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Death by Ergosterol Inhibition, (the "mechanism" of fluconazole)

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Here s some recent private email, covering more Theories of Mechanisms of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen]. Most of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2006
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      For Everyone,
      Here's some recent private email, covering more
      "Theories of Mechanisms" of
      [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen].

      Most of the below is repeat info. As is usual, my disclaimer is that this med is definitely curing many previously "incurable" diseases, and whatever "Theories of Mechanisms" I offer may or may not be correct, in trying to explain these cures. Most importantly, we never have to know how or why these cures are occurring, to be cured by [DMSO + fluconzole]. :-)
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- Email texts follow, in reverse chronological order ----

      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, [name deleted],
      Other than the extensive info already posted on the [rosacea-cure] board, there's very little else left to say, which is why I'm not taking so much time to post a lot of unnecessary "messages" there.

      Geoffrey N. is NOT a doctor, (only a PhD), and he is obviously a liar, concerning DMSO, and in my opinion he's the worst kind of liar, who's motivated to cause human suffering, (and even deaths by suicide), for his own financial gain.

      I have never heard of the disease, C-Difficile, nor of the drug Flagyl. One fellow who had some good results with Dr. Syrokomsky, told me that he thought that Accutane is no better than "rat poison". I tend to agree with him, even though I've never taken it.

      So, I'm not a doctor, but my extensively considered opinion is that this med, when used correctly, is extremely benign/safe. And most amazingly, it is self-diagnosing, because stinging, or itching, or a major change in appearance of the skin occurs ONLY when [DMSO + fluconazole] is applied where it is "needed", but this med has VIRTUALLY NO EFFECT ON HEALTHY SKIN.

      The "reality" of this cure, and the reason it has not "taken off like a house on fire", (at least in the USA), is probably that this treatment/cure normally makes you look worse, before you look better. Since the human condition includes ego, embarrassment, etc, concerning the appearance of our faces, this cure is a "hard sell". But it's the only cure that exists for this "stuff", so thank God for it.
      Also, doctors in the USA are normally "owned" by "Big Pharma", so it may still be a struggle to find a doctor to properly prescribe this safe, topical [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen] treatment/CURE. Add to that a "conspiracy" to "fleece" patients by some Compounding Pharmacists overcharging for this Rx, and you have a "Big Pharma blockade" that is difficult to overcome, in the USA.

      <Do you think I
      <may have a fungal infection that is growing out of control?

      My take on this "stuff", is that it is very slow growing, and it is a "mass", which spreads by growing microscopic, pointed "branches" called hyphae, [hi'-fee]. Therefore, because it is not a single-celled "creature" that grows by "splitting in two", it has no means of becoming "resistant" to this med, as single-celled bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics through random mutations that then multiply to become the predominant "germ".

      So this cure for these "fungal infestations" will most likely be effective "forever", without any chance that these parasitic "masses" will ever be able to "adapt" to escape being "killed". Of course, this [DMSO + fluconazole] med may just be destroying its "cell walls", rather than "killing" it outright.

      The plasma membrane cell walls of fungal cells contain ergosterol, but animal cell wall membranes have cholesterol and plant cell walls have sitosterol and other "phytosterols". Fluconazole is known to block ergosterol synthesis, so it can attack the fungal cell walls/membranes, while it has no effect on the cholesterol in our "animal/human" cell membranes.

      This means that it may simply be partially destroying the walls/membranes of the cells of the "parasitic fungal mass", which destroys its "parasitic mask" to our immune system. Then, our "immune system" can finally attack and kill it, after it may have been growing in us for decades, untouched. During those decades, this "mass" has been parasitic, which means that it "masks" itself from our immune system, and therefore will completely "eat us up", (given a number of decades), without our body ever being able to stop it.

      So even though this "stuff" may be weakened or even killed by the [DMSO + fluconazole], our immune system can take weeks or even months to do its subsequent job. And since our immune system can cause redness, local "fever", and even "peeling/flaking", as it "breaks down" and "carries away" this "stuff", we may look "like Hell", as this cure slowly takes place.

