage has been done by these "infestations", so the progressive nature of these "infestations" means that DELAYING this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure ALLOWS PROGRESSIVELY MORE AND MORE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO OCCUR, if the symptoms are just "controlled/treated/suppressed".
      Currently, I saw a TV ad that promoted a new "drug remedy" for "skin problems", and the drug company was so audacious, that they stated clearly that this drug "works" by SUPPRESSING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Ugh! Does common sense lead anyone to conclude that it would EVER be "a good thing" to SUPPRESS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM??? This SUPPRESSION is no doubt the temporary effect that most, if not all, of the "controls/treatments" being promoted offer you, including all "DIETS".

      Barrow$ also claims I "attacked" him, as at:
      I NEVER attacked Barrow$, in any way, shape, or form, AND HE KNOWS IT.
      At that same URL, Barrow$ claims I was "rude".
      But I was never rude, although I did once state clearly that Na$e was lying, when Barrow$ promoted Na$e's attempt to discredit this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure with cunning, half-truth lies about DMSO, on Barrow$' [rosaceans] board. Even more than a year after Na$e was totally discredited, as at,
      , Barrow$ steadfastly continues to provide links to Na$e's half-truth lies, to discredit this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure.

      The reason Barrow$ does not give specific examples of my "attacks" and "rudeness", is that they never occurred.
      Along with my fictitious "attacks" and "rudeness", Barrow$ claims that I was "quickly banned at r-s and r-k".
      But that's also a very deceptive statement. In fact, it took months, for those who ran the [rosacea-support] and [rosacea-knowledge] groups, to begin to realize that this (DMSO + fluconazole) combo really IS a cure, for the very diseases that are making them so much money. As I continued to successfully answer all questions thrown my way, they finally had to stop laughing at this cure; and THAT'S when they BANNED me. I never did even one, solitary thing to bring on that banning, except that I continued to speak the truth, with a clear voice.
      Not long after that, r-k went permanently silent, as at:
      , and r-s went seriously askew, and lost all the medical "experts", (such as Na$e), off their board. It's quite an inside joke, that the very person that was quoted on the r-s board recently, (in Oct. 2007), to try to discredit this cure, is dear Dr. Marjorie Lazoff, MD, as at:
      Dr. Lazoff was the only real MD they had on the r-s board, and Pa$coe later BANNED HER off the r-s board!!!
      Wow, the bull-manure is so deep on this subject, that you need wings, to stay above it!
      When Marjorie later began to realize that this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure might actually work, the r-k owner allowed posts that attacked her, and she dropped out of Internet-sight, which effectively terminated the r-k board, since they no longer had any credible source of "knowledge" there. I believe that, as an MD, she could prescribe (DMSO + fluconazole) for herself, and Dr. Lazoff has probably cured whatever rosacea she had, by now.

      Na$e was long ago totally discredited, but Barrow$ continues to post links to Na$e's despicable, half-truth lies, of "DMSO Warnings", at:
      And more than a year after Na$e was discredited, Barrow$ has failed to place the link to (www.debunkingnase.org), with his links to Na$e's despicable "DMSO Warnings".
      So, dear Reader, why do YOU think Barrow$ would use any and all means to try to discredit this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure? Duh!
      Some of my choice, private-email response to Na$e's claptrap, is at:

      If the delay of this cure's coming to all mankind were not so tragic, these actions, (and inactions), by Na$e, Pa$coe, and Barrow$ might even be amusing, since they might as well try to stop the tide from rising.
      My present estimate, is that almost all of mankind either needs to use this cure now, or will need to, as they grow older, (because so many different kinds of previously-incurable disease-conditions are now curable with [DMSO + fluconazole]). It is so dismal and painful, that even though these fellow$, (Na$e, Pa$coe and Barrow$), have been in a position to promote the news of this cure since I first brought it to them, in April 2003, they choose instead to continue to spurn this opportunity that God has given them, to help literally BILLIONS of people.

