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Curing Ocular Rosacea and Rhinophyma with [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole]

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, As my mom used to say, Children and bears should never see half-done work . So if you are immature, or if you are grumpy and/or predatory,
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      For Everyone,
      As my mom used to say, "Children and bears should never see half-done work". So if you are immature, or if you are grumpy and/or predatory, please do not read this post, because it is an attempt to clarify even less than half-done "conclusions". :-)
      Of course, this post talks about curing ocular rosacea and rhinophyma, (although I'm still not certain this "infestation" inside my nose is connected to the rhinophyma I had), so it would seem that many rosaceans might not be interested in this. However, there is the fact that no one to my knowledge has used this 40% to 50% med yet, [with a more penetrating base of (10% water/90% DMSO)], to cure facial rosacea, and it MIGHT be much more effective/faster for that than the [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] med has been.
      We won't know for sure until rosaceans use it in great numbers, and publicly post their results, along with their doctors' positive statements.

      My only cautionary note, is that curing rosacea faster may make us look worse temporarily. Also, I have come to the opinion that "healing effects", (i.e. dryness, and almost microscopic bumps of dead skin - "DON'T PICK AT THEM!"), can manifest IN A VERY MINOR WAY, for even longer than three or four months after the last facial application of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole]. This is perhaps three times longer than my experienced effects with [DMSO + 10% fluconazole].

      So, my GUESS is that a 10% water base and higher concentrations of fluconazole, such as [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 45% fluconazole], might cure facial rosacea more quickly, but MIGHT make us look worse temporarily than the weaker concentrations, without the 10% water. Presumably, this would be because this 10% water med penetrates much deeper into the skin, and "kills" more effectively, with that "dead skin" being shed for a longer time period by healthy skin growing from underneath.

      So, as I've said before, sooth the skin with "something good", between med applications, and use "concealer makeup" when necessary, as at:
      As I've also said, it would be nice if we could take a two to six month vacation for this cure, (if we could afford it, ha, ha), and perhaps apply this med on our facial rosacea twice a day for six weeks, as is appropriate on nail fungus. None of our friends would see us "healing", and we therefore wouldn't need any makeup at all. :-)

      BTW, it has become clear to me recently that different USA states have completely different "rules" for CPs to follow, so some clarification will be good here. All the Rx(s) that I've used have always contained 2% Ibuprofen, (i.e. 20 mg Ibuprofen per ml), as listed at:
      (There is confusion there, too, because my CP only recently clarified that he used 2% Ibuprofen, (and NOT the 0.2% that he clearly and repeatedly told me, back in Sept. 2003.)

      I considered this the "commonly accepted" formula for this Rx, but I recently found out that some USA states require the doctor to list this, (i.e. all), ingredient(s) on the Rx script. According to my CP, this minor Ibuprofen content is added to ENHANCE THE ABSORPTION of the med into the skin, as I stated at:
      I have never asked him for the clinical proof for this use of Ibuprofen, dissolved in DMSO. In any case, I've always suspected that this Ibuprofen content was NOT NEEDED, but I never wanted to change the "formula" of this Rx, because the bottom line is that no one knows exactly how/why it is working, to cure rosacea and many other incurable diseases.

      At this time, I would like to say that I WILL BE TRYING THIS MED IN THE FUTURE WITHOUT THE IBUPROFEN CONTENT. Since I don't think this Ibuprofen content matters, one way or the other, this is most likely an unimportant, moot point. But I just wanted to clarify this, and apologize for any confusion I've allowed on this point. If I notice any differences in effects, I'll be sure to post that here on the [rosacea-cure] board.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- PERSONAL EMAILS FOLLOW, (in reverse chronological order) ----

      Date: Jan. 22, 2006
      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, [name deleted],
      Am very sorry for my delay in answering you, [name deleted], but I am "snowed under" at times by my schedule.
      I want to assure you that all the "healing effects" you have described are pretty much exactly what I experienced, (except I sometimes used a swear-word, describing the intensity of the "15 -17 minutes" of stinging), so I encourage you to continue med applications, being patient and persistent. And tell your doctor to examine and approve the "Directions" for you, at:

