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[10 water/90% DMSO + 62.5% fluconazole] is "Maximum Strength Med"

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Here is a recent email between me and Janey , the first person ever to be prescribed this med for rosacea in the USA, back in Oct. 2003. Past
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2005
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      For Everyone,
      Here is a recent email between me and "Janey", the first person ever to be prescribed this med for rosacea in the USA, back in Oct. 2003. Past posts on the [rosacea-cure] board by "Janey", (her fictitious name), are at:

      So I am not backing down on my claim that this med is the only known cure for rosacea/rhinophyma, even though it is decidedly not an "overnight" cure.

      In addition, the fact that the use of [DMSO + fluconazole] may lead to the cure or prevention of all manner of diseases that presently have no known cause, is amazing to contemplate. The "theory" is that many of these mysterious diseases may be caused by the effects and cascade effects of "chronic systemic mycotoxins" secreted into our bloodstream by "stealthy fungal infestations" and even by "fungal infestations" that are not so stealthy, such as rosacea/rhinophyma.

      This "theory of mechanism" then, would be that [DMSO + fluconazole] destroys the "fungal infestations", thereby ending the constant, long-term presence of "chronic mycotoxins" in our bloodstream, which would end any disease condition caused by the effects of these "chronic mycotoxins". The high probability that this "theory" is correct, is mind-boggling, to say the least. Wow!!! :-D
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming ----TEXT OF EMAILS FOLLOWS----

      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, Janey,
      I just want to say to you, that I really appreciate your continuing updates and questions, because you are the only person who spoke of God, in our communication, of all those who have contacted me. Sometimes, I almost feel guilty, if I gave you the impression that this cure was going to be "quick" or "easy".
      I know that I did not knowingly do that, but I still remember your excitement in the beginning, and I wanted you to have the best experience with this cure, rather than having it "drag on" like this. I know that you have admitted that you stopped using the med many times, (and I understand how that happens, because I've done the same thing).

      Even so, I have always believed, (whether correctly or not), that those with "mild cases" of rosacea would be cured faster and more easily than I was, with my horrible beginning stages of rhinophyma.

      First, to answer your question, I do not know of anyone being prescribed a higher percentage than [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]. But I have become convinced that adding 10% distilled water to the Rx makes it more effective, by penetrating better, and by putting the maximum amount possible of the med into the bloodstream.
      So I now would recommend [10% water/90% DMSO + 10% fluconazole] to you. Using the right "measuring tool" from your pharmacy, (I found a cheap syringe graduated by ml), it isn't that hard to add the 10% steam distilled water yourself, rather than having to have your doctor change the Rx.

      Although Michael Roberge, RPh, promised me the info two months ago, (about June 28), he only got it to me Aug. 26, after he finally did the rather simple "experiment", to find out the MAXIMUM AMOUNT of fluconazole that will dissolve in one milliliter of DMSO at room temperature. He has promised to also test, to find out the maximum amount of fluconazole that will dissolve in one milliliter of [10% water/90% DMSO], at room temperature. He and I are both guessing that it will be very similar or identical to the 62.5% figure he's determined for the 100% DMSO, although DMSO is so strange, and so mysterious, that you really cannot be sure until you actually dissolve the fluconazole in the [10% water/90% DMSO].
      Here is the statement that I finally received from Michael Roberge, RPh:
      " I was able to fully dissolve 8.75 gm of Fluconazole in 10 ml of DMSO. This mixture resulted in a final volume of 14 ml thereby creating a 62.5% solution."

      So according to his experimental results, [DMSO + 62.5% fluconazole] is the highest percentage possible, using the 100% DMSO.
      Of course, because of the mystery of how DMSO "transports" the fluconazole through the skin, we don't actually know that the highest percentage will be the most effective cure. But it's likely, since I think that you and I are both convinced that the 10% med is much more effective than the 1% med.