      Pa$coe recently posted the same old $ee-through, $moke-$creen attack-tripe, at:
      Pa$coe himself posted in message #97711, saying, "I think DMSO just sounds truly awful and am happy not to experience
      what it smells like when it breaks down in my lungs !".

      Ri-i-i-ight, Mr. Pa$coe, and you sound so well-educated! So, is "playing dumb" one way of desperately trying to avoid this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure??? It sure is.

      Contrary to what Pa$coe would have you believe, he's a whole lot smarter, (and more informed), than he sounds here. Given all the communication about this cure, since April 2003, I'm sure that he knows, that the rather miniscule, TOPICALLY-APPLIED amounts of [DMSO + fluconazole] used typically with this cure, DO NOT CAUSE that very minor, (one hour or two) of "garlic-breath" that's sometimes associated with larger amounts of DMSO alone.

      Besides, if CURING a debilitating disease requires that you have some benign, innocuous, (though annoying), "garlic-breath" for a few hours, why would Pa$coe think you would rather keep your disease, and keep paying money that ends up in Pa$coe's pocket, for the rest of your life? And DMSO never "breaks down in the lungs"; the body simply metabolizes DMSO, and one of those metabolites can evidence itself as that rather unimportant, very short-term, minor "garlic-breath".
      This rather rudimentary info about DMSO has been available for many decades, at:
      So my considered opinion, is that the most "truly awful" thing about DMSO, is that it is used as part of a cure that's stopping money from going into Pa$coe's pocket!! How truly awful it is!!!

      And Barrow$ has posted an ultra-lame statement by an "Eric F. Bern$tein, MD, who hasn't even bothered to inform himself about this cure, (I'M BEING ULTRA-POLITE HERE, SO I'M NOT USING TERMS SUCH AS BOZO, BLOCKHEAD, OR DIMWIT!!!), since he doesn't even "get it", that the DMSO and Fluconazole must be COMBINED, whereas he considers them SEPARATELY, (AND I AGREE, [with "Deluder" Bern$tein], THAT NEITHER DMSO ALONE, NOR FLUCONAZOLE ALONE, ARE APPROPRIATE), as at:

      So, (sigh...), (ROFL), (sigh...), those who make money from disease are still at it, with misinformation, disinformation, innuendoes, aspersions and slurs, but their lies and half-truth lies have still not rid them of this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure.
      I would like to once again thank Yahoo! for the free-group-board public-service they supply, but I especially thank Yahoo!, for somehow not allowing this [rosacea-cure] board to be deleted, (thus far), because I believe that those who make money from disease, (and "they" are without any doubt, numerou$ and decidedly pui$$ant), would do ANYTHING to suppress the news of this revolutionary, momentous, (DMSO + fluconazole) cure.

      Recently, (in Sept. 2007), I accessed the [rosaceans] board for about the third time in all of 2007, and I happened across a poll there, asking what rosaceans had used, on their rosacea. I placed the (DMSO + fluconazole) cure there. Mind you, I did not post this to the [rosaceans] board, but only in an obscure poll there.
      A little later, I got the following email from Barrow$:
      >>To: "Dave Fleming" <fulltruth40@...>
      >>From: "Brady Barrows" <brady@...>
      (brady at bradybarrows.com)
      >>Subject: your post
      >>Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 06:09:28 -1000
      >>Dave Fleming,
      >>Your post has not been approved. When you can bring forth some clear
      >>evidence that it works, I may allow you to post. It has been years
      >>and there is still no proof. I have given you plenty of
      >>advertisement for your 'cure.' You only provide anecdotal reports.
      >>Nothing to substantiate your claim.

      I never even bothered to answer Barrow$, but I will answer him here, for the sake of all mankind. First of all, WHO coined the term, "anecdotal evidence", or "anecdotal proof", which is defined as automatically unreliable? It was the weasel-white-coats, who make money from "grant$", normally based only on pompous, pretentious, "double-blind clinical-studies". So THEY want you to think that "double-blind, clinical studies" are fool-proof, and all "anecdotal proof" is unreliable; BUT THAT IS A LIE.

