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Documenting & "Researching" [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] Use

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Documentations of cures of rosacea with [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] are most important. Far too few of the rosaceans who have contacted me have
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2004
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      For Everyone,
      Documentations of cures of rosacea with [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] are most important. Far too few of the rosaceans who have contacted me have been able to accomplish this difficult task. Below is a recent email, (and my answer), from a rosacean who is trying to document her case. I have used the fictitious name "Arlene", to identify the below email sent to me.

      I hope this helps to properly frame this struggle, as resting mainly on the good will of rosaceans for other rosaceans, as they discover this cure. That's the nature of the establishment of a cure such as this, discovered by one lone rosacean.

      Furthermore, since I have begun to suspect that this med may actually prevent some types of cancer, the panoramic majesty of this discovery appears to possibly be much more expansive than I guessed at first.

      It appears quite likely that any break in our skin, (including surgery or dental work such as root canal work), might be introducing these "fungal entities" into our bodies, even from the air. These "fungal entities" might also gain access into our bodies at any mucous membrane, or in the alimentary canal, (i.e. the mouth, esophagus, and intestines).

      If this "theory" proves to be true, then surgeons might begin to treat any "surgical wound" with [DMSO + fluconazole], to prevent this infestation, just as disinfectants have been used to prevent bacterial infestations, (although we don't really know whether the "spores" would be killed by the [DMSO + fluconazole]).

      Since such "fungal infestations" grow very slowly, and therefore most likely take decades to become apparent, the connection between the surgery and the "fungal infestations" has been "missed", and certainly would be difficult or impossible to prove.

      In any case, it appears that a wide variety of different types of "fungal infestations" have remained incurable, during the entire history of mankind. It appears that these "fungal infestations" are now curable, although it takes a long-term, repetitious application of [DMSO + fluconazole].

      It appears that the "whole body effect" of applying [DMSO + fluconazole], with a strong enough percentage of fluconazole in the DMSO),
      since we have all had breaks in our skin occur at one time or another, and we would therefore all be prey to these "stealthy fungal infestations".

      Just some food for thought, folks. I am beginning to suspect that the curative effects created by the unique synergy of DMSO and fluconazole just might prove to be even more significant than antibiotics have been.... :D

      Only time will tell....
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming --- E-MAIL TEXT EXCHANGE FOLLOWS, (in reverse chronological order) ---

      Hi, Arlene,
      Thank you very much for the info on your situation. Far too few of those who have contacted me have taken the effort to document their experiences, so I want to commend you highly for your planned unselfish efforts in that endeavor.
      It is documentation such as yours, that will defeat the liars and make it possible to more quickly reach hundreds of millions of suffering rosaceans with this cure.

      I would just like you to carefully correct one word that you have used. We should always refer to the pain that this treatment/cure can cause as STINGING, AND NOT AS "BURNING".
      This is because some "rosacea-profiteers" have lied and tried to claim that part of this med, (i.e. DMSO) can "burn", or "blister" the skin. This is an absolutely 100% lie, based on the truth that some extremely minor "catalytic" heat can be created when DMSO mixes with water, (or sweat).

      Also, the temporary effects of "killing" this "rosacea causing entity" do sometimes somewhat resemble the "localized fever" and "pinkness" of a mild sunburn, but are in fact completely different.

      I know that the words "burning" and "stinging" are normally interchangeable in the English language, but in this case we have to be very careful to never use the term "burning", in connection to this treatment/cure, because it gives the absolutely wrong impression that "burns" may be taking place, which is absolutely, 100% impossible with [DMSO + 10% fluconazole].

      I am most interested to know what your doctor's level of participation will be, since the Compounding Pharmacist, (CP), does not have the greater influence on the medical and rosacean communities that the doctor does. I want to strongly encourage you, (and all rosaceans using this cure), to promote whatever documentation you can, within the medical community.

      If I were to post your ID and email address on the "rosacea-cure" board, it would only make you a "target" for "rosacea-profiteers", but those forces cannot stop the full truth from coming directly to doctors, through documentation(s) such as yours.


      You have posted to the rosacea-cure board, (rather than sending me private email), but since I'm still afraid that you might come under "cyber-attack", (or even other types of attack), I will delete your ID and email address, when I post this there. One problem with this type of attack, is that it might even come months later, especially if your email address does not change.