      Please believe me, I am simply being truthful and I'm not profiting from this situation in any way. I am gaining only the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping to promote the only cure in existence for this "diabolical stuff", (most likely parasitical fungal infestations).
      I am making no profit from this, but helping mankind with this truth is in fact a great spiritual benefit for me, (and I do want to thank Yahoo! for not having deleted this free [rosacea-cure] board, to date). But the "healing effects" of this treatment/cure can be a hassle, and do take time, so this cure is indeed a "hard sell".

      As you state below, you are perceptive enough to recognize some of the "horse shxt" concerning this matter, even when it comes from a Compounding Pharmacist, (CP). And I have other "horse shxt" issues with our USA situation:
      (1) In my opinion, not just USA doctors, but even some USA CPs sometimes resist filling a DMSO Rx because DMSO is still a bit "mysterious", and they fear being "at lawsuit risk", (e.g. if you somehow mixed your DMSO Rx with a pesticide, and it therefore went into your bloodstream --- FAT CHANCE!!!). And "Big Pharma" also promotes disinformation to those ignorant USA doctors and CPs who may then believe that "DMSO causes eye damage", or that DMSO is "too strong" to use on the face.

      (2) Some USA CPs are prone to commit the same outrageous over-charging "policies" that USA Big Pharma gets away with. Even though fluconazole is now, "out of patent" and "dirt-cheap", worldwide, its price is being blatantly manipulated, in the USA. Furthermore, companies like Spectrum and Hawkins, who supply USA CPs with the bulk, pure white powder fluconazole, (without the "excipients" of capsules or tablets), are now hiding their prices from public view, by requiring a "log in" on their websites. Even a few months ago, this was not the case, but "Big Pharma" has found a way to "bury" this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure, by inflating its price hopelessly, and many, (but not all), USA CPs are greedily "cooperating" with this God-forsaken ploy. Furthermore, these companies "structure" their prices deceptively, so that they sell 25 grams of "bulk" fluconazole for about TEN TIMES the price, (per gram), that they charge for a kilogram of fluconazole. And the FDA and state governments
      further conspire, and impose an "expiration date", (of perhaps six months), on whatever the CP buys. This "expiration date" is arbitrary, and completely unrelated to the actual time-period of potency of the fluconazole, which is most likely several years or longer, especially if it's kept refrigerated.

      (3) As best I can determine, USA CPs have stopped recommending the [DMSO + 1% fluconazole] for nail fungus, that was available and recommended to me in 2001. Instead, they've switched to recommending a witch's brew with ingredients that are still under patent, (with a high profit-margin), containing Myconazole, Ketoconazole, Lamasil, (sp.), and Ibuprofen. I smell the feces of "Big Pharma" all over this situation. Since this "new treatment" for nail fungus contains no DMSO, I cannot believe that it penetrates and cures nail fungus, as [DMSO + fluconazole] does.

      And FYI, I'd like to emphasize one big pile of "horse shxt", --- the legendary "danger" to the eyes from DMSO.
      Of course, I have never advocated putting this med, (with 100% or 90% DMSO), directly into the eyes, even though I don't believe it would cause any permanent damage at all. I have gotten small amounts of this med in my eyes at times, but it stung, and I closed my eyes tight, and it stopped stinging. Certainly no harm was ever done.

      I believe that a savvy doctor should create a Rx of perhaps [6% DMSO + ?% fluconazole], at some point in the future, to apply directly into the eyes to cure ocular rosacea, while also applying the 10% to 45% med on the facial skin rosacea. But I'm not a doctor, so I'm not pushing the eye drops, although I have mentioned it before on the [rosacea-cure] board.
      For over two years now, Rx eye drops containing over 6% DMSO, (and other ingredients), have been prescribed, to prevent, treat, and cure cataracts, mostly in the elderly. It seems obvious, that the DMSO is added for its amazing "transport/penetration" properties, rather than having any curative effect on the cataracts. I believe this amazing DMSO "transdermal transport capability" is also the obvious reason why [DMSO + fluconazole] works to cure rosacea, rather than any direct curative effect by the DMSO alone.