      "Double-blind" simply means that placebos are used, compared to whatever is being tested, and neither the "testers" nor the "testees" know which is which --- hence, both those who run the tests, and those who are taking the placebos and drugs, are "blinded", not knowing who's taking the placebos or other drugs. Theoretically, this "double-blindness" is supposed to keep anyone from "skewing" the results of the tests, either intentionally or unintentionally.

      So, since the term "anecdotal proof" was coined by conde$cending, di$honest, white-coat liar$, let's change this inaccurate name, "anecdotal", to an HONEST name, "EXPERIENTIAL evidence", or "Experiential Proof".
      After all, it was the EXTENSIVE, double-blind, clinical-studies required by the FDA, that gave us Thalidomide and, more recently, Vioxx, and those drugs horribly crippled or KILLED untold numbers of people.

      And it was only Anecdotal/Experiential Proof, that forced those deadly drugs to be withdrawn.
      In fact, both "Double-Blind, Clinical Proof" and "Anecdotal/Experiential Proof" can be either accurate or inaccurate, depending on the motivation, character, honesty, competence, and accuracy of the persons creating and reporting the "proof".
      That's why I cautioned everyone, against "biased research" by "rosacea-profiteers", in my post entitled, [Can We Trust "research" Run By "rosacea profiteers"???].
      Knowing Barrow$' five-year track-record, concerning this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure, would YOU trust any "proof" HE might help to concoct, even in holier-than-thou, double-blind, clinical-$tudie$? I wouldn't. And if you have any problem answering this question, you can refer to my 08FEB05 post, at:

      So I have good news, and bad news. The good news, is that lots of excellent, accurate, Experiential Proof exists for this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure. The [rosacea-cure] board abounds with high-quality, Experiential Evidence, and even Barrow$' "Diflucan Diary" had it, (so Barrow$ has made it very difficult/impossible to find, at [rosaceans], as of Jan. 2008, because he shut down the links to it that he provided before). Only because I have the old URL listed in [rosacea-cure] message #264, I know it's at:
      The bad news, is that Barrow$ doesn't seem to care about "Experiential Proof", (even his own!). Is he just grasping at straws, to find any means to justify his actions, (and inactions), concerning this cure, which he religiously refers to, as "cure", (never, ever forgetting his imposed "quotation marks")? You be the judge, dear Reader.

      But let's admit, that since there are a lot of things that are "INCONVENIENT" about this cure, (when FACIAL "infestations" are cured), the "rosacea-profiteers" are actually not responsible to promote it, (unless they ask for God's compassionate viewpoint, as to what they should do).

      So what is the problem??? Why hasn't this cure taken off, like a thunderous rocket to the moon???

      I saw one tantalizing, tentative example a while back, on the TV show, "Dr.90210", on the "E" channel. It aired once before, and then repeated, on 11DEC07. This time, I watched more closely. A patient, (I think her name was "Halley"), received what was referred to as a "Chemical Peel" on her entire face.
      Frankly, I don't know everything about the comprehensive definition of all "Chemical Peels", so I could be completely wrong about this, but IT SEEMED TO ME THAT THEY WERE USING (DMSO + fluconazole)!!!
      They used a "paint brush", just as I had learned to do, to apply a clear, water-thin liquid that looked just like the med I've been using.
      But of course, the "visual" appearance didn't really "prove" anything.
      The clincher, to me, was that this fairly refined woman in Beverly Hills said, "It hurts like a mother!". Well, she obviously had shortened this from "mother-effer", which meant she was really "emphasizing" this. :-)
      Then, obviously still searching, for how she might describe this prolonged stinging, she said, "It stings like a swarm of bees!".
      Concerning such noteworthy stinging, you will find my statement at the very beginning, in r-c message #2, at:
      I said, "Although there had been a very powerful itching on my hand, (from healing), there had been hardly any sensation at all, in my toes, or on my hand, but the stinging on my face, making my eyes water and my nose run, was perhaps the most intense stinging I have ever felt in my life, and it lasted a very long time, (I timed it once at a solid ten minutes)". Of course, most significantly, this med has virtually no effect whatsoever, on healthy skin, (facial or elsewhere).

