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Q&A Thread One, New Treatment/Cure for rosacea

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  • Dave Fleming
    Well, fellow rosacea sufferers, the proof of the pudding is indeed in the eating. By God s grace, I have been led to find a new, powerful treatment, and in my
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2003

      Well, fellow rosacea sufferers, the proof of the pudding is indeed in the eating.  By God's grace, I have been led to find a new, powerful treatment, and in my case, a cure for rosacea. But we all must fight to make this new, powerful treatment available to rosacea sufferers.  At present, to my knowledge, this powerful treatment/cure for rosacea is only being prescribed for nail fungus.  Please fight for this, folks.  It is only in a united demand for access to this medication, that we can overcome the understandable resistance to this/my claim.  Otherwise, the "white coats" making money off the "TREATMENT", (NOT CURE), of rosacea will cry "temporary remission", and the doubters will miss this opportunity, and it will take years, rather than months, for all rosacea sufferers to be cured.
      One thing is certain. Any rosacea sufferer who has nail fungus can easily, legally test this cure for themselves, for $50.00, plus the cost of the doctor's signature for the prescription.
      Only an avalanche of testimonials will make this available in weeks, or months, rather than in years, or possibly never, since so many powerful status-quo entities are motivated to suppress the news/truth of this powerful treatment/cure.  There is so much indescribable suffering from rosacea. Those rosaceans who really care, will certainly want to try this benign, (i.e. completely harmless), TOPICALLY APPLIED DMSO FLUCONAZOLE, and cure their rosacea, as I have cured mine, and GIVE TESTIMONIALS TO IT [ ! ]
      So, let's light this fire, let's bust this dam to cure rosacea, let's reach critical mass, folks [!]
      Let the battle begin....
      ADU wrote:
      How many ingredients are in this nail fungus ointment, is it possible its 1 specific ingredient that you dont know of that has the effect on rosacea.  I would try this ointment now, but I have to go to university full time every day pretty much, I have my rosacea somewhat under control most days and I dont want too really want to goto university with it inflamed and everyone looking.  I know it would eventually cure it but takes a year and I dont want to be worrying about what I look like when I have exams throughout the year. 
      DAVE FLEMING wrote:
      Dear ADU,
      Thank you for your open minded interest, ADU.
      No, I don't believe there's any other significant ingredient. I believe you can successfully do this immediately, ADU, without any problem, (if you can get it prescribed for you), if you just apply it once, (at bedtime), and wait at least a couple of weeks before applying it again, etc. You might start by applying it to just a small part of your face, (eg the nose, or a small part of one temple, etc), and monitor it carefully. Remember, I applied it many, many times, in the beginning, with complete disregard for any discomfort I might have felt.
      With the prescription, I'm sure you can have it shipped to you from the US, from the pharmacy I mention below, or find a compounding pharmacy in your country.
      ADU wrote:
      How many months was it before you started seeing results? Also after how long did your skin start peeling.  So now you have cured the rosacea you dont have any papules or pastules anymore and you can pretty much eat anything and sun or cold doesnt affect your face anymore?
      DAVE FLEMING wrote:
      Hi, ADU,
      I appreciate your interest.
      Well, the "reaction" result was immediate.  By that, I mean that I knew that healthy skin would not be affected by the DMSO fluconazole, so I was overjoyed that the "reaction" was strong on parts of my face, even though it involved some stinging, and the skin temporarily, (5 hours?) looked unusual.
      I guess it started peeling within a couple of days, after showering.  Also, I learned that I should not rub off this dead skin vigorously, because the skin could become raw, if I did.
      Therefore, the peeling skin is unsightly, and must remain so, at least for a couple of days or so.
      I believe I can say that my face is now almost the same as any person's face who does not have rosacea, yes, Some of the damage done before, (i.e. a couple of veins on my nose), are still there.