      And the lies about DMSO harming the eyes originated over 40 years ago, when drug companies created this lie because they could not patent DMSO, so they wanted to find "something similar" to patent, so they could make money. The lie persists, but they never found ANYTHING even REMOTELY SIMILAR to DMSO. Finally, 15 years later in 1978, DMSO was approved by the FDA for a specific human use.

      If DMSO could cause any eye damage, (temporary or permanent), THE FDA WOULD HAVE CERTAINLY NEVER APPROVED IT, 27 YEARS AGO!!! However, since I have seen that [DMSO + fluconazole] can cause TEMPORARY "healing lesions" in diseased SKIN, I do NOT recommend putting it directly into the eyes. Creating a high enough level of the med in the bloodstream, (e.g. by applying it inside the nose), seems to me to be the proper way of curing ocular rosacea, with no possible risk at all to the eyeballs, and I have recently proven this with my own use of [10% water/90% DMSO + 50% fluconazole], (see explanation below).

      Concerning curing ocular rosacea in this way, (without any still non-existent [6% DMSO + ?% fluconazole] eye drops), I'm going to tell you something I've not put on the [rosacea-cure] board yet, simply because I'm "in the middle" of assessing the effects of the [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole], used in about a two to four ml amount on the inside of my nose.

      First, I want to say that this high-percentage, 50% med, (used inside the nose), is obviously curing "ocular rosacea" that I did not know that I had, as well as curing the "infestation" on both sides of the septum, (i.e. the middle dividing cartilage), inside my nose. But the directions for using this med, for nail fungus on the toes, (and as I used it on the back of my hands), is to apply it twice a day, for six weeks!
      That's just not a schedule I have been able to adhere to, with all the hassle of applying this EFFECTIVELY inside my nose, so this cure is taking decidedly longer than six weeks, but it's the only cure in existence, so I'm thankful to God for it.

      Also, even the 1% med, back in Nov. 2001, immediately dried up and began to cure this problem inside my nose, (using only the little bit of med I applied with q-tips), ending most of the deadly sleep apnea this problem was causing because of the blockage of my nose breathing while sleeping.

      Second, I want to caution you, THAT I DON'T THINK ANYONE CAN KEEP A "NORMAL SCHEDULE", WHILE USING THIS 50% MED AS I HAVE, INSIDE MY NOSE. You'll normally need to "vacation" for at least a few days. Anyone who has to go to a "job" every day, or have any kind of normal social interactions, simply could not have done it very well, (if at all), given the difficulty of my results.

      On Nov. 11, 2005, I put 2.25 ml of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 10% fluconazole] into ONLY my LEFT NOSTRIL, after I packed it with an 18-inch by quarter-inch piece of gauze. I laid on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge, (to position my nasal passage upside-down), to make sure the med went where I wanted it to, far up into my nasal passage, for almost two hours. RESULTS WERE GOOD, AND I CONTINUED A NORMAL "SCHEDULE", with a "scab" forming on the affected nasal area, even until the present.

      Portions of this "infestation" that were located lower on the septum were cured long ago, by my application of the 1% and 10% med with q-tips, inside my nose, since Nov. 2001. But this recent more aggressive application, with the gauze, (to prevent "nasal secretions" from washing away the med), was causing a new "healing scab" much further up on the nasal septum.

      There has been some bleeding every day, when I remove this "scabbing" inside my nose, using soap and my pinky finger, in the shower. And that minor bleeding is normal, as happened on the back of my hand, and on my scalp, when I cured "ringworm" there.
      Such bleeding has NEVER occurred for those curing facial rosacea or rhinophyma with this 10% med, although the skin can get raw, and "picking at it" can cause very minor bleeding.
      But the mucus membranes inside the nose easily bleed a little bit, when the "scabbing" is removed on a daily basis, to open up the breathing passages(s).

