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Testimonials, and "Rosacea-Profiteers"

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  • Dave Fleming
    Hi, NF, Although the company still sells through their toll free phone number to their established patients, they have stopped all internet marketing. If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2004
      Hi, NF,
      Although the company still sells through their toll free phone number to their established patients, they have stopped all internet marketing. If you live in California, and you go to their clinic, that is the only way they presently