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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, This [rosacea-cure] group is just as ACTIVE as it ever was, even though this board may appear less active now. WE PLEAD WITH EACH PERSON
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2006
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      For Everyone,
      This [rosacea-cure] group is just as "ACTIVE" as it ever was, even though this board may appear less active now. WE PLEAD WITH EACH PERSON READING THIS, TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD OF THIS TRULY EFFECTIVE CURE TO EVERYONE POSSIBLE, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. And thank you for your help in this matter, for the sake of all those who are suffering with these diseases.
      The sad fact is that the "hurry up" nature of "Clinical Studies" is not suited to "proving" a cure such as this, which can take weeks or months, (or even longer), to be 100% completed.
      But the truth of this amazing cure will win out, in the end.
      We continue to receive email from "Newbies" such as the one below, and we answer them to the best of our ability. The following was our answer to one such inquiry, and contains some repeat info, for "Newbies" here.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- EMAIL TEXTS FOLLOW, in chronological order ---

      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, Susan,
      Thank you for your interest in this treatment/cure, and my apologies for the delay in answering you. The present situation is
      that we have to fight like hell to find a doctor to prescribe this simple, benign med, or fight to get the ingredients and "mix it at home".
      I certainly wish this cure were more widely recognized by now, especially in the USA, where the "medical system" seems unable to easily assimilate this cure.
      First, you should at least glance over message #278, at:
      Then, read:
      Then, you should read all of the 29 messages listed on the [rosacea-cure] Home Page.
      Posted on the Home Page, are:
      etc, etc, etc ------->
      Most important, are messages #2, #18, #64, #170, #210, #261, #264, and #272, #277
      Also important, are messages #163, #187 thru #193, #197 thru #207, and #263.

      After reading all of that, you might look over all of the [rosacea-cure] messages, (or "Search" there), for anything else that interests you.
      It's very difficult for me to advise you as to how you can get this med, (i.e. DMSO and fluconazole), because I don't know the situation in Malta. But DMSO and fluconazole/Diflucan are fairly common, worldwide. Someone told me they got DMSO from the UK Ebay in the UK, and bought fluconazole on the Internet; then they mixed their own med, as I posted at:
      This is only necessary if you can find no doctor or Compounding Pharmacist to help you to obtain this very simple and generally inexpensive
      [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen] med.

      If you are forced to "make it at home", buy the so-called "bulk" fluconazole if possible, (rather than the capsules), since the capsules have other "excipient" ingredients in them that are not needed. However, in a pinch these "excipient ingredients" will probably have no bad effects, even though they do sometimes dissolve in the DMSO, which means that the DMSO "transports" some very small amounts into our skin. One very bad example of this though, is the Red Dye #40, which is used to make fluconazole/Diflucan TABLETS. These TABLETS should NEVER be used, because it's really ridiculous to allow DMSO to carry this RED DYE into our skin.
      The Ibuprofen is not absolutely necessary, to make this med, in my opinion.

      So as I understand it, it's completely legal to "mix your own med" in the UK, (and in Australia), because fluconazole is so safe that it is legal to buy it there without a prescription, and of course Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO is also legal to buy.
      As for the nature of this treatment/cure, it's simple enough. This med only "reacts" on skin that is diseased, and has virtually zero effects on healthy skin. Therefore, it's easy enough to know whether this cure is "needed", no matter what the doctors might "name" our "disease problem". We know when we apply the med, because it can cause stinging, or just a profound change, (for a few hours), in the appearance of the diseased skin.
      But this cure is neither easy nor fast, and it can cause some unsightliness, as it cures us. But it is the only cure in existence, although so-called "controls/treatments" may temporarily decrease ONLY the SYMPTOMS. But to remove this/these PROGRESSIVE disease(s), this cure is required.
      If we just decrease the SYMPTOMS, (such as with laser or IPL), we only allow the disease to PROGRESS and get worse later, so I see no alternative to this treatment/cure.

      In fact, I believe these diseases are constantly releasing damaging/poisonous "mycotoxins" into our bloodstreams, (which affect our whole bodies), so we have to use this (DMSO + fluconazole) cure to get rid of these "stealthy" parasitic infestations, even if they are giving us no obvious symptoms.

      My guess, as to how this cure "works", is that it is exposing a parasitic "entity" which has been growing in our skin for years, and even decades, unnoticed. This "entity" at first causes no symptoms, but finally does so much damage to our own human cells, that our immune system begins to attack them, to remove the "damaged cells".