      And another possible aspect of this, is that one application of the med may only "affect" the "outer layers" of the "mass", so the med may have to be applied repeatedly, until the "mass" is entirely gone. Again, this can take weeks and many months, of patiently waiting between med applications, for our immune system to do its job, and then applying the med again, and again.

      And it's important to note, that the most microscopic bit of this "stuff" has the ability to grow into another "mass", given enough time. Therefore, meds that we take ORALLY, that might inhibit or even "kill" this "stuff", would not be able to reach all of the "bits of stuff" that have penetrated/grown into and inside our cells. So DMSO appears to be absolutely necessary, as the "transport/delivery vehicle", to get the fluconazole where it can do its job 100%.

      DMSO has also been proven to "deposit a reservoir" in the skin where it is applied, of whatever it "transports" into the skin, so the level of fluconazole/Diflucan at the site of the topical application of this med is probably very high and persistant. Also, the DMSO is no doubt "transporting" the fluconazole through each or our cell walls, so that even parts of this "stuff" that have penetrated inside our cells is also "killed".

      This may explain why the strong stinging sometimes occurs, where these most sensitive nerve receptors exist, (in the face), while there is no sensation on the toes, and little or no sensation on the back of the hand, with nail fungus or infestations on the back of the hand, when this med is applied there.

      In any case, it is because the cells of the nerve receptors and nerves have been "compromised" by this infestation, that this med's "attacking/penetrating" the infestation may cause the nerve receptors to "fire". In other words, the "mechanism" of this stinging or itching, that may occur during the ten minutes after the application of this med, is not one of "harm being done", but is in fact simply caused by an "unnatural firing" of the nerve receptors, because they have been so penetrated and damaged by the growth of this parasitic fungal "entity", probably for decades of growth.

      And it's important to note that during the first years, (or even decades), of this growth, we had no symptoms at all. According to this "Theory of Mechanism", the symptoms of rosacea, or rhinophyma, or any or these diseases with a parasitic fungal ROOT CAUSE, are caused by our immune system's "attacking" our own human cells, which have finally been so "compromised" and penetrated by this "parasitic mass", that these "damaged cells" cause an "immune reaction".

      But the underlying ROOT CAUSE of the disease is untouched by any of the methods used to SUPPRESS/"control" our symptoms. And even if we "succeed" in suppressing our symptoms, the ROOT CAUSE continues to get bigger, and bigger, doing more and more irreversible damage to our skin.
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      Date: June 2006
      From: [email address deleted]
      To: "Dave Fleming" <fulltruth40@...>
      Subject: the cure
      Does this really work and what about the cautions that Nase warrants.
      Brady seemed to have good results and is toting his diet and other
      products after the fact he used the DMSO and fluconozole solution.
      Has anyone else been cured of this wretched disease? I have been
      attacked by a fungus and have been batteling it for the last 2 years.
      I am going to my doc next week and thought about bringing up this tx.
      He will probably want to put me on a dose of flagyl for 10 days to
      start but I am very interested in this, any more info would help. I
      have read over the entire context of your site and still have a few
      questions, just wondering if your still there?
      [name deleted]
      Date: June 2006
      From: [email address deleted]
      To: fulltruth40@...
      Subject: DMSO cure
      I wrote you yesterday and have yet to get a reply. I have another
      question for you. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with C-Difficile and
      shortly after got rosacea, are these two connected? Do you think I
      may have a fungal infection that is growing out of control? I have
      svere rosacea and cant go in the sun without a huge reaction, how can
      I go from good skin to shit in a matter of months? I am going to talk
      to my doc about getting this rx filled thursday this week, I was also
      going to see if I could go on a short course(10 days) of Flagyl to
      knock down the intestinal aspect of this crap. Am I making the right
      choice? Thank you
      [name deleted]
      Date: June 2006
      To: rosacea-cure@yahoogroups.com
      From: [email address deleted]
      Subject: accutane DMSO
      I have been taking accutane can I still do the treatment or will my
      skin be too much at risk?

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