      ADU wrote:
      I think the main thing stopping people from trying it, is the fact that it takes a year.  For some of the people that have there rosacea somewhat under control they have to make there rosacea at its worst for a whole year in order to cure it.  I dont think the price would be a problem because its an actual prescription, everyone has to pay for antibiotics/minomycin anyway.  Do you know if you can still apply other topical creams and take antibiotics in between these DIFLUCAN treatments once every 2 weeks.
      DAVE FLEMING wrote:
      Dear ADU,
      It does require patience, but it may not require a year for everyone.
      I obviously overdid it in the beginning, thinking "twice a day" application. Actually, one application every two weeks, or even every two months, would be more "gentle", so that a person could live a "normal" life, rather than hide at home as I did for two weeks at the beginning. Also, one can choose to treat only part of the face.
      If you have it in your head that this is actually attacking and destroying the CAUSE of the rosacea, as I did, it is easier to put up with the temporary peeling or redness. 
      Also, the amount of Diflucan that enters the bloodstream when you apply this on your skin, is so small, that I cannot believe there could be any serious interaction with any antibiotic, or anything else you might be taking.
      The "proof" that this is attacking the CAUSE of the rosacea, is that this topically applied medication is so benign, basically harmless, and only causes a "reaction" to diseased skin.  I know this is all just anecdotal, but it clearly seems to be the God's truth.
      Finally, (after a number of treatment/healing cycles), when you apply it, there is almost no stinging, and no peeling, and then I believe you need to start applying it every day, or even multiple times per day, to deal a final death blow to the CAUSE of the rosacea, without any undue stress or peeling problems. This worked for me.
      I believe it does not matter what you apply at other times, and in fact I needed to sooth the skin in any way I could, to help it heal back with healthy skin, after destroying this integral enemy imbedded in the skin, (i.e. is it fungus?).  However, I did try to apply this only to clean skin after washing, if only to prevent the bottle of FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION from being contaminated by whatever creme I might use on my face, by dipping the q-tip into the bottle about 25 or 30 times, which is what it takes to cover the whole face, (except I did not apply it around the eyes).  Since this is a clear liquid that looks like water, you need a hand mirror, and good light, to apply this properly.  And the little glass bottle is easily dropped or tipped over, so I actually learned to hold it tightly between my left index finger and thumb, while I applied this, since I dropped it a couple of times, wasting about $30.00 worth [!]
      During this process of destruction of the "enemy in the skin", and the healing and growing back of healthy skin, I highly recommend the recommendations of the dermatologist, Dr. Perricone, in his book, "The Perricone Prescription".  His book, and almost all the things he sells, can be had much more cheaply online at vitaminshoppe.com, or their store near you, if there is one, (they are in 16 states now, I think).
      Not to get too religious on you ADU, but I firmly believe that God, (or Higher Spirit World), however one wants to put it, led me to discover what I am trying to communicate here. Please share it with as many people as you can.... The time has come, that much of God's resentment has been removed by certain conditions having been set free on the Earth, and God does cause the blessing rain to fall on the good and the evil alike....
      God Bless, ADU,
      Most Sincerely, ITN,
      Dave Fleming
      HLR wrote:
      Please tell me all of the details about your use of FLUCONAZOLE and why you even thought to try it.
      DAVE FLEMING wrote:
      Yes, dear HLR,
      Well, trying to make a long story short....
      I was diagnosed with rosacea around 1985?, and Metrogel was the only medication I ever knew existed for rosacea. (Recently, I just saw the list of drugs prescribed for rosacea---92 of them.)
      Well, to me, Metrogel was a joke.  To have an incurable disease is, as you know, so much worse than just frustrating.  So, over the years, the rosacea got progressively worse, although it never involved the neck and ears, as some people mention.
      I believe I should point out, that for a number of years in the past, I worked in pharmacological research under a doctor receiving a grant from a well known NGO, and I became a very good heart surgeon, on animals that were part of that research, so I do have some extensive knowledge in this field.
