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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Here is just a newsy compilation of info and advice I recently sent to a [rosacea-cure] newcomer. I wish the news of this cure had already
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2006
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      For Everyone,
      Here is just a "newsy" compilation of info and advice I recently sent to a [rosacea-cure] newcomer.
      I wish the news of this cure had already reached the estimated 200,000,000 rosaceans, worldwide, (and the probable BILLIONS of those with other "incurable" diseases that are now curable with this med), but no such luck.
      But the truth will out.
      I ask everyone to please use all possible means to "spread the word" of this treatment/cure.
      As usual, my DISCLAIMER here, is that any of the "Theories Of Mechanism" I "surmise/guess" MIGHT be incorrect, but the fact that this med is curing a long list of previously incurable diseases is unmistakably valid, even if it is based mostly on "anecdotal evidence" at this time.
      There is some "ongoing news" in this post, for those of you with the time to read it, but nothing Earth-shaking.
      And BTW, all meds mentioned in the following email also contain the 2% Ibuprofen, (i.e. 20 mg/ml), although I am very sure that this med works with or without that ingredient. It MAY work a bit better with the 2% Ibuprofen.
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- PRIVATE EMAIL FOLLOWS, in reverse chronological order ------

      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, [name deleted],
      It's obviously impossible for me to answer your questions with any real authority, since I do not know your "medical condition", and in any case, I am not an MD. Working with your doctor/MD on this is best, since this is not an "overnight" treatment/cure.
      But I will make this 4-part claim to you:

      (1) From all evidence I can find, this disease is "progressive", which means that it is doing more and more "stealthy damage", the longer we wait before "doing anything to cure it". And although it is very slow growing, (and the SYMPTOMS may seem to "come and go"), it is doing constant irreversible damage that is not immediately evident. This already inflicted "skin damage" is shown up, (i.e. made evident), by the application(s) of this treatment/cure, finally resulting in disease-free, (but not always undamaged), skin. On the positive side, there are all kinds of "cosmetic medical treatments" that will reduce or remove whatever rosacea damage has occurred, (including any "residual, NON-DISEASED pinkness"), AFTER the skin is no longer diseased.
      But it's disastrous to apply such "cosmetic" laser/IPL, electric cautery needle, and other so-called "rosacea treatments", (i.e. SUPPRESSION/CONTROL of symptoms ONLY), BEFORE the disease is cured by [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] or by [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole], because the ROOT CAUSE of the disease simply continues to grow larger and do more irreversible damage.

      (2) Since this med has virtually no effect on healthy skin, there is no harm in using this med to "attack" this disease.
      In fact, "rosacea" is not really one disease, but basically a "catch-all" term used by "white-coats", to name "something" for which they simply do not know the "ROOT CAUSE". And this med cures many "forms" of this "stuff", (and I believe it cures ALL forms, with some taking longer than others), so it will either cure you, or have no effect on your "problem". In one case, that of seborrheic dermatitis, (SD), reports I've received state that this med alleviates the SD symptoms very well, temporarily, with optimum effectiveness over any other SD "treatment" method.

      (3) The revolutionary, astoundingly likely "Theory", that these stealthy, parasitic, fungal "entities" are secreting undetected mycotoxins into our bodies, (for decades), which MIGHT be causing any number of the diseases that are called "idiopathic", (i.e. diseases with unknown causes), such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even certain types of cancer, (etc, etc, etc), should convince us to use this cure, to get rid of these "chronic infestations/mycotoxins". We first eat our food, and then we digest it. But fungi, [fun-ji], first digest their food, (with mycotoxins), and then they eat/absorb it. So although the site(s) of the actual "infestation(s)" may be limited, the mycotoxins naturally go throughout our body, as these "infestations" are actually "pre-digesting" our whole body. It is quite logical that especially our immune system might be radically affected/damaged by decades of the presence of these (probably undetectable)
      mycotoxins, which MIGHT be causing some of these idiopathic diseases.
      Here is a list of little-understood autoimmune, (or autoimmune-related) disorders:
      Addison's disease,
      Graves disease,
      Hashimoto's thyroiditis,
      lupus erythematosus,
      multiple sclerosis,
      myasthenia gravis,
      pernicious anemia,
      Reiter's syndrome,
      rheumatoid arthritis,
      Sjogren's syndrome,
      systemic lupus erythematosus.
      I spoke of this general concept, of idiopathic diseases that may be caused by the cascade effects of "chronic mycotoxins", at:

