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Off Topic???: Curing IPL Damage - was URGENT RE: IPL

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  • mhpro2er
    For Everyone, Mike has had some damage from IPL, and needs advice on how to best recover. I have left Mike s email address intact, in case anyone has any
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2005
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      For Everyone,
      Mike has had some damage from IPL, and needs advice on how to best recover.
      I have left Mike's email address intact, in case anyone has any suggestions to help him.

      It's a bit off topic, but we do need to remind all rosaceans that many of the so-called "treatments/controls" for rosacea cause much more pain and suffering than does this [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] treatment/CURE.

      And after Mike's suffering, his rosacea symptoms are guaranteed to return, (in my opinion), unless he uses [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] to get rid of the ROOT CAUSE of the rosacea.
      If anyone can help Mike, please post here on the "rosacea-cure" board, or send it to him privately. Frankly, I don't expect any "miracle advice" for Mike, except that his skin may heal, given enough time, and get rid of the "orangeish" color, if he's lucky.
      The human body has remarkable regenerative capabilities, but far too often, many doctors are more than willing to take credit for that, when in fact it has saved them from the embarrassment of complete failure.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- TEXT OF EMAILS FOLLOWS, in reverse chronological order ---

      Dave Fleming wrote:
      Hi, Mike,
      I'm really sorry about the damage you've suffered from IPL. As much as I wish it would, I do not believe that DMSO alone will help you much, with the damage that IPL can do. I could be incorrect about this, since DMSO is known to be very beneficial in many ways.

      For the full truth about DMSO, see the URLs:
      It is [DMSO + 10% fluconazole], (which is very different than DMSO alone), that I know/believe will cure 100% of all rosacea, as well as curing many other diseases that have until now been incurable.

      So my hope is that you can use [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] to be permanently cured of rosacea, (AFTER you "recover" from your IPL "treatments"). I hope you will not allow yourself to be continually hoodwinked by those who claim that laser/IPL burns will "control" or "treat" rosacea.
      These white-coat laser/IPL advocates know, (secretly), that they're flying blind, but they know that rosaceans are desperate, so they get away with making $500.00 or more per "treatment", without even guaranteeing any improvement.

      This reminds me of the time when doctors were "bleeding" sick people, claiming that it was beneficial, because the patients did seem to temporarily "get better". Some historians believe that George Washington died at the hands of this "bleeding remedy".

      A couple of hundred years later, so called "modern medicine" has determined that this "bleeding remedy" forces the body to draw on its last reserves of energy, (probably related to an adrenalin release), so after "rallying", the patient collapses and dies from the long-term shock of the blood loss that the doctor caused.
      I must admit that I am ignorant of many of the complicated biological cascade effects of burning the skin with laser/IPL, (as are the white-coated doctors), but it seems obvious to me that the damage done might be expected to "mask" your rosacea temporarily.

      These so-called "laser/IPL treatments", have some similarities, (in my opinion), to shoving bamboo splinters into your eyeballs, in order to "treat" a headache. It's true that you won't even know that you have the headache, at least for a while. :-)
      As one all-knowing white-coat peanut-gallery PhD put it:
      "Desperate rosaceans will try anything...". And he uses that fact very well, in his advocacy for certain laser/IPL "treatment$", as well as for other "control$/treatment$" he advocate$.

      Of course, I know that there are rosaceans who are convinced that laser/IPL "helped" them. I'm also sure that there were patients who were "bled", who were somehow able to survive, and later thanked their doctor for "bleeding" them and healing them.
      Such is the confusion possible, concerning "controlling/treating" rosacea, which until now has not only been incurable, but has also resisted all attempts to determine its ROOT CAUSE.

      It has been said that, "God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform", and my discovery that [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] cures rosacea, rhinophyma, tineas versicolor, and other diseases, has made that statement more profound to me than I ever thought possible, making me feel a lot more humble than I sometimes sound. :-)
      If I were to describe all the factors and the course of my life, that led me to this discovery, I'm sure that even the most rabid atheist would cry "Uncle".

      :-) But I digress.

      Although I'm unable to help you with any really specific advice, to heal your IPL damage, perhaps one of our "rosacea-cure" members, (or someone just reading this board), might have some suggestion(s).
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      From: "mhpro2er" <mhpro2er@...>
      Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 7:51pm
      Subject: Getting DMSO

      Hi, getting DMSO...Question: If I have an orangeish color on my skin
      since my face is now burned from aggressive IPL, will this DMSO
      still be able to clear my skin?

      Anyone else in my boat or who has any suggestions?

      Mike H

      From: "mhpro2er" <mhpro2er@...>
      Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 7:59pm
      Subject: URGENT RE: IPL

      Dr. Bitter was working on me, and was very aggressive with my
      treatments and he did IPL on me, and now I have an even texture but
      it's orangeish...which I am reading is not rosacea, but is actually
      my burnt skin...

      After crying for about an hour, I got proactive...I am able to get
      DMSO, and I wish to ask Dave and company: PLEEEAAASE help me...Is
      there any way to reverse this burn, and get me back to normal
      again? THANKS SO MUCH and God Bless...

      Also, if this does work, Dave, please let me know the charity you
      want funds sent to...as I will donate 5% of all the money I ever
      earn to that charity...THANKS (and please let me know if you've
      heard of anyone else in my shoes)...THANKS AGAIN!

      Mike H
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