      Then, on about Nov. 29, 2005, I finally got the 50% med, (containing 10% water, because DMSO "transports" and penetrates better at a 90% concentration, for some unknown reason). I put 2.25 ml of this 50% med into ONLY my RIGHT NOSTRIL, using gauze as before. After about an hour, I took out the gauze and chewed on it thoroughly, to swallow all the med.

      I guess I limited it to one nostril at a time because it was more convenient to be able to continue breathing some through my nose.
      Also, the 50% med "crystallized" some, in the gauze, so about a 40% or 45% med is probably going to be more appropriate to use, than the 50% med. Later, I mixed in a little of some 10% med I had with the 50% med, and this "precipitation of crystals" did not occur again.

      Wow! After a couple of days, a bit of hell broke loose. At the same time, I seemed to come down with some very bad flu, and I still have a very minor cough from that flu, as I type this, on Jan. 22, 2006, (that's over 50 darned days later!). (Of course, it's conceivable that I had a "fungal infestation" in my lungs, and this 50% med in my nose began to cure that, (through the bloodstream), but that's most likely not the case.)
      So, I believe I can separate the "symptoms" of that "coughing flu", (because I had an identical flu back in 2000), from the dramatic "symptoms" caused by using that amount of the 50% med in my right nostril.

      Most dramatically, after one or two days, small "healing lesions" occurred in about 3 or 4 spots on the edges of each of my four eyelids. This meant that I woke up in the mornings with my eyes sealed shut by these "scabs", and a fair amount of thick pus, (perhaps two to five cubic millimeters), in each eye. The eyes were also bloodshot, and the inside of my eyelids were a bright red.

      This went on for about 3 or 4 days. My eyes continued to "water" at times, (and feel "dried out"), for the next three weeks. My eyes are still a bit bloodshot, and I believe that's good, because that shows that the normal process of this cure is proceeding, with my immune system continuing to attack whatever this med has "killed", in and around my eyes. For this reason, I would not have wanted to suppress this "bloodshot" appearance, because I want my immune system to work freely, (so, no "Visine" for me).

      It is an entirely different situation, (but deserves some explanation), that one moronic "rosacea remedy" recommended by that peanut-gallery PhD, "Dr. N", has been topically applied "Cyclosporin", which suppresses the immune system, and thereby suppresses inflammation. It has been established that certain ORAL antibiotics also are used for their anti-inflammation effects, on rosacea. I call this "moronic", because it is truely a "stab in the dark", to suppress inflammatory symptoms, while admitting that you don't have a clue as to WHAT IS CAUSING THE ROSACEA INFLAMMATION!!! But these "morons" are no doubt perpetually selling a lot of Cyclosporin and Tetracycline for "Big Pharma", (as well as selling various wildly expensive, non-curative laser/IPL so-called "treatments"), so perhaps they are more evil than moronic.

      For many decades, I have occasionally had painful "sties" on the edges my eyelids, and it seemed odd to me that they were always in exactly the same location(s). I figured it must have been from "inflamed eyelash follicles", or some such thing. I am now convinced that I will never have such a "sty" again, because I believe they were being caused by some sort of underlying "fungal infestation", which is now finally being "removed" by this application of [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole] inside my nose, which is curing this "problem" in my eyelids, (and in my eyeballs), THROUGH THE BLOODSTREAM.

      I never noticed any "plumpness" before, but my eyelids seem somehow "less plump", and perhaps once or twice a day, I'm still experiencing a gratifying "healing itch", which is hard to "scratch", without touching the eyeball. But I'm able to scratch it using a cloth/tissue, or just rubbing my whole eye-socket area with the heel of my palm or the side of my index finger. Sometimes I have scratched with my fingernail, taking great care not to scratch the eyeball.