      We might call this attack by our immune system a "bad, ineffective attack", since it has no effect at all on the progress of the underlying ROOT CAUSE of the disease.

      Then, when we apply this med and the "body mass" of this "disease entity" is exposed, (i.e. either "killed" or stripped of its outer coating of protection from our immune system), our immune system can finally attack it. This "good, effective attack" can cause us unsightly TEMPORARY symptoms of peeling or dry, flaky skin and pinkness, (sometimes for weeks), and even a localized "fever", (for a few days), in the affected skin.

      If only one application of the med were required, that would be great, but it appears that many applications of this med are needed, (to gradually remove the "body mass" of this "disease entity", layer by layer). And "waiting periods" are needed, (between med applications), of from one to four weeks to allow our immune system to do its work. With the right cream(s) and concealer make-up, we can normally get through this unsightly problem without too much trouble.
      Also, it MIGHT be that this cure MIGHT be quicker, if we could live as a hermit for six months, (so no one would see us), and apply this med at least twice a day, which would most likely make us look "like Hell", until a couple of months after we end the med applications.

      A "twice a day, for six weeks" application of the med is what is recommended to cure nail fungus, and there must be completely different types of nerves in the toes than in the face, because there is no stinging or sensation of any sort whatsoever when this med is used on the toes and toe nails, although it can be unsightly, because the diseased skin of the toe does usually peel, or "slough off". But nobody cares, if their toes look "like Hell". It's the appearance of our face that causes us "social humans", (and especially our females), concern, and even psychological "damage". Therefore, I recommend the "waiting periods between med applications" method of this treatment/cure.

      In addition, our disease may have caused some "damage" to our skin, which may or may not "show", after this cure is completed. This kind of "damage" may be pinkness, and even some tiny, (almost invisible) wrinkles, because the (probably fungal) "disease entity" likes to live in and "eat" fat, so destroying this "entity" may leave us with some fat missing, which may cause tiny wrinkles.

      Of course, once the disease is cured, medical science has many methods of treating or getting rid of this "damage", to improve our appearance. However, using such methods is disastrous, if we try to remove SYMPTOMS before curing the ROOT CAUSE of the disease with this (DMSO + fluconazole) med, because we would simply be allowing the ROOT CAUSE of the disease to continue to grow and do more and more irreversible damage to our skin.

      In short, we must use this cure, even though it is "inconvenient", because there is no viable alternative.
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      Date: Oct 2006
      From: Susan, [Address Deleted]
      To: fulltruth40@...
      Subject: rosasea help

      i just read your thoughts on the internet
      as a laywoman i wont pretend to understand
      what the components are
      but i suffer badly from this conplaint
      more so now as i live in malta
      an extremly hot country it is very hard to live here and keep cool
      i have had lazer treatment 4 years ago at the local hospital
      but it has come back worse
      they are preparing to do lazer again but after reading
      your words whilst i was looking for a natural way to cure it
      it has made me think twice
      please can you contact me and share yur knowledge with me
      you seem to care enough to put pen to paper so to speak
      and i would welcome your thoughts on the matter
      i have it on my face and partially on my neck and chest
      at the moment it is just severe reddness mistaken for severe sunburn
      sometimes dry and icing
      and once my whole area of the nect actually peeled off
      doctors just call it dry skin and get me to test lots of moisterizers
      but i feel like my skin cant breathe with all that greasy cream
      and i have to work and it is so unsightly
      i cant wear clothes that come into contact with my neck
      as it will flare up
      and even my hair if it touches my neck
      i am fair and with golden blonde hair and my family are irish
      so they often say its because of that
      as if its normal to continue to suffer as its part of my heritage
      thats why i found your views compelling reading
      is there anyway you can send me an email
      back with the solution and i will show it to my doctor and try to
      get it here so i wont resort to laser
      people used to say how pretty
      yu are with those rosy cheeks now they think i have a disease
      just yesterday whilst at the dentist he stopped working on me
      and asked me what it was as i had arrived with a clear neck
      and as i got hotter so did my neck and face red as a berry
      it putting it mildly
      i had to explain the movements of his hands were causing heat and
      then i flare up again

      PLEASE PLEASE HELP if you can

      i have only redness and some small broken veins
      and what the dr calls blood spots that if pressed turn back to white
      obviously something wrong with the blood flow somewhere
      but no one tells you enough
      they just give you another cream
      hope you are not eye weary my friend
      i leave it in your hands and hope you will find the time to answer
      this manuscript ha ha
      sorry its so long but thank you for you views
      its food for thought and i will check on it with your help

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