      (4) Putting (1), (2), and (3) together, my claim to you is that you really have no choice but to try this [DMSO + fluconazole] med, because it is the only cure for this "stuff" in existence, and waiting only guarantees you more irreversible damage to your skin. The fact that this med only "heals/attacks" diseased skin is a self-fulfilling, retroactive clarification, concerning whether you "needed" this cure or not. No doctor's pre-diagnosis can make this any clearer. As an aside, I have read that far more men than women cases of Rhinophyma, (a "final form" of rosacea), are "recorded". And I believe, (without much proof), that this is because more women commit suicide early in the disease, and therefore never become "recorded" cases. If you find photos of "terminal" Rhinophyma on the Internet, you might agree with me, or at least wonder why in the world such a horrendous, disfiguring disease would be "gender specific".

      This should now be a very cheap Rx, (even in the USA), because there is no longer any patent on Diflucan/fluconazole, and DiMethylSulfOxide, (DMSO), is also relatively cheap. Currently in the USA, there is much overcharging for this Rx, so you have to search nationwide for the Compounding Pharmacists, (CPs), that keep a large supply, (i.e. over a kilogram), of fluconazole in stock, which RADICALLY reduces the price of this Rx, since the CPs pay TEN TIMES as much, (per mg), unless they buy a full kilogram of fluconazole for about $700.00. Unless they use it, they are then forced to later throw it away, by imposed, unproven, legally required "expiration dates", which appear to vary from state to state, although the FDA has its own "vague expiration date standards", which can be (and are) enforced at gunpoint.

      Since CPs also fill a lot of veterinary Rx's, (that contain fluconazole), CPs in the Southern USA may more likely stock fluconazole by the kilogram, since they may serve ranchers.
      Three CPs I checked recently are charging $277.00, $115.00, and $54.00, FOR EXACTLY THE SAME Rx, {i.e. 15 ml of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole]}!!!!!!!!!! Of course, the 10% med should be cheaper, since the fluconazole is the most expensive ingredient in the USA; the CP charging $54 for the 50% med, quoted a $43 price for the 10% med, which seems appropriate, since they are charging for their service, rather than socking it to you for the fluconazole content.

      Since you can get your Rx from anywhere in the USA by faxing them your Rx, it pays to search around for the "right" CP, by using different zip codes, at:
      [This URL now sends you to an "error message Page", BUT THERE'S NO "error". Just click there for "find a pharmacist", and you'll probably have to "log in", giving a name, email address, and zip code --- I recently found it difficult to copy and paste there, with a very long delay for each "Web Page" of five pharmacists. SO I TYPED THE PHONE NUMBERS OF HUNDREDS OF PHARMACIES ON MY OWN DOCUMENT. YOU CAN DO THE SAME. Such are the woes of those who battle "Big Pharma".]
      My theory on this, is that "Big Pharma" has found ways to deviously "attack" this "IACP CP-referral service for patients", (possibly because of [DMSO + fluconazole], believe it or not), so the IACP has been forced to tighten up their "security measures". Such a theory may seem "paranoid", but if this cheap, topically applied med proves to cure the BILLIONS of people I believe it may, then the whole medical field would undergo radical changes, (putting at the very least, most IPL/laser "treatment" folks out of business), and at least parts of "Big Pharma" would indeed attempt to prevent such changes/cures.
      Locating a "reasonably-priced-Rx CP" can be a huge headache, requiring perhaps hours of long-distance phone calls, (talking to CPs), but that's the name of the game in the corrupt "Big Pharma System" we contend with in the USA. To make your phone calls short, you might just ask them whether they stock fluconazole by the kilogram, rather than trying to explain your Rx. My rather p'd-off opinion, is that there are now USA CPs who are actually "passively cooperating" in a "conspiracy" to "bury" this cure, by radically overcharging for this Rx, (and being somehow rewarded by "Big Pharma", for doing so).

