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Cheap(er) Rx, & Completely Curing Me

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  • Dave Fleming
    Getting the price down, of this Rx, is no doubt important to a lot of people. I recently was led to a method of price reduction which radically reduces the
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      Getting the price down, of this Rx, is no doubt important to a lot of people. I recently was led to a method of "price reduction" which radically reduces the USA price of this Rx, for those folks who need larger quantities of
      [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen].
      You would simply dilute the 50% med, by adding DMSO and a little Ibuprofen.
      To do this in the USA, one would have to add legally obtained ingredients "at home", to a legal 50% med Rx that was prepared by a Compounding Pharmacist. Since this "Rx modification" might be "technically illegal" to do, perhaps in some USA states and not in others, I am presenting the following information for use only where it is legal. I certainly do not recommend breaking "the law", even if it means that you can defeat the "vicious lawless profit mongers" who love to bleed us dry, who are supported by the "legal", soiled FDA, (whose "Commissioner" no doubt gets his cut of the "Big Pharma" profits, one way or another).

      For extensive, accurate info on DMSO, see:
      Anyone who does not want to order through a local CP, can obtain the best DMSO from:
      Since [jacoblab.com] does not list 100% DMSO on their website, (only 50% and 30% DMSO), I think you can obtain the 100% DMSO from them by phoning them your order.
      I recently stated that I found three CPs who are charging $277, $115, and $54, for EXACTLY THE SAME Rx, namely, 15 ml of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen].
      The CP charging $54 for the 50% med, quoted me a price of $43 for the 10% med, {i.e. 15 ml of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen]}.
      The CP charging $54 is a thousand miles from me, and quoted me a price of well over $100 for 500 ml of "Pharmacy Grade" DMSO, (no Rx required), but I looked around locally, and found a CP near me who said that 16 oz, (i.e. 480 ml) of "Pharmacy Grade", (i.e. "USP"), DMSO would cost me $88.
      Ibuprofen also requires no Rx, so I asked my local CP to weigh out 5-gram amounts of dry powder, pure 100% Ibuprofen in little plastic "zip bags", and he sold me five of these, (i.e. 25 grams), for $25.
      I also just happened to have a 60 ml glass bottle with a glass "eye-dropper", which was formerly filled with "Stevia Extract" from:
      Wisdom Natural Brands
      Mesa, AZ 85202
      (800) 899-9908
      BTW, I highly recommend this brand of stevia, as the only substitute sweetener (and health herb) anyone should use, since horrors like aspartame, "sucralose", "Splenda", etc, have been proven to be pure poison.
      I consider it necessary to use glass containers when dealing with DMSO, because it is such a good "solvent", that I don't trust anything but glass to not be "affected" by DMSO. However, certain plastics must be impervious to DMSO, because the screw-tops and brushes are plastic, in the glass 15 ml bottles of DMSO-containing Rx I've received for the last four years.

      So, ask your doctor to prescribe perhaps 45 ml or 90 ml of [DMSO + 50% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen]. Also ask your doctor to specify the maximum of five refills, (and any Rx in the USA is good for one year after it's written). This means you won't have to visit your doctor again for a long time. And you don't have to get the full 45 or 90 ml on this script; if you wish, you can specify to the CP to just fill part, such as 15 ml.
      In any case, I now had my Rx, and the 60 ml glass bottle with a glass "eye-dropper", a 5-gram "zip bag" of Ibuprofen, and DMSO.

      (1) I made a paper funnel by taping a piece of paper as a funnel, and I added roughly one-half of the dry powder Ibuprofen in one "5-gram zip bag", (i.e. 2.5 grams, or 2,500 mg), into the 60 ml bottle. Together with the 300 mg, (i.e. 15 ml x 20 mg), of 2% Ibuprofen already in the 15 ml Rx, this gave me 2,800 mg, or 46 mg per ml, or 4.6% Ibuprofen in the final 60 ml of med.
      By splitting the 5-grams into four equal parts, you could add only 1,250 mg Ibuprofen, totaling 1,550 mg in 60 ml, or 26 mg per ml, or 2.6% Ibuprofen. I just wanted to try the higher 4.6% of Ibuprofen, which seemed to work OK, although probably not any better than the 2% Ibuprofen, as far as I could tell.

      (2) Then I poured one 15 ml bottle of [DMSO + 50% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen] Rx into the 60 ml bottle.

      (3) Then I added 6 milliliters, (i.e. 10% of 60 ml), of "steam distilled water" from a gallon I bought at a local store. To measure this, I had to buy a cheap plastic syringe from a pharmacy, which is graduated up to 10 ml and up to two "teaspoons", and is normally used to measure liquid medications.