      Please believe me; there are many types of "cyber-attack" that cannot be stopped. For example, if those attacking you are rich enough, (and in this case they are), they can afford to create and send you an entirely new virus, and if you are the first to receive such a virus, NO "virus-protection system" can protect you.
      This situation is a very nasty business, because this treatment/cure is threatening to END estimated BILLIONS of dollars of annual profit from "treating/supporting" rosaceans.

      In fact, I have begun to suspect that [DMSO + fluconazole] just might be capable of PREVENTING possibly a great number of different types of CANCER. If this proves to be true, even more powerful status quo "cancer treatment forces" might want to stop, discredit, or "bury" [DMSO + fluconazole], which is a NEW THERAPUTIC PRINCIPLE.

      Presently, many other "forces" would like to stop the establishment of this treatment/cure, such as those selling "rosacea books", or even the companies selling oral nail fungus cures with known horrendous possible side-effects, such as oral Diflucan and oral Lamisil.
      I have seen a lot of very expensive TV advertising for oral Lamisil recently, which strongly implies to me that they know that [DMSO + fluconazole] is a much better cure for nail fungus, so they are advertising in order to "trick/force" people to buy their oral drug, before they find out about the much safer, non-invasive, topically applied [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] cure for nail fungus.

      All the above said, I want to encourage all rosaceans using this treatment/cure to have courage and compassion for other rosaceans in dealing with this situation, by documenting their cases, witnessed fully by their doctor(s).

      I am very thankful for your loving care, Arlene, in trying this treatment/cure, wanting to document it, and in reporting this to me. In the long run, it is only honestly documented cases such as yours that will help all doctors, Compounding Pharmacists, and rosaceans to discover this curative treatment for rosacea.

      And we have to ask, whether we should trust "Internet ro$acea-person$" such as David Pascoe, (owner of the "ro$acea-$upport" group), "Dr." G. Nase, PhD, and a few others. I believe that they have publicly shown their agenda$ all too plainly, in the time since May 2003, when I first announced this treatment/cure for rosacea, and for many other diseases, [DMSO + 10% fluconazole].

      The bottom line, is that rosaceans continue to discover this treatment/cure, worldwide, in spite of all that any "rosacea-profiteers" have done, to try to stop it. I thank God for that, and it seems obvious to me that these ruthle$$, cold-hearted folks will get exactly what they deserve, in the end. :-)

      I also must caution you, (and everyone), concerning the possibility that even your family doctor, who readily prescribed [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] to you for your rosacea, is vulnerable, (as is any USA doctor), to bribery and/or extortion attempts by "rosacea-profiteer" forces.
      High-profit "rosacea-treatment" companies might try to "convince" your doctor to find any means possible to "publicly discredit" this [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] treatment/cure.

      Also, bear in mind that your doctor has to consider his/her own medical-insurance liability, before anything else. One reason that this treatment/cure was discovered by myself alone, without the knowledge or advice of any doctor, reminds me of an old joke, about doctors in general.
      It goes like this:
      The patient says to the doctor, "Doctor, it hurts when I do THIS", (as the patient bends his arm).
      As his "remedy", the doctor's only advice is, "Well, don't DO that." :-)

      The fact, is that substantial stinging, (NOT BURNING), can occur for a few minutes, and substantial "feverish pinkness" can follow for the next several days, and some minor skin flaking/peeling can occur even for weeks after the application of [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] on rosaceous skin, (but never on healthy skin).
      My guess is that any sane doctor and patient, seeing this "reaction", might "normally" be led to prematurely discontinue "treatment" with [DMSO + 10% fluconazole], if both the doctor and the patient were not immensely perceptive, diligent, stubborn, and patient, as I claim that God prepared and led me to be, when I discovered this cure.

      Of course, once you as the patient become convinced that the final outcome is that this most horrendous progressive disease, rosacea, has been significantly reduced, your "attitude" naturally changes. You would "normally" be willing to suffer more of this TEMPORARY stinging, pinkness, and skin flaking/peeling, given the very real prospect that you could actually rid yourself of this disease, which is otherwise incurable.

      In any case, I have raised this "caution flag", (about ALL doctors), because I want to emphasize that there is no guarantee that you can permanently trust your doctor or your CP completely in this matter, because there are so many "forces" possibly acting on them.
      But you are the one with the final word. You can always find another doctor, if one lets you down in any way. And whatever photo-evidence you have produced yourself, remains your property, to share with your new doctor.