      I wish there were a better cure, but there isn't. After over four years, I'm still faithfully "treating"/curing the INSIDE of my nose, (which MAY be related to the rhinophyma I already cured in the skin of my nose), because I can see that my long, drawn-out, difficult process is indeed very slooooowly curing this "nasty stuff".
      I can think of four possible reasons for this cure delay:

      (1) When I treated the "resistant" infestation on the back of my left hand, (starting in Nov. 2001), I many times applied the 1% med several times a day, (and certainly twice a day), for many weeks, to the 3 x 5 inch, 15 sq. inch area. (The "healing itch" from this infestation was so intense, that I at one point had to apply an OTC "Max anti-itch cream" at night, in order to get any sleep.) This "type" of infestation had no stinging, but the med changed the infested skin into a very thick, translucent, whitish area, with a strange, roughly "target shaped" area of "alligator skin". Three years later, I found that I had to apply the 10% med, (which I did not have earlier), to this area, to "clean up" some extremely minor "infestation" that was still on my hand there. The area inside my nose has been simply too much of a hassle to "treat/cure", because applying the med causes it to sting, (sometimes with a sharp aching feeling extending up into the area around my left eye), and
      causes my eyes to water, and even sometimes causes me to sneeze six or seven times. So I only applied the med perhaps a few times in one month, (which radically decreased the "stuffed up, sleep apnea nasal symptoms"), followed by many months when I applied no med. I am sure that if I'd been more regular, aggressive, and effective in the nasal med applications, this "infestation" would have long ago been gone/cured.

      (2) My take on this is that the cartilage inside my nose has almost no "blood supply", and since the "process" of this cure seems to require "action" by our (blood supply's) immune system to "clean up" the "dead parasitic entity" left by the med, that may be one cause for the delay of TOTAL cure, inside my nose.

      (3) Also, applying the water-thin med inside my nose has not been as effective, because the "secretions" inside the nose appear to "wash the med away", before it can be absorbed completely.

      (4) And there is one other possibility, which would be that this "internal nasal infestation" originated far below, from a dental "root canal" of one of my teeth, (or even from my left ear, which has a perforated eardrum from childhood "ear-aches"), so I might have to increase the systemic [DMSO + fluconazole] in my bloodstream repeatedly, to "reach it all", and completely knock it out.

      That's why I've been "experimenting" with the maximum concentration and amount of the [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole], inside my nose. Although it presumably causes a higher systemic [DMSO + fluconazole] level, (especially since I swallow whatever med is not absorbed inside my nose), this highest concentration is most likely not appropriate for the "normal infestations" on our skin, since it leaves a heavy white residue, (which is obviously wasted, unabsorbed fluconazole), on the skin, and it seems to be less "effective" than the [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole], judging by the lesser amount of stinging or itching or change in appearance caused by the application of the 50% med.

      There is some obvious proof, even in my case alone, that this so-called rosacea "disease" is most likely caused by some sort of "stealthy" parasitic, fungal "entities"; and there appear to be more than one "type" of these "entities", with some being more easily and quickly cured by this med than others. One "Internet rosacea-Judas BB profiteer" loves to "muddy the water" by listing all the names of diseases that "look like" rosacea. But just one application of this med proves whether this med will cure you, (i.e. by "appearance changes" or stinging or itching), no matter what the white-coats "name" your disease.
      And so, the "white coats" can only "treat/SUPPRESS/control" the rosacea SYMPTOMS, which is really disastrous, even if they "succeed", because that allows the underlying ROOT CAUSE of the disease to continue to progress, doing more and more "stealthy damage", which cannot be reversed, later.