      I have been mostly overseas for the last ten years, and had developed a very bad case of toe-nail fungus in both big toes. In fact, the thumb nail on my left hand also had suspicious little black specks under it, which I was told denoted fungus.  On the back of the left hand, I had a dime-sized invisible spot that I picked at occasionally, ever since it seemed to have originated from about 1980, when I was scratched there by a very filthy cat. This spot seemed to lack sensation, but otherwise looked normal, except for a dead piece of skin I might pick off every two or three months. This was the spot that I first "tested" with the FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION, which is an easily applied liquid that looks like water.
      Directions for nail fungus, were to apply twice a day, until the nail becomes "clear".  When I continued applying it to the back of my hand, as well, it changed the skin, exposing a visible pattern, (which had looked like normal skin, before), of infestation that had spread across the whole back of my hand, but not passing the wrist, and not touching the fingers.
      Let me tell you, this infestation did not give up easily. When I rubbed off too much dead skin, after showering, it would bleed.  But I could see, that it was getting better, after every application of DMSO fluconazole.  I would let it "heal", (i.e. grow back), for one or two weeks, and the visible pattern kept getting smaller, back to that original spot, (of the scratch), where this infestation seemed to have originated. Finally, I started applying it on this quarter sized area more than once a day, for perhaps a month. Now, after about 18 months of this, that skin is virtually unaffected by the DMSO fluconazole, as normal skin should be.
      But we're talking about rosacea here, right? And this is a short story??? !
      Anyway, after I had treated my left hand for a while, I honestly cannot remember how I "thought to try it" on my face, as you ask.  I could clearly see on my hand, that "normal skin" around the infestation, was unaffected by the DMSO fluconazole.  As soon as I had any hint that a reaction occured on my face from this medication, the "Mother of All Battles" was begun. 
      I applied it to my nose, where the problem was most obvious, with pustules formed, and the nose was "hard" on the left side, showing a prominent vein there.  Incidentally, a couple of veins are still visible on that side of my nose, so this cure did not remove that damage, but the skin is normal now, in terms of not reacting any more to the DMSO fluconazole topical, and feeling good, with no symptoms of any rosacea, for many months now.
      I actually don't want to tell you how much it stung, the first time I applied it to my nose.  Although there had been a very powerful itching on my hand, (from healing), there had been hardly any sensation at all, in my toes, or on my hand, but the stinging on my face, making my eyes water and my nose run, was perhaps the most intense stinging I have ever felt in my life, and it lasted a very long time, (I timed it once at a solid ten minutes). Also, the skin that reacted on my cheeks looked drawn, wrinkled up, and pale, and felt like leather. The skin on my brow turned a mottled whitish color.  At that moment, some people might say the cure was worse than the disease, but after about 5 hours, or overnight, the skin looked "normal" again, and each successive application produced less stinging, and less reaction.  In the beginning, I overdid it, thinking "twice a day", but actually, I would say once every two weeks, or even once every two months, is more like it should be done, for people who have to go into any social setting every day.
      I say this because there is a strange concept working here, whereby the (fungus?) is so integrated into the skin, that destroying it almost leaves an empty place that heals very slowly, sort of like a burn, but not really.  In any case, the healing, (i.e. regeneration of healthy skin), is slow, although it's not an open wound like a burn, but just minor peeling that can take two weeks or two months or more, to be absolutely back to normal.
      Incidentally, I forgot to say, after applying it to my face, I would put the q-tip up both sides of my nose.  I did not dip the q-tip back into the bottle after this, (I used a new q-tip, each time I applied it inside the nose), because it would have some mucus, and sometimes a little blood on it, and I didn't want to "contaminate" the fluconazole, although I don't really think it would be affected any by that contamination. Anyway, I treated the inside of my nose, as well, as far up as I could get it.  Also, when my nose ran, from the stinging, I would sniffle, rather than blow out the medication, so I swallowed that very small amount of the medication. [I asked a knowledgeable person about this, and they said this small amount could not do any harm to swallow.]  I felt like a soldier charging into battle, and I was taking no prisoners.  In all, the normal size q-tip was dipped about 25-30 times, to cover the whole face, (except around the eyes). I never knew how much FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION I used, per face application, because I was using it on my toes and hand, too, but a very rough guess, would be less than one tenth of a $50.00 bottle, which would be less than $5.00 per whole face application, (perhaps even as little as $1.00).
