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Convincing Your Doctor To Prescribe [DMSO + 10% fluconazole]

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  • Dave Fleming
    For Everyone, Another rosacean has overcome the lies being put out by the rosacea-profiteers . Good. Onward and Upward. :-D God Bless, ITN & IDFN, Dave
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
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      For Everyone,
      Another rosacean has overcome the lies being put out by the "rosacea-profiteers".
      Good. Onward and Upward. :-D
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming

      Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 20:06:41 -0700 (PDT)
      From: "Dave Fleming" <fulltruth40@...
      Subject: Re: Prescription for Rosacea
      To: [Name Deleted] @...>

      Hi, [Name Deleted],
      Thank you for your interest. I hope you read extensively from the "rosacea-cure" board, at:
      to familiarize yourself completely with this cure.
      The first thing I think you have to do, is to stop putting "quote marks" around the word "cure", as in:
      I truly would love to have my rosacea cured. :-D

      I would just like to assure you, that although this is not a "magical", overnight, or even "easy" cure, it is a cure.

      I know it sounds strange, and this cure has many "drawbacks", but I believe it is fairly evident that this med somehow is attacking and destroying the ROOT CAUSE of rosacea, so I calls 'um as I sees 'um, as a cure.

      As you no doubt know, this med is a mixture of (99% Pharmaceutical Grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide) and fluconazole, and fluconazole is the generic name for the same drug, Diflucan.

      That said, I am not a doctor, so I don't know the best "directions" to give to your doctor, unless he is familiar with a COMPOUNDING Pharmacist. Even then, it makes me nervous, that some CPs may have slight variations in the way they formulate this Rx, so I highly recommend that you have your doctor phone my CP, Michael Roberge, RPh, and ask him whatever he likes.

      Better yet, if you are able to phone Michael yourself, first, and talk with him about what you want, you can both be united in your "approach" to your doctor.

      If your MD talks with Michael, your MD might even be more likely to write you the Rx.

      Here is the contact info, on Michael Roberge, R.Ph.,(i.e. Registered Pharmacist), and Compounding Specialist:
      Michael Roberge, R.Ph.
      Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy LLC
      Monroe, CT 06468

      Phone at (203) 268-4964,
      Phone toll-free at (877)-RxNeeds, which is (877) 796-3337, with a website at:
      e-mail address:

      For many reasons, I also highly recommend that you get at least your first "fill" of this Rx for [FLUCONAZOLE 10% SOLUTION] shipped to you from Michael Roberge, RPh, as well, but that's your decision, if you want a local CP to fill it.

      One person in England even took copies of some of the posts from the "rosacea-cure" board, on her second trip to her doctor about this, to convince him to write the Rx. He wrote it by hand, because the official "British medical computer" in his office refused to print out the Rx.

      I know that the way I did it, even when I was trying to get an effective NON-ORAL, (i.e. NON-TOXIC), TOPICALLY APPLIED med just for nail fungus, was that I called the CP first, and then I was armed with the phone number of the CP, when I saw the doctor. And I was very determined, and very stubborn, when the doctor tried to "switch" me to some oral med for nail fungus, with deadly serious potential side-effects.

      I insisted that he phone the CP, since he did not know about this Rx, even for nail fungus, in Oct. 2001, even though it had been prescribed since 1998.

      The doctor phoned the CP, (from another room, where I could not hear it), while I was in the doctor's office, and he grudgingly wrote the Rx, saying, "You have to be careful. Some people will try to sell you tiger pxss for nail fungus." He laughed, and I grinned, but I got my dxmned Rx, although it was like pulling teeth, to get it.

      I suppose that the CP and the MD have some sort of special "numbers" they exchange, to prove their "credentials" even if it's just on the phone, so that you can receive the Rx.

      I hope this helps. Please allow your doctor to witness your use of this med, so that he can give positive testimony later, which will help all rosaceans obtain this Rx more easily.
      And please update me on your treatment/cure, if possible.
      God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
      Dave Fleming


      Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 18:41:13 -0700 (PDT)
      From: [Name Deleted] @...>
      Subject: Prescription for Rosacea
      To: fulltruth40@...

      [Name Deleted] wrote:

      I have been a member of the Rosacean group, and have watched with interest the varied treatments for Rosacea. Especially since Brady Barrows started the DMSO treatment.
      Tomorrow I am going in for a visit with my MD, who is also a friend of the family. I am going to ask him to prescribe the DMSO for me, but I was wondering exactly what he should write on the prescription.

      Thank you very much for your assistance with this. I truly would love to have my rosacea "cured".

      [Name Deleted]

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