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Dr. Syrokomsky Mystery Expands - Is He Using [DMSO + fluconazole]?

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Wow! The plot thickens! Is Dr. Syrokomsky s website truthful? As at: http://www.dr.syrokomsky.com http://www.dr.syrokomsky.com/eng-page31.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
      For Everyone,
      Wow! The plot thickens! Is Dr. Syrokomsky's website truthful? As at:

      And if it is, is he using [DMSO + fluconazole]? The answer appears to be "Yes", in both cases, as I believe in my posts about this, at:

      If Dr. Syrokomsky's cure is a "deception", why would he use the words, "pain, burning, redness, and skin peeling" to describe it? And why would he state plainly, that a MINIMUM of 4 months of treatment is necessary, (with some of his photo-evidence showing that the complete cure required two years)?

      Most importantly, what possible "other cure" would cause all these unusual, long-term effects that are IDENTICAL to this [DMSO + fluconazole] cure I have been describing on the [rosacea-cure] board since May 2003?

      The requirements of this cure are far too inconvenient, to be a "deception". And remember, [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] has virtually NO EFFECT on healthy skin, even on the face!!!
      Even Brady Barrows, (who does not apologize for his ethical goal of profiting from helping rosaceans "control" this horrendous disease), noted this, on "Day Fifty Six June 13" 2004, of his "DMSO Fluconazole" diary, as at:
      He stated, "...but if I apply the medication to non-rosacea facial skin or any other non-rosacea skin there is no stinging." Brady explains that this is a very impressive proof that this med is somehow healing rosacea, no matter what is causing the rosacea. As he puts it, "Now what would you conclude that if you apply this medication to rosacea it stings and when you apply it to non-rosacea skin it doesn't sting? Do the math."

      I think it is also significant that Dr. Syrokomsky works in the Ukraine, where I assume that the [USA Medical Malpractice Insurance + Big Pharma + Big Laser/IPL] juggernaut may be powerless to stop him from curing rosacea and many other skin diseases with [DMSO + fluconazole].

      The only present question I have, concerns the "timing" of Dr. Syrokomsky's presently, (i.e. April 2005), posted photo-evidence of cures. The below listed r-s posts seem to establish that his "cure-claims" were established by 2001. But the present most spectacular photo-evidence is mostly for only two years.
      But this is not too hard to "understand".
      It took me 18 months from my first use of [DMSO + fluconazole], to even post my findings on the Internet, (i.e. from Oct.-Nov. 2001, to April 2003).

      In the USA, the prescription [DMSO + 1% fluconazole] was first "invented", (to cure nail fungus), in late 1998. So it makes sense, that a really savvy dermatologist might have been trying [DMSO + fluconazole] on skin diseases even before 2001.

      This would mean that I was not the first person to discover this [DMSO + fluconazole] treatment/cure for rosacea.

      The fact that David Pascoe discredited Dr. Syrokomsky on the [rosacea-support] board, (without any proof), has to surprise us all, since we know that Pascoe and Nase would never suppress any cure for rosacea, and thereby sacrifice rosaceans for profit....

      We wait in great anticipation for the "cure for rosacea" from Geoffrey Nase's RRF, which promises us great "rosacea-research" by Geoffrey, who has made a career out of "rosacea-research" for so many years. We have to ask, what will Geoffrey do, once he has discovered "the cure for rosacea", and loses all his income from selling his "rosacea book", et cetera, et cetera, et cetera?

      But I digress.
      I was led to go to the [rosacea-support] Home Page, click on "escribe", and Search the escribe r-s archives for "syrokomsky".
      What a surprise! I found 13 "hits", and they all speak of Dr. Nikolai Syrokomsky!
      It looks like David Pascoe chose to discredit Dr. Syrokomsky, (without proof), and the last post was from someone who was going to see Dr. Syrokomsky, to be cured, in Sept. 2004.
      Surprise, surprise, surprise - D. Pascoe's r-s Moderators have never posted another message on Dr. Syrokomsky, since Sept. 2004....

      Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry In-ter-res-ting!

      Here's the list of those r-s posts. You need not bother to read them though. As we might expect, no cure for rosacea has ever been promoted on the [rosacea-support] board. BTW, does David Pascoe make any profit from his ownership of and work in the [rosacea-support] group? I've never seen him write about "ro$acea profit$"....
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- LIST OF 13 "syrokomsky" POSTS FOLLOWS ------
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m21663.html 14FEB01
      "This is a treatment at home and the procedures are external. ...My practice is situated in Zhitomir-city, Ukraine (1,5 hours by car from capital Kiev)."
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m21664.html 14FEB01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m21665.html 14FEB01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m21668.html 14FEB01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m21671.html 14FEB01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m29681.html 06NOV01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m29687.html 06NOV01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m29696.html 07NOV01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m29703.html 07NOV01
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m55929.html 23JUN04
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m55940.html 23JUN04
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m56840.html 28AUG04
      THE FOLLOWING WAS THE LAST POST ON DR. SYROKOMSKY ALLOWED BY DAVID PASCOE, as of April 2005. Someone states that their relative was cured by Dr. Syrokomsky, and they're going to visit the good doctor for treatment in late 2004. Evidently, no further positive word on Dr. Syrokomsky has been posted on the [rosacea-support] board, by David Pascoe's "Moderators". Why am I not surprised?... :-)
      http://escribe.com/health/rosacea-support/m56945.html 02SEP04

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