      However, photographic "evidence" in dermatology is notoriously inadequate and subject to easy manipulation/fraud, without the witnessing/testimony of one or more credible doctors, to substantiate the photos.


      Although I am no expert on photography, I'm offering my opinions here, for what they're worth.
      To make the most "reliable" photographs, one must remember to use the same, identical incandescent lighting every time, and use the same film, rather than any digital camera. That's just my opinion, from the most basic knowledge I have, since I have never even held a digital camera in my hands. It just seems to me that "scientifically repeating" identical "conditions of photography" is far less reliable/guaranteed, using any digital camera.
      It seems more reliable to me to use a film-camera, and simply identify the camera "settings", the lighting, and the type of film used.
      But all "photo-evidence" is almost moot, anyway, without credible doctors as witnesses, with the photos.
      In any case, high definition close-ups are no doubt needed, ideally, which might even require a special "close-up" lens.

      I would also add here, that I have come to the belief that close-up video footage would be very useful. It would clarify the type of "peeling skin" that occurs, by actually showing some of the "rubbing off" of the dead skin, as well as the temporary changes in the skin surface that can occur. Close-up video would reveal these changes in the skin that can only be clearly seen from the right "angles", relative to the light source, which are all but impossible to fully document with still photos alone.

      In the time since May 2003, I have become more apprehensive concerning women rosaceans using [DMSO + 10% fluconazole], because your psychological "dependence on beauty" tends to be more significant than it might be for "craggy faced men" such as myself.

      And I do admit that this treatment/cure is indeed a hassle and a "LONG-TERM TASK", which can cause one to look worse, before looking better.

      Also, since whatever "damage" that has already been done by our rosacea is "exposed/revealed", and is not necessarily all removed by this treatment/cure, we have to admit that this is not a "perfect" cure, in that sense.

      For example, I still have a couple of minor purple veins showing on the left side of my nose, where my beginning horrendous stages of rhinophyma were cured. There have also been a couple of rosaceans who contacted me, who were never completely satisfied, (if they were telling the truth), because they did not feel that all "pinkness/redness" was removed.

      But my firm belief is that healthy skin, (even if it might be "pink"), is infinitely preferable to rosaceous skin that only promises to get progressively worse. "Pink" healthy skin can later be treated in many ways, to lessen or remove the "pinkness", but rosaceous skin will always get worse in time, unless it is treated/cured with [DMSO + 10% fluconazole].

      I've never known how to best "interpret" all this, other than to keep repeating that this is the first-ever, one-and-only cure for rosacea, because it is somehow attacking and destroying the ROOT CAUSE of rosacea, in my strong opinion.
      Since we may never know what that ROOT CAUSE is, exactly, even after all rosacea is cured, this whole situation can seem very strange at times.

      But getting rid of rosacea is a Godsend, even if it does come in an unusual way that might prove to be impossible to EVER completely define or explain.

      Although this sounds unusual, it's actually not, since we actually still do not completely understand all the "pharmacological mechanisms" of antibiotics, (such as penicillin), but we still use them effectively to cure disease.

      We have simply come to understand that a fungus evolved and produced penicillin to combat bacteria, because those bacteria competed with the fungus for food sources. Without really knowing exactly how it worked, we used penicillin effectively.

      Part of the reason I'm writing you this email, is to share with you some "out-on-a-limb" ideas/fantasies I have had about this treatment/cure. I hope that you might share some of these ideas with your doctor, not only because it might mean a more effective treatment/cure for you, but for the sake of all those rosaceans who will come after you, in using [DMSO + fluconazole].

      (1) [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] is just as safe orally swallowed, as topically applied. Substantial "whole body effect" cures may very well be more effectively accomplished by combining both oral and topical administration of [DMSO + fluconazole], (NOT of plain oral fluconazole). The combined dosages used would be much higher than with topical [DMSO + 10% fluconazole] alone, (but still extremely safe, according to the known acceptable systemic blood-serum levels of plain oral fluconazole), as I covered at the URL:

      (2) Especially the inside of the cheeks, (inside the mouth), would be an ideal "target" for application of this med, because it is that portion of the cheeks that is "typically" rosaceous skin, composing part of the familiar "butterfly shaped area" of rosacea on the face. Treating both the inside and the outside of this area of the cheeks would possibly be much more effective than just treating the outside.