      My present belief, is that using the [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole] is more effective than using the [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]. Both of these have also contained 2% Ibuprofen, (i.e. 20 mg/ml), for my use, although I'm still not sure whether this ingredient matters much for this cure.
      I believe that SOME of these "entities" are curable with the more deeply penetrating 10% water med, that may not be completely, 100% curable with the [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]. I recommend that you ask your doctor to prescribe both for you, and see which one you "prefer", (which will probably take months to determine). I also recommend the 2% Ibuprofen content, since that's what I've used.
      I guess we could write these as:
      [DMSO + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen],
      [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole + 2% Ibuprofen]
      (And that means 100 mg fluconazole per ml, and 20 mg Ibuprofen per ml of med.)


      (And BTW, "DMSO" is "100% DMSO", but is normally labeled "99% DMSO", because DMSO normally absorbs a bit of water from the humidity in the air.)
      The more effective/penetrating (10% water/90% DMSO) med MAY cause more or longer lasting "temporary appearance problems".

      Makeup is indeed needed, but since the skin can be "raw", most types of makeup are probably not appropriate. As a male, I have found that the "Reviva" soothing creme and a "hypo-allergenic concealer", (which comes in a glass tube "bottle" with a brush inside), are most likely best, even though they may not cover every problem totally.
      Here is a quote from r-c message #187:

      I used a "concealer". The best concealer I know of now, is:
      [ALMAY (hypo-allergenic) Skin Smoothing Concealer, with Kinetin],
      which I think I saw at a Walgreen's Store.
      In order to "blend in" the peeling skin, which can be unsightly, I
      highly recommend an "anti-inflammatory", "anti-wrinkle" cream, the
      ingredients of which are recommended by Dr. Perricone. It is called:
      Reviva Labs: Alpha-Lipoic-Acid-Vitamin-C-Ester-&-DMAE Cream
      This is under $20.00, available only from the Vitamin Shoppe chain
      of stores, to my knowledge. These stores are in only 18 states,
      but they sell through the web, at:
      and also through a toll-free phone number, at:
      This "anti-inflammatory", "anti-wrinkle" cream says on the label to
      use it at "night time", but I believe a small amount should also
      be used in the morning, to help "blend in" whatever peeling skin
      may occur, so that it does not show, during the day. "Concealer"
      makeup goes on well, over this face cream.

      I mention this at:


      Although I don't believe that this "transdermal transport/absorption" of cosmetic ingredients, (which are incredibly numerous), would cause any permanent harm, it certainly seems that it MIGHT cause some "unwanted", or "unpredictable" effects.
      In any case, if the skin is "raw", such washing, (before applying the med), can be irritating to the skin. Therefore, although we "need" makeup, we would no doubt be happier if we could "go on vacation" and become a hermit for several months, while we accomplish this cure. The "Directions" to cure nail fungus with this med, are to "apply twice daily", for about six weeks. As a hermit, we might follow those "Directions" on our face, (and temporarily look like Hell), but normally, we can apply it once a week, or once a month, and accomplish this cure over a longer time period.

      In fact, your face may NEVER "peel", depending on the "degree" of your disease. I had more of a "sort of peeling" on the severe beginning rhinophyma on my nose. You might experience more like a "dry flaking", [DON'T PICK AT IT!!!], which is easily concealed/blended by the Reviva creme alone, although the pinkness also requires the "concealer makeup".

      BTW, I have never investigated to find out who makes the Reviva brand; I just discovered it and used it myself, so I have no interest in "promoting" it, although it appeared to me that sales of this "creme" increased quite a bit after I first recommended it. I was led to value its ingredients partially by the recommendations of Dr. Perricone, MD, but I found his products to be a bit expensive for me.