      (4) Then I filled the 60 ml bottle to the top by adding about 45 ml of DMSO.

      This gave me 60 ml of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 12.5% fluconazole + 4.6% Ibuprofen], at a cost of about $65. If I had bought this at the best price from a CP, it would have cost much more, on the order of at least $200 to $400+.

      I'm currently trying to find out where I can buy a larger glass container, (graduated in ml), so that I can "modify" a total of 75 ml at a time, (from each 15 ml of 50% med), which would give me more med, with 10% fluconazole instead of 12.5% fluconazole.

      So, four of the 15 ml bottles of 50% med can be "converted" into 300 ml of 10% med. This will mean that 300 ml of the "home modified" 10% fluconazole med will cost me about $268, instead of the $860 to $2,040 I would pay CPs for 300 ml of 10% med.

      During about 40 days, I used over 240 ml of the 12.5% med, (at a cost of about $256), on my entire scalp, neck, and ears, and have had very good results in getting rid of an amazing amount of "infestation", (probable diagnosis is "ringworm", which is a fungal disease having nothing to do with "worms"). I was not even aware that I had so much of this infestation, until I could afford to apply this med in this larger quantity.

      Initially, I was surprised that the back of my neck was stinging a little when I applied the med, where I have "acne scars", and I still occasionally have what I thought was "minor cystic acne". But this so-called "cystic acne", (which just "happened" to be where barbers had shaved me, for decades) has obviously been caused by some sort of "fungal infestation", finally curable with this med.

      The first time I applied this med all over my scalp, (probably about 5 ml or more), it stung some, but not too much. A day later, I used my fingernails, to "stir up" all the extensive "dead skin" that was all over my scalp. Then, when I applied the med the second time, this "rough scalp" held the liquid med better, and the stinging was so intense, that I literally could not "sit still". I had to keep walking around, just to try to "deal with the stinging". I applied the med multiple times. During later med applications, when there wasn't much stinging, I found that the stinging was more intense, if I applied pressure to the scalp with my whole (plastic-glove covered) hand. And I applied the med on most days, during the next three weeks to 40 days.

      In "spreading the med around" on my scalp, I got the med on my ears. A couple of days later, I found that even my ears "reacted" a little, becoming a little "plump", pink, and peeling a little skin after a couple of days. After that, I put the med all over my ears, as well, which proved to me that they were indeed also "involved" with this "infestation". When some of the med ran down onto the top of my back, I found that there was a slight "reaction" even there, with some minor skin peeling later.

      After about two weeks of med applications, I got a very short haircut, so that I'd use less med, which was being partially kept away from the scalp by the hair.
      It will probably take another two or three months, to cure this scalp problem completely, since I think I need to wait for a couple of weeks, between multiple med applications, to give the scalp time to "grow new healthy skin". Upon liberal application of the med, about ten "lesions" became apparent on my scalp, (which were soft/spongy, scab-covered bumps, from one-fourth to one-half inch in diameter, and sore to the touch). They were almost all at the back of the crown of the scalp, and there were two on each side of the head, on the scalp behind the ears.

      I believe these "lesions" are the "root areas", where this infestation "got its start". These "lesions" take time, (perhaps a couple of weeks or even two months), to "grow back some healthy skin", after multiple med applications. So this cure does demand patience and persistence. When I scratched the scabs off these "bumps", they would bleed some, and I used tissues to stop the bleeding, before applying and rubbing in more med. I don't recommend this "picking at the scabs", but I'm rather overly aggressive, about killing this stuff.

      After about 50 days, these "bumps" finally became flat, and they were no longer "sore" to the touch, and I could occasionally feel a "healing itch" from the whole area I'd treated. It felt good to massage and even lightly scratch this whole area, at that time.

      BTW, I was dripping the med onto my scalp from an "eye-dropper", and spreading it around with my left-hand fingertips. But my fingertips began to look like bleached-white prunes, so I had to use a "plastic glove" I made myself. Using any plastic bag such as the grocery stores put your groceries in, I used a rubber band at my wrist, to keep the bag in place. Make sure that you do not put any ink, (i.e. printing), from the bag onto your skin, because the DMSO will no doubt carry the ink into your scalp with even perhaps 10% going into your bloodstream. Although this might not cause permanent harm, we no doubt do not need ink molecules in our skin and bloodstream.

      Also make sure that the bag you use has no small holes in it, (ideally), and even one bag can be used for this purpose many times, before you might throw it away and use another one. It's interesting to note that latex and even vinyl gloves might not work for this purpose, because DMSO might dissolve them. But the thin plastic used to make those grocery bags, (polypropylene???), seems to be perfect for the job.
      I also was able to use one of these bags on my head at night, to keep the med off my bed sheets. I just cut it down the middle of one side, and I tied the handles at the back of my head.