      And I believe that you are "right on the beam", when you ask these questions, about higher percentages of fluconazole, and about ORAL [DMSO + fluconazole]. (That figures, since you started with the 1% med in Oct. 2003, used the 10% med in 2004, and continue to improve now, in August 2005.) You've been "at this" longer than anyone except me!
      I have suspected that I am indeed "obsessed" with this cure, because the only answer that comes to my mind, when it does not cure us as quickly as we wish, is that "we need more of it". So my mind has indeed been going in that direction, not only of using the highest percentage of fluconazole possible, (e.g. such as [DMSO + 50% fluconazole), but of "flooding the whole body" with [DMSO + fluconazole], which would be facilitated by "administering" a rather large amount.

      So, THEORETICALLY, to cure, (or at least start to cure), "ALL POSSIBLE fungal infestations" in the whole body, one might drink 15 ml of the 10% med, (or 3 ml of [DMSO + 50% fluconazole]???). The 15 ml of 10% med would contain 1,500 mg of fluconazole, (as would the 3 ml of [DMSO + 50% fluconazole]), and perhaps as much as 150 mg of that DMSO-fluconazole, (still bound to the DMSO, so that it would be 100% effective, as opposed to ineffective ORAL fluconazole alone), would circulate throughout the body.

      Of course, any amount of DMSO we ingest over about 5 ml will most likely give us the annoyance of the temporary "garlic breath" from the metabolism of the DMSO, but that's not important, except as information for those taking this.

      Then, to push this "theory" further, this dose might even be repeated on a regular basis, (perhaps once a month, or even more often???). ORAL fluconazole is known to be very effective partially because it has a very long "half-life" in the bloodstream. In other words, it takes at least a few days, before it is metabolized/erased by the body, so even a one-time dose of 150 mg is known to cure a woman's vaginal candida/yeast infection completely. I assume that DMSO-fluconazole also has this long half-life in the bloodstream, so I don't know how much ORALLY ADMINISTERED [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] we might want to take, over a period of time.

      In any case, I assume you've read my r-c post #272, as at:
      Because I'm so excited about this "Final Theory of Mechanism", I feel that post #272 is the most important post of any I have ever placed on the r-c board!!!

      And of course, I can't prove this recent expansive "Theory of Mechanism", and it could be 100% incorrect, which would mean that only the diseases discovered to be curable so far, such as rosacea/rhinophyma, tinea versicolor, (i.e. "liver spots"), "ringworm" of the scalp, athelete's foot, and various other "non-specific" diseases are cured by [DMSO + fluconazole].

      But the possible havoc caused by these "chronic systemic mycotoxins" just makes so much sense to me, and it involves possibly curing, (or at the very least preventing), all sorts of "idiopathic" diseases, which are diseases that presently have no known cause. It's truly mind-boggling to me, to contemplate.

      This would be an even bigger discovery than penicillin/antibiotics were, to all mankind, since it MIGHT cure or prevent such diseases as "chronic fatigue syndrome", or even certain types of cancer, or just a whole long list of diseases that presently have unknown causes.
      Here's a partial list of "idiopathic" diseases I found, (that might actually be cured or prevented by getting rid of any chronic mycotoxins in our bloodstream):
      * Autoimmune disorders:
      rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, scleroderma,
      myasthenia gravis
      * Endocrine diseases
      * Syndromes and diseases of unknown etiology, or of mixed causes:
      Alzheimer's disease, cancer, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, acquired
      neuromyotonia (Isaac's syndrome), Guillain-Barre syndrome, Stevens-Johnson
      syndrome, Meniere's disease
      * Neurological disorders and mental illnesses:
      schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
      eating disorders, dementia
      * Psychogenic illness
      multiple chemical sensitivity --- "MCS", mass sociogenic illness, ...

      And this med is so safe, that anyone, (especially those over age 30 or 40, who would more likely benefit from it), could ORALLY take a whopping dose of this med, just to see if they could detect any "changes" in their body or on their skin, that would tell them that they had any of these "stealthy fungal infestations". Then, direct topical applications of this med on any skin infestations might be called for, to cure them completely.