      (3) Eye drops made specifically to treat/cure ocular rosacea are certainly a realistic goal, since eye drops containing DMSO have been prescribed for over a year now, to successfully prevent/treat/cure cataracts in older patients.

      (4) We have to wonder, whether it is possible to make any EFFECTIVE "gel" [DMSO + 10% fluconazole], (rather than liquid). If so, it would make the topical application of larger "doses" possible, and might make this treatment/cure more effective.

      (5) Most importantly, we know that up to [DMSO + 2,500% fluconazole] is probably possible to make. Much higher percentages of fluconazole, such as [DMSO + 200% fluconazole], MIGHT prove to be much more effective and efficient than the [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]. Although the cost of these higher fluconazole-percentage + DMSO meds might be prohibitive, this would be offset by the fact that far fewer applications might be needed, for the same curative effects. If there were any concern that such higher percentage meds might make "overdosing" a problem, then these higher percentage meds might be applied only by doctors in "clinics", perhaps once a month.

      Of course, I call these "out-on-a-limb" ideas, because the reasons for wanting to try these possible improvements are all based on anecdotal evidence, and are unproven. But the reasoning leading to wanting to try these possible improvements is quite rational and logical. The same sort of reasoning led me to believe that a 10% med would be better than the 1% med I used, and it has turned out to be a spectacular improvement.

      I have always resisted any changes in this med's "formula", because we simply are not completely sure why it is working, so it should not be changed.

      However, trying an even higher than 10% concentration of fluconazole in the DMSO continues to make sense to me, so I am making that clear here.

      Since trying these possible improvements has virtually no chance of causing any harm, (especially under a doctor's care), I have finally stated them publicly.
      The bottom line, is that any HONEST "rosacea research"
      should try these variations in this first-ever treatment/cure.
      "Rosacea research" in any other direction would be absurd,
      (AND DECEPTIVE), since the cure for rosacea,
      (i.e. [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]), has already been discovered.

      As much as I hate the potential for confusion that any
      "formula changes" might cause, all rosaceans might be
      benefited by improving this [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]
      treatment/cure by fully exploring the above listed
      possible improvements in this treatment/cure.


      And so, Arlene, I will be praying that you continue to update me on your results. Thank you again for your efforts, and for your kind words. :-)
      I hope this helps.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      From: "Arlene"
      Date: Mon Nov 1, 2004 8:24pm
      Subject: DMSO + 10% fluconazole solution

      I joined the yahoo group in August but have not posted. I would like to share my experience with the "cure". I saw my dermatologist in July and she would not even discuss the cure with me.
      My husband and I then had appointments for physicals with our family doctor.

      I took her the information and she did not hesitate to write the prescription for me. I had already visited with a local compounding pharmacist and she assured me she had no problem compounding the solution.

      I gave her the info including Michael Roberge's contact information. She contacted him about the solution.
      I began using the 10% solution the end of August. I use it once a week to once every two weeks and I do multiple applications in one session.
      It BURNS but IT IS WORKING!!!

      [Editor's Note: Arlene's use of the word "BURNS" here is unfortunate, but it is clear that she does NOT mean that any "burning" or "burns" occurred, since this treatment/cure would certainly not be "WORKING", if burns of her skin had occurred. The more accurate word we should use, in the admittedly ambiguous meaning of the English language in this case, is "STINGS". My personal belief, (without any real proof), is that this "fungal rosacea entity" is somehow "integrating" itself into the very structure of the skin and nerve cells, and therefore, when this "rosacea causing entity" is destroyed by the [DMSO + fluconazole], the "stinging" is caused by the "triggering" of these nerve cells. In my very strong opinion, this stinging therefore does NOT mean that any HARM is being done, but only that some sort of destruction of this "parasitical fungal entity" is occurring. - Dave Fleming]

      The rosacea is lessening and I cannot attribute it to any other changes because I've not made any. My husband can tell a difference also.

      I have noticed a hormonal element to the rosacea. It is always worse the week before my period, often with "pimples" and very red. I am not getting the "pimples" and the redness is much reduced.

      My husband and I are taking pictures to document the change. The pharmacist is also very interested and asked me if I would be willing to let her use me as a case study presentation and I told her I would be glad to do so.

      Dave, if you would like to contact me please do so. Thank you so much for posting and for your courage in keeping on!

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