      With the abundance of this cheaper med, I also treated the inside of my nose, in a new way. I was surprised to find that I was able to voluntarily keep the "nasal passage(s)" to my throat closed, when I dripped the liquid med into my nose from an eye-dropper, while lying on a bed and hanging my head backwards over the side of the bed, to keep the nasal passage(s), completely upside down.

      At the first application of about one ml, into my right nostril, it was so painful that I almost gagged, and I could not keep myself from coughing a little bit. But the med stayed in my nose, even though "secretions" finally made the nose "overflow", after a few minutes. My mistake, was that I performed this treatment late at night, and I found that the inside of my nasal passages became swollen, which blocked my breathing about 90%. This, combined with my "post nasal drip", made sleeping almost impossible, that night.

      A few days later, I treated the right nostril with about one-and-a-half ml of the med, with about one-half ml in the left nostril. The pain was surprisingly much less, there was no swelling this time, and I felt that I could feel the med actually causing some "bubbling release", from the sinus area somewhere in the middle of my face. I was obviously reaching areas with the med that I'd not reached before.

      A couple of weeks later, the "post nasal drip" that was so persistent is much reduced, and the inside of my nose is obviously being healed, far up into the nasal passages where I could never effectively apply the med before. For a couple of days, it felt, (and sounded), almost like I had the kind of "light sinus congestion" you get with a cold, but I know that it was actually a stage of healing of this nasal treatment/cure.

      I am very happy with these results! Not only can I see the light at the end of this "nasal-cure tunnel", but it also looks like the sun is at high noon, at the end of this tunnel!

      So, what have I cured on myself?
      (1) very extensive case of nail fungus on both big toes, and minor fungus in my left thumbnail
      (2) stealthy, extensive/deep "infestation" on the back of my left hand
      (3) rosacea on both cheeks and beginning rhinophyma on my nose
      (4) athlete's foot, (including occasional bleeding cracks between toes and decades-long reoccurring pus-filled "fungal blisters") on both feet
      (5) one obvious "liver spot", (i.e. tinea versicolor), on my left forearm
      (6) three or four "non-descript spots/areas", on my left forearm
      (7) stealthy "infestation" on the back of my right hand, (very different from what was on my left hand)
      (8) "chronic low-level inflammation" of a spot at the top of my "butt crack", (sorry, I don't know the scientific name for this spot, other than "adjacent to coxis bone at bottom of spine") --- I had to have serious surgery to "lance a boil" at this spot in 1976
      (9) probable cure of a probable "infestation" of my vocal cords, which hindered my singing since about 1989
      (10) possible cure of possible "internal infestation" inside my upper right arm muscle, (possibly caused/introduced decades ago by past hypodermic needle injection)
      (11) "infestations" inside both outer ears, which manifested occasionally for decades, like painful "internal boils", especially when I was under stress
      (12) Most importantly, I have probably cured other "infestations" in my body, without even knowing I had them or cured them.
      On Going Cures With End In Sight:
      (A) nasal and sinus "infestations"
      (B) whole scalp, ears, neck and forehead very extensive "stealthy infestation", (possibly "ringworm"???)

      It's fantastic, to see the completion of my multiple-cures with this revolutionary med, looming in the next few months! Wow!

      It appears likely to me, that the type of scalp infestation I've had may have come from one or more of the dozens, (perhaps hundreds???), of public barbers I went to, over many decades. I might add that I've now bought a Remington "home haircut" kit, (with a little built-in vacuum), and have used it one time very effectively. I think I'll continue to use it, (and avoid public barbers), since anything short of a medical autoclave, (i.e. intense steam heat disinfection), of steel combs and clipper blades, would never kill this fungus. Even the pretty "blue alcohol" dips that some barbers put their plastic combs into, would in my opinion never prevent the spreading of this type of fungal infestation, especially since they do not "treat/soak" their clipper blades after each use.

      Because of HIV-AIDS, laws have been passed to forbid any shaving by barbers, with anything other than a fresh razor blade, to be used only once. Now, it seems we also need to pass laws requiring steel combs, scissors, and clipper blades that are autoclaved after each use, to prevent this type of insidious fungal disease from being spread by barbers.

      But since this type of "fungal infestation" is so stealthy and impossible to detect, even for years after you "get it", (and constant autoclaving is not cheap, to do), such laws may be almost impossible to get passed.

      Oh well.... As some kids used to say, when I was in 7th grade, "There's a fungus among us".
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

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