      For example, I recently applied more of the 10% med than I ever had before, on a daily basis, by pouring small amounts of it on my scalp and rubbing it around with my finger tips, to cure what I assume was a case of "ringworm". It sounds strange, even to me, but INSIDE my right arm, just below the shoulder, I began experiencing some pain, only when I moved my arm in a certain way, using a certain muscle.

      Well, any normal person would assume that they "pulled a muscle", but after a couple of days, it occurred to me that many times in my early life, I was probably given shots with a hypodermic needle, in the very location that I was experiencing this "sort of strange" pain. I say "sort of strange", because I do not remember "pulling the muscle", and it "just so happened" to appear after I used a lot of the 10% med, for several days in a row, on my scalp.

      Incidentally, for at least four or five days, there was a striking "fever", in the two parts of my scalp with the "ringworm". I never saw it, but I felt it, and there were two areas with an open wound about a centimeter across. By reaching my arm up, I could place the inside of my forearm on the area, and only the "infested" areas were really "hot" with fever, while the rest of my scalp where I applied the med were normal, which I could actually feel with my arm.
      Well, the "ringworm" is gone, and the "strange arm pain" is mostly gone, after a week or two. And I will perhaps never know, whether there was some parasitical fungal infestation in my arm that I cured, that had been growing there since it was placed there by a hypodermic needle jab, perhaps even when I was three years old, when I went overseas with my parents.
      Of course, the "fungal spores" would not have been on the sterile needle, but on my skin, and "pushed into my arm", when the needle pierced my skin. Even the classic pre-rub of the skin with a swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, (which is certainly not always done, before injections), might not have removed such "fungal spores", since the rubbing alcohol is meant only to kill bacteria that might be "pushed into" the arm.

      One might also ask, "Why no pain in the left arm, since we've all undoubtedly gotten shots in both arms, at one time or another". But this sort of "introduction" of "fungal spores" into the body would certainly be a "hit or miss" situation, whereby not every injection would cause this.

      So my belief, is that I reached higher levels of [DMSO + fluconazole] in my bloodstream than ever before, and it had enough of a "curative effect" to cause me to notice the "twinge" in my arm muscle, where presumably some sort of parasitical fungal infestation was growing. Of course, I believe that this same sort of curative phenomenon, (involving "stealthy fungal infestations" that have been "introduced" into any part of the body by any breaking of the skin, surgery, or dental work), will occur for almost everyone over the age of 30 or 40, if they get their bloodstream levels of [DMSO + fluconazole] to a high enough level.

      And that level does not have to be very high.
      I used perhaps 7 or 10 ml of the 10% med on my scalp, over a period of perhaps three or four days. If we say 10 ml, that contained 1,000 mg of fluconazole, and we know from Dr. Jacob, MD, that most likely less then 10% of the TOPICALLY APPLIED med goes into the bloodstream. So the total amount of [DMSO + fluconazole] that entered my bloodstream contained perhaps 100 mg of fluconazole-DMSO.

      So there you have it --- the latest ravings of a cure advocate....
      I pray that you are 100% cured of your rosacea as soon as possible, Janey. And who knows, you said you also like it for curing athlete's foot too, and higher strengths of this med may cure you of lots of "other stuff" you don't even know you have, just as it has in my case, because I've applied so much more of this med than you ever have. :-D
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 04:46:33 +0000
      From: "Janey"
      To: fulltruth40@... <fulltruth40@...>
      Subject: rosacea cure/dmso

      Hello Dave,
      I know I haven't written in a long time, but not much new to
      report. I am still using the 10% fluconazole with slooow improvements. I
      read a one of your email about oral Fluconazole/diflucan. What do you think
      and have you heard if anybody has been prescribed a higher dose than 10%?
      Thank you.

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