      I found some plain otc "petrolatum ophthalmic ointment - sterile ocular lubricant", called "Puralube Ointment", at Wal-Mart's Pharmacy Dept., and used that to sooth my eyes, especially WHILE SLEEPING. Since it's basically grease, it causes some distortion in your vision, if you use it during the day. Given the lies told about DMSO "eye damage", I suppose this could cause some people to have a heart attack, if they think the "grease distortion" is caused by DMSO. Ha, ha.

      Although my eyes are in good shape now, I think I'm still a little better off if I use a little of the "lubricant/ointment" in my eyes at night, even seven weeks after this "treatment"/ cure.
      Other than a very sore "voice box" and coughing, there was never really that much discomfort, except from the torrent of very liquid "post-nasal drip", which is confused with the flu symptoms. This was a special problem at night, (causing sleep apnea), and for three nights I had to take a "nasal decongestant", to allow me to sleep some. I also had a "sinus headache" so I took Excedrin for Sinus Headache, containing (650 mg acetaminophen - a pain killer), and (10 mg Phenyliphrine HCl - the nasal decongestant), and no caffeine. I used this only at night. How much of this serious problem was caused by the [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole], and how much by the flu, I don't know, but the earlier [(10% water/90% DMSO + 10% fluconazole] did not cause this "large" post-nasal drip, nor any sinus headache pain.

      The "post nasal drip" temporarily caused by this med, (without the flu), appears to be very thick and "gummy", and is normally just off-white yellow, or whitish-clear to translucent in color.

      So, every day, for about forty days, I was loudly sniffling/snuffling, loudly hocking up "lugies" at all hours of the day, and also snorting chunks of bloody nasal phlegm and "scabs" into my bathroom sink, especially to try to prevent sleep apnea from this "stuff", before I go to sleep every night. Although it's radically decreased in amount, I'm still doing this "nasal cleaning" at least once a day, (using soap and my pinky finger), even 53 days later.

      Wow! This does sound like a "horse shxt" cure, but I blame the flu, too. And by God it is a cure, and I'm very sure that people regularly commit suicide because of the effects of these damnable "parasitic fungal infestations", so I'm very happy with my "bloody nasal phlegm and scabs nasal cure". Bear in mind that I long ago completely cured the rosacea on my cheeks, and the rhinophyma of my nose, using only the 1% and 10% meds.

      Of course, some "scabbing" is still forming every day on the septum inside my nose, with some bleeding as well, when I remove it. But the "scabbing" and bleeding are much less now; so it's time for another "med application". Ugh, it stings, but I love it...., BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY CURE FOR THIS IN EXISTENCE.... I believe that the only other "remedy" for this nasal condition would be the brutal, ugly, ineffective nasal surgery, (which doctors have actually apologized for doing), described in the article at the URL listed on our [rosacea-cure] Home Page, at:

      A "theory" I've recently formed, for an even more effective and aggressive cure, is to "engineer" some sort of small "nasal plug", (similar to an earplug), with a "string" attached, so that it can be easily removed. These "plugs" would then be pushed far up into both nasal passages, (perhaps with a q-tip), and the patient would lie down with their head hanging over the edge of the bed, (to position the nose upside-down). [(10% water/90% DMSO) + 45% fluconazole], (which is water-thin), would then be measured into both sides of the nose, (perhaps with an eyedropper), and this position would be maintained for as long as possible, (at least an hour or two), allowing the straight liquid med to be absorbed by the upper nasal cavity, while the patient breaths through their mouth. If the liquid med does not fill the nose completely, a q-tip could be inserted into the nose during this "treatment", to continuously bathe the entire inside of the nose with the med.

