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Another question about "Testimonials"

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Here s another question about exact numbers, concerning how many have tried [DMSO + fluconazole], for rosacea. My estimate is that perhaps
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2005
      For Everyone,
      Here's another question about exact numbers, concerning how many have "tried" [DMSO + fluconazole], for rosacea. My estimate is that perhaps 250,000 have tried this med, worldwide, but my estimate may not be accurate. I have explained my decisions about reporting all "testimonies" on the [rosacea-cure] board, as at:
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming ----TEXT OF EMAILS FOLLOWS, (in reverse chronological order)----

      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, [name deleted],
      Please carefully read the post about testimonials, at:

      I wish I could simply talk freely, about all the testimonies I've received, but I do not believe that would be wise.
      If you apply [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] even one time, you will notice if it causes a "change" in your rosaceous skin, while not affecting any other healthy skin on your body you might apply it to. This should reassure you that you are on the right track, in curing your rosacea.
      I'm sorry that I'm not able to give you the statistics you're asking for at this time, but that's the nature of a situation where the "status-quo enemy" has the profits of over SIX BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY, to pay for disinformation, or to fight to suppress the news of this [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] cure.

      I will say this much. As I caution in my "General Directions", at:
      , many people stop this treatment/cure, before it is completed, for one reason or another. They will just have to continue the [DMSO + 10% fluconzole] applications later, when they realize that they're only partially cured.
      Although it does normally require a lot of patience and PERSISTENCE, it is the only cure in existence for rosacea, so I believe we should be thankful to God for it.
      Please do keep me updated, concerning your results, and whatever your doctor is willing to say, publicly, in the future.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      From : [address deleted]
      Sent : Thursday, June 30, 2005
      To : <fulltruth40@...>
      Subject : rosacea

      I am willing to give your treatement a chance and have had a doctor prescribe your recommended treatment for rosacea. Could you please tell me how many have tried your treatment and the success rate?
      [name deleted]

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