      I have since come to the belief, that there are certain types of highly-sensitive nerve-endings on the face and scalp, that exist nowhere else. And these "infestations" bind themselves so integrally to the cells of the nerve endings, that this initial stinging occurs in cures of the face and scalp. But such stinging is much less, in cures of "infestations" on the arms, and even nonexistent, when this med is used on the feet. Recognizing this "sensitivity-difference" of nerve endings is just common sense. In all cases, (even when no stinging occurs), the "infestation" is revealed by obvious changes in the APPEARANCE of the skin, when this med is applied to "diseased" skin, but this (DMSO + fluconazole) med has a virtually ZERO effect, on healthy skin.

      The "Dr.90210" derm waited a full three weeks, before they asked "Halley" how she felt, and she said she was very happy with the results, of her "Chemical Peel".
      After seeing that show, I was convinced that this Dermatologist was MOST LIKELY using the same (DMSO + fluconazole)-med I have been using. But it occurred to me, that "Halley" never asked, nor was told, what that "Chemical-Peel" med contained. So that weasel-white-coat derm was PROBABLY using (DMSO + fluconazole), getting the curative results, but KEEPING IT A SECRET, SO AS TO AVOID ANY ATTACK FROM "ANTI-CURE FORCE$".
      Wow, is it possible that I'm right about this??? We'll probably never know for sure, because the dermatologist can't be forced to divulge the ingredients of that "Chemical Peel", or they might even lie, and state false or partial ingredients.

      Another case of this general nature occurred years ago, when I accidently discovered "Dr. Syrokomsky", way down on "page 9", in some random Googling.
      I consider it a miracle, that Dr. Syrokomsky's statements and photo-evidence can be found at all, (and even this archive may "disappear"), because this archive shows that, by June 4, 2006, the "rosacea-profiteers" had completely erased his website from the Internet, and commandeered it, replacing it with "ro$acea-profiteer" website$!!!
      It took some sleuthing, to find out that the present-day, (Jan. 2008), website of Dr. Syrokomsky has added a "y" to his name. What used to be:
      is now,
      The tell-tale evidence of what appears to be a "battle to survive" by Dr. Syrokomsky, is in an archive, on two pages, at:
      and, (with the extra "y"),

      This proves that Syrokomsky's website name was somehow "co-opted" by "rosacea-profiteers", by June 4, 2006, and his website did not reappear, until Nov. 2, 2006, with the new "www.dr.syrokomskYY.com" name.

      So there has been an apparent effort by "rosacea-profiteers", to get rid of Dr. Syrokomsky, BUT WHY???
      It's fairly easy, to fake "cure photos" such as those he's posted. And his statements make his cures of FACIAL problems seem a bit "inconvenient", EXACTLY LIKE A (DMSO + fluconazole) CURE DOES.

      (1) One of Dr. Syrokomsky's statements about his cures has never changed. Namely, he has said, "I cure rosacea... ...We trigger inflammatory response/reaction in the affected areas. It's done on purpose and characterized by redness and peeling of the skin. First few weeks 1 - 1.5 months for men and up to 2 months for women procedures are painful; you will experience burning sensation in the affected areas".
      This description of his cures was so identical to what I had been describing on the [rosacea-cure] board, that it grabbed my attention.

      (2) If you look closely at his (rosacea) photo evidence, as at:
      HOME PAGE:
      , you find that the time-periods required for his cures are also identical to the (DMSO + fluconazole) cure,
      with initial, clearly-effective curative-results within 1 to 4 months, and a 100% cure shown after one to two YEARS.
      Of course, curing me 100% took longer, because I was so conservative at first, about how much med I used, and I only applied it TOPICALLY. Only recently, (since April 2006), I determined that combining TOPICAL APPLICATIONS with the INGESTION of the CORRECT DOSAGE of (DMSO + fluconazole) is quite effective, even giving striking, "whole-body" curative results.