      I would like to frankly say here, as a final clarification, that even if this rosacea were to come back later, I would consider it a re-infestation, rather than a failed cure. It is clear to me, that the DMSO fluconazole will destroy it with minimal "reaction", if there is a "next time", since it would not have twenty years to "grow" on me the "next time".
      May God Bless You and Yours,
      Most Sincerely,
      Dave Fleming
      HLR wrote:
      This is very interesting.  I plan to experiment asap with the asthma medicine and if that doesn't work, with your solution too.  This just feels like we are onto something...(i.e. fungi causing rosacea).
      The reason people aren't getting all excited about this,(i.e. your), cure is they've already been there and done that with some other thing that was supposed to be the cure.  I've been there and done that myself with Doxepin.  I had no symptoms for a few months after starting Doxepin and then it all came back.  But I will experiment with this treatment and see what happens.  One of my best friends also has rosacea and has had it for years so if it works for me I can get her to try it too.  Interestingly I never noticed her rosacea till I got it.
      Yes, dear HLR,
      Another little fact I remember, is that, when I first used this on my toes, I actually felt some slight sensation in my eyes, as if that little bit of DMSO fluconazole that got into my bloodstream was producing that slight sensation in my eyes. I asked a knowledgeable person about this, (and also, whether there could be any fumes from the DMSO fluconazole bottle), and they doubted these possibilities, but I know that the timing of the sensation with the time I applied it to my toes, still has me convinced that it was reaching my eyes through my bloodstream. After using it for a while, I did not notice this sensation any more, which implies to me that the DMSO fluconazole in the bloodstream had destroyed the rosacea (fungus?) in my eyes. I had actually never had any trouble with my eyes, but I believe it could have been "developing".
      And, to agree with you, I also find it interesting, and amazing.  Maybe it isn't just the Diflucan/fluconazole, but some sort of synergistic effect of its combination with the DMSO ingredient, which is normally not considered as an active ingredient, but just as a carrier. This would produce a situation whereby oral Diflucan would have no effect on rosacea, but the topical DMSO Diflucan would attack rosacea.
      Also, the dose levels, (called blood serum levels, I believe), which are required to produce this curative effect, might be way too high, requiring one to take a toxic amount of oral Diflucan, to match the high concentration of Diflucan in the skin, which the topical DMSO fluconazole/Diflucan creates at the site of application.   A 30 milliliter bottle of FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION contains 150 mg. of fluconazole.  To make a very rough, very unscientific computation, we say that this is good for six weeks on the toes, twice a day, which is 84 applications. Dividing 150 mg. by 84, we get about 1.8 mg. of fluconazole per application.  Since a one-time-dose of 15 mg. of fluconazole/Diflucan is taken orally by women to cure a yeast infection, (I think?), that 1.8 mg., (topically applied), would really produce an incredibly small blood serum level of fluconazole in the body, compared to the oral 15 mg. dose. Therefore, one can be absolutely persistent, with even multiple, daily applications for many weeks, (or even months), with no fear of the side effects possible with the oral fluconazole/Diflucan.
      I hate to admit it, but I've wondered if the topical would work better, or more efficiently, or more quickly, if it were used at the same time as oral fluconazole were taken.  I say "hate", because I have read every word of the official specifications and cautions for fluconazole/Diflucan taken orally, and they actually list permanent liver damage and death as possible side effects [!]  These are the kind of irreversible side effects that make me believe I never want to even try oral Diflucan, but I have shed many tears recently, reading messages involving rosaceans who are very close to suicide, and I know they might want to use both oral and topical at once, to be cured more effectively than I have been, (I've been working on this for about 18 months, with perhaps only 3 or 4 applications to my face), except right at the beginning, when I applied it many, many times.  I was not working or required to go out, and I must have "stayed at home" for a couple of weeks, for the redness and peeling to get to acceptable levels. But once that healing took place, the skin felt so much better than before the treatment.  And it has been a consistent, permanent, seemingly irreversible cure of rosacea.