      I simply do not have the "engineering expertise" to accomplish this at this time, since this "plug and string" would have to be really reliable, to prevent my having to go to an Emergency Room to have "plugs" removed from my nose. :-) But I'm sure this will be the next step I take, if this "gauze stuffing" approach does not accomplish this cure completely for me. It is working well on my nasal septum, but I'm thinking that a more aggressive application of the med might be required, to most effectively and completely cure either ocular rosacea and/or the "sinusitis" that is described at:

      There is one thing that bothers me, [name deleted], about your positive and informative email to me. If you've been using this med for a full year, (even though I understand that you stopped using it for probably much of that time, as you state, "on and off"), you should KNOW that this med is curative, and you should have no doubtful thoughts left by now, when you say,
      >"but if your profitting from this in anyway with false
      >claims ...shame on you..."
      I just don't understand how you could have any doubt about this curing you, if you've used this 10% med for over a year. First, you should have seen at least some tangible results by now. Secondly, you should be very aware by now, that this med has a basically zero effect on healthy skin. Those two facts alone should keep you from doubting me, about this, so I hope you're not some "agent of Big Pharma", making this up and pumping me for info.... :-)

      BTW, I've never had anything against making money from this, (or benefiting in any way), but it has turned out to be such a "hard sell", that I haven't figured out how to profit from this. I faced that reality, before I ever put this on the Internet, back in April 2003. If I had tried to take out some patent, or had found some other way to profit, (e.g. Dr. Syrokomski's secretive, selfish approach, [which is my opinion of "Dr. S.", formed with only "circumstantial" proof]), it seemed to me that this cure would never be revealed, (or be delayed for many decades or forever), given the power and deviousness of "Big Pharma", and other factors.

      So I gave up on profiting from this, in the name of God's mercy and true love. But when you're completely cured in the future, and if you want to donate to a charity of my choice, I'll take it, because I am doing important "religious work", which is in fact even much more important than my trying to get this treatment/cure to all those
      suffering people out there, as God has led me to do. :-)

      Also BTW, you're right to NOT trust Brady Barrows, concerning this cure. In my opinion, BB is betraying all of the hundred of millions of persons with diseases curable with [DMSO + fluconazole], since Sept. 2004, when he prematurely ended his "diary", working with that infamous PhD, Geoffrey Nase. And it's obviously for money. Just look at the ads at BB's website, (or better yet, DON'T look at them). :-)

      BB is still telling the blackest of half-truth lies, saying this med, "did not cure my rosacea", even though he admitted in his so-called "diary", that it got rid of all his pustules and papules, (which this former oil-field worker used to call "postules", until I educated him in private email). In my opinion, that's about 90% of the worst rosacea symptoms, so by his own words, he is lying about this. If he were honest, he'd say, "so far, this med cured my rosacea 90%, and it hasn't come back, either".

      Recently, I discovered that BB is marketing an "electrical zapper" to get rid of pimples, pustules, and papules, (honest to God, folks), while he no doubt continues to secretly use [DMSO + 10% fluconazole], as he repeated stated, until Sept. 2004. Back then, BB even publicly stated that he'd had a complete "exam" by an ophthalmologist, to prove that his eyes are in top shape, after applying [DMSO + fluconazole] to his face almost daily, for five months.

      So in my opinion, BB is trying to play both ends against the middle, by "hiding" positive statements about this cure on his website, so that he can someday claim that he was "helping" rosaceans all along, when rosaceans finally overcome the lying silence from him since Sept. 2004, about this cure.

      So it is now clear to me that BB set out from the beginning to tell half-truth lies about this, because his "rosacea business" would end, if he admitted this is a cure.

      THAT'S WHY I CONTINUE TO STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE POST ANYTHING AT ALL ON ANY WEBSITE CONNECTED TO BB OR TO ANY OF THESE LIARS, because they make money by laboriously "muddying the water", and attracting attention to their "Web Circus". Also, there is good reason to believe that "they" have the financial backing to send "hackers" and "cyber-attacks" against you, once "they" know you support this amazing cure, and they learn your email address.

      So there is a $pecial Hell reserved for Brady Barrow$, et al, concerning this matter, and every day they fail to tell the full truth about this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure, the Hell they face gets wor$e. Every day that passes, (and with every dollar they make), these "infestations", (including rosacea), cause more damage to people, and this damage cannot be reversed or restored by this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure. So the delay caused by these liars is causing a great prolongation and increase in suffering, worldwide.