      (3) "Rosacea-Profiteers" seem to be extraordinarily interested in getting rid of and/or discrediting Dr. Syrokomsky. WHY is this so, if he's a fake??? Especially on Pa$coe's [ro$acea-$upport] group board, a SEARCH for "Syrokomsky" brought up 45 messages posted there, (as of Jan. 2008), showing a long-term strategy to promote fear and rejection of what has been found on Syrokomsky's website. The most recent ploy, is to encourage posts by "someone" claiming to be a patient of Dr. Syrokomsky. His group is at:
      These posts seem particularly unclear and unscientific, (to say the least), concerning the specific INGREDIENTS of whatever meds he uses. And he definitely emphasizes and expounds on his "suffering". It looks completely contrived to me, and calculated to discredit Dr. Syrokomsky's cure-claims. And this kind of "covert attack" on Dr. Syrokomsky seems familiar to me, since this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure has also been under "attack", by deceivers.
      ~~~~~~~END OF THREE REASONS~~~~~~~
      So my final belief, is that the odds are "1 in a gazillion", that "some other cure" exists, that causes these EXACTLY IDENTICAL, (and inconvenient, ONLY on FACIAL skin), characteristics, of unusually-strong initial-stinging, and subsequent "inflammatory response/reaction", (i.e. positive, curative, immune-system activity), leading to an ultimate 100% cure, of rosacea.

      To top all this off, Dr. Syrokomsky is not divulging all the INGREDIENTS of the meds he uses, (just like the "dr.90210" derm).

      And another "inside joke", is that, even since May 2002, a link has existed, (i.e. http://rosacea-control.com), at the bottom of Dr. Syrokomsky's first rosacea-photo page, TO (of all places), Barrow$' website!!! So, for the last six years, this link has been allowed by Dr. Syrokomsky's Webmaster, (possibly without Dr. S's knowledge or consent), where some of Barrow$ first text reads, "You want the Good News or the Bad? The Bad News is there is no cure for rosacea. The Good News is that there are ways to control it".
      Absolutely "Roll On the Floor Laughing", and that's what that good ol' Webmaster Barrow$ must be doing, for this ongoing coup, in somehow keeping his "link" on Dr. Syrokomsky's website; and even today, (Jan. 2008), it is STILL to be found, at the bottom of the page, at:
      , with Barrow$, (at http://rosacea-control.com), continuing to absolutely deny every cure that Dr. Syrokomsky claims!!! Oh, the humanity...

      To make things even more absurd, it has occurred to me, that Dr. Syrokomsky is using so many ingredients, that he may have just happened to "throw in" some DMSO and fluconazole, along the way, and even HE might not realize, that it's the (DMSO + fluconazole) that's giving him his curative results. But my FIRM BELIEF, is that he and the "dr.90210" derm both know very well what they're doing. But they're secretive about it, to minimize attacks against them by "anti-cure force$", and even more importantly, TO MAXIMIZE THEIR OWN PROFIT$, BY INTENTIONALLY OBSTRUCTING THIS (DMSO + fluconazole) CURE FROM IMMEDIATELY COMING TO ALL MANKIND.

      So one problem, in promoting this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure, (and in knowing the worldwide progress of its use), is that even those doctors that prescribe or administer it, may not want the formidable "anti-cure force$" to know. Doctors, after all, can be fairly vulnerable to "attacks", especially from within the medical community itself. And since the wide-spread, immediate use of this cure would probably put so many doctors out of business, (especially doctors in Laser/IPL), that community does have the corrupt motivation to "attack and suppress".

      Even early on, by June 2003, I had created a group called [new-rosacea-treatment], with the board not open to public viewing. In that group, I naively thought that doctors and patients would be able to privately discuss and share their experiences with [DMSO + fluconazole]. But no one ever joined that group, probably because doctors can be quite wary, if there are any possible "anti-cure force$" around. If anyone wants to see it, it's at:
      That [new-rosacea-treatment] group is a monument to my positive attitude about this cure, which in this case might also be called my naiveté. :-)

      I hope and pray that this 6-year REVIEW helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

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