      Or, even more confusingly, maybe it's not the Diflucan at all, but just the DMSO causing the attack on the infested skin, (highly unlikely).  In that case, it would not necessarily be fungi causing the problem....
      In any case, all I know, is that it is a benign, (i.e. totally harmless), topically applied medication, with basically no side effects, and it works...big time.  It even has a "feed back" property, that clearly lets you see if you are dealing with diseased or healthy skin, and what progress you are making, in the cure, each time you apply it.
      I don't know if you know the term, "mechanism", in pharmaceutical terms.  The mechanism of any drug, (or process in the body), is the actual, literal chain of events, that causes a given result. For many decades, aspirin was used, for its effects, but not one soul could even guess at the mechanism of how it worked.  But everyone just kept right on using it, until, a lifetime later, they finally figured out at least one of the mechanisms, (having to do with prostaglandins).  So, my life experience tells me, that no one has to know how or why this works, for it to become the most popular medication to about 12 million rosacean sufferers, (just in the USA).
      Well, this has turned into another long story, HLR. I cannot tell you how much it is helping me, to communicate with you about this.  By this time, I thought that fireworks would be going off, and everyone would be parading in the streets, demanding that this be prescribed for rosaceans.  It is more than I can bear, to think how many years this simple step could take, if enough people do not get behind this.
      It's sort of like I've run back into a burning building to save someone, and they tell me they're not interested, because they don't believe I know how to get out of the building...(Been there, done that???) Ha, Ha.
      Best Wishes, and God Bless,
      Dave Fleming
      ---UNIVERSAL TEXT FOLLOWS, (please spread the word)---
      To Whom It Concerns,
      I have virtually cured my rosacea using a DMSO topical form of Fluconazole, (brand name, Diflucan), WHICH I BELIEVE IS ONLY BEING PRESCRIBED FOR NAIL FUNGUS.  Because it is applied externally, it is virtually completely benign, compared to oral, (taken internally), FLUCONAZOLE, which has some very bad listed potential side effects, (such as permanent liver damage, or death).  What I used, is a hard-to-find DMSO topical fluconazole.  I believe the DMSO refers to an ingredient whose molecules can penetrate the skin deeply, carrying the active ingredient with it.  This DMSO topical, called FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION, (active ingredient brand name DIFLUCAN, which is Fluconazole), is obtainable at (Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy LLC) in Monroe, CT, at (203) 268-4964, or toll-free at (877)-RxNeeds, which is (877) 796-3337, with a website at:
      e-mail address:
      Michael Roberge, RPh, is the Registered Pharmacist and Compounding Specialist, who owns this pharmacy.  On May 5, 2003, he informed me that there are only perhaps 200-250 compounding pharmacies in the entire United States, similar to his. To my knowledge, these would be the only pharmacies where FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION can be obtained.
      Can anyone tell me if there has ever been any use of FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION, (DMSO topical), to cure rosacea?
      After applying this to my face, my nose became soft and pliable again, and all other rosacea symptoms have almost disappeared.  This process took over a year, but it was immediately evident that a strong, positive reaction occurred at the first application. Applications should probably not be made more than once every two weeks, or perhaps even once every two months, since temporary redness, and some peeling occurs.
      PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY FACTS KNOWN ABOUT THIS.  I believe that those making money from the TREATMENT, (NOT THE CURE), of rosacea may be suppressing this information.
      In any case, THIS IS THE BIGGEST NEWS POSSIBLE for rosacea sufferers.  I'm very excited to see what you do with this information.
      Please reach me only at fulltruth40@...
      Thanks for any attention you can give to this most stupendous cure for rosacea.
      Dave Fleming

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