      Universal Spiritual Laws will require punishment for these liars, according to the amount of delay/damage that they cause to suffering humanity, concerning this [DMSO + fluconazole] treatment/cure.

      So, [name deleted], I have run on here, and I hope this info helps you. Please continue to update me on your progress, although I know it can take months to properly assess this cure.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 20:06:36 -0800 (PST)
      From: [name deleted]
      Subject: Re: [rosacea-cure] [(10%water/90% DMSO) + 50% fluconazole] Is Now Being Prescribed in USA
      To: "Dave Fleming" <fulltruth40@...>
      Dear Dave: I have been using DMSO 10% diflucan for a
      year on and off............When I contacted a
      Compounding pharmacy they initially tried to talk me
      out of using Dmso as a base .....They went onto to say
      that it penetrates into the blood stream
      ..........................and yet never offered a
      suggestion to a base that penetrates deep enough to
      reach the sebaceous glands--- They further stated that
      Rosacea is a surface disease........to which I
      responded........... Horse Shxt!............If that
      were the case this disease would have been eradicated
      with topical meds years ago..............Either
      way..........I am writing to let you know how I am
      responding as of yet.............My cheeks have
      responded very minimally...........nose is still
      red......when I apply the med to my nose it turns
      white and dried out looking and stings for 15-17
      minutes........then it returns to a pinkish
      hue..........................I am using it once every
      2 weeks(no repeated applications) because of the
      reports of eye damage using dmso..............A second
      thing that occurs when I apply the med is my eyes
      get a little warm.....I dont know if the med is
      damaging my eyes or the disease is also in my eyes as
      well .......God only knows..........I have had this
      disease for 20 years and it has ruined my
      life..........It causes embarassment,flushing and
      edema of the nose...........I do concur with you that
      Rosacea will eventuall turn into
      Rhynophyma....................Could you let me know
      what other users are
      just pray to God for some signal that I am on the
      right direction,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.P.S Brady Barrow
      claims dmso might have helped but is not fully
      endorcing it........He has sold out and I could never
      trust him anyway,,,,,,.................Dave, if your
      right .......God Bless you for getting the word out,
      but if your profitting from this in anyway with false
      claims .....................shame on you..............
      God bless in return....[name deleted] .......................

      Dave Fleming <fulltruth40@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Flushing, or "blushing" is a normal function,
      > experienced by everyone at times. Normal blushing
      > is simply made worse in some people, (the majority
      > of rosaceans do not "flush"), by rosacea, and they
      > call this abnormally exaggerated blushing,
      > "flushing".
      > I was "officially diagnosed" with rosacea for many
      > years, but I've never "flushed".
      > By the time I was beginning to have the horrendous
      > beginnings of rhinophyma, (which I believe all
      > rosaceans will develop if they wait long enough), I
      > was not seeing a doctor regularly, and therefore was
      > never "officially diagnosed" with rhinophyma, and
      > did not even know the word. But I've educated
      > myself, since I first put this cure on the Internet
      > in April 2003, and I'm very sure that I had
      > rhinophyma.
      > If you search on the [rosacea-cure] board, you will
      > find references to the questions and explanations
      > concerning flushing, explained very well by
      > Dr. Marjorie Lazoff, MD. The bottom line is: cure the
      > rosacea with [DMSO + fluconazole], and "flushing"
      > will return to "normal blushing".
      > I hope this helps.
      > God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      > Dave Fleming
      > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      > Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 19:57:23 -0800 (PST)
      > To: rosacea-cure@yahoogroups.com
      > From: [name deleted]
      > Subject: Re: [rosacea-cure] [(10%water/90% DMSO) +
      > 50% fluconazole] Is Now Being Prescribed in USA
      > Dear Dave : I was interested if you had the
      > flushing
      > associated with rosacea and other signs of this
      > disfiguring disease?............Thanks [name deleted]---

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