      Of course, the second application of the med normally causes "less" appearance problems than the first, and so on, and so on. But it is anyone's guess, as to how many monthly applications you might need, before there is "no effect/change" when you apply the med. But that is the realistic goal, to reach that time when the application of the med causes little or no stinging or itching, and no "dry flaking or peeling or pinkness". In other words, you reach the time when the previously rosaceous skin is unaffected by the med, just like any other healthy skin on your body.

      And so, [name deleted], my claim to you is that your prayers for a cure have been answered. Now, without appearing to be "greedy" to God, perhaps we can pray for a "perfect cure", that is quick, easy, and reverses all the damage done by this/these disease(s). Perhaps God's answer will be that this [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] cure will be fine, if it is applied very early on, before this disease causes a lot of "stealthy damage". Perhaps even ten year olds or younger would benefit from applying this med one time, (with their doctor's advice and consent), to see if there is any "change in appearance" or stinging or itching caused in the skin, which would show the presence, (and very early curing "process"), of this "type" of disease.

      My present belief, is that this "stuff" may be growing in our skin for twenty years, before "symptoms" appear, because no one younger than 16 years old has ever been diagnosed with rosacea. My "Theory of Mechanism", is that this "parasitic entity" masks itself from our immune system, during that first 15, or 20, or 30+? years, so "inflammatory (rosacea) symptoms" do not appear until enough damage has been done to our own human cells, which then causes our immune system to "attack" our own damaged cells, which manifests as the "rosacea symptoms".
      There is clear proof that these "fungal entities" grow by simply growing/sprouting new "pointed branches", (called hyphae, [hi-fee]), and these "pointed branches" have the force to grow right through human cells. I haven't been able to "pin it down", but the size difference may be something like needle-sized "hyphae" piercing our basketball-sized "human skin cells".
      So even this physical damage alone would obviously cause our immune system to seek to "clean up" and remove such "pierced human cells"; but this could never cure the disease. To do that, the [DMSO + fluconazole] can invade not only our bloodstream, but actually pass inside each of our cells which is infested by this/these disease(s) as explained at:

      There is a "parallel observation", in the fungus that we see on a fruit, such as an apple or an orange. If one cuts away the "visible fungus damage", leaving what appears to be the "completely normal looking part" of the fruit, one can get a very unpleasant surprise when that "normal looking" part is eaten, because our taste buds can taste the "invisible damage" done by the fungus, before enough "damage" has been done to cause "visible fungal symptoms" to appear.
      Recently, a thought occurred to me that animals such as horses, and "pets" such as dogs and cats may give us these diseases without our realizing it, because their life spans are short enough that these slow-growing "parasitic fungal entities" never have the time to fully "mature", so that the "animal's symptoms" never have a chance to appear, or they may appear on a very old, (i.e. 16 year old), animal, but go unnoticed under the fur, or be "written off" as a "disease of old age".

      Well, I intended this letter to you to be short, but it "got away from me".
      On top of all this, I want to say that it is well worth your time, (even though I admit it's a long read), to read all 28 of the messages on the [rosacea-cure] board that I've posted on the Home Page. THE REASON I CLAIM THAT THIS READING IS WORTH YOUR TIME, IS THAT THIS IS THE ONLY CURE FOR THIS/THESE DISEASE(S) IN EXISTENCE, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.
      Posted on the Home Page, are:
      etc, etc, etc ------->
      Most important, are messages #2, #18, #64, #170, #210, #261, #264, and #272.
      Also important, are messages #163, #187 thru #193, #197 thru #207, and #263.
      So, I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 03:29:22 -0000
      From: [name deleted]
      To: "Dave Fleming" <fulltruth40@...>
      Subject: Re: need help with my rosacea

      i read that it takes about 2 weeks for the peeling to finish. I work in the public everyday. Can you wear make-up over you face while you are using the treatment? Does your face peel everytime you apply the treatment once a month?
      YOU can also email me at [email address deleted].
      I have suffered for many years. I have prayed for a cure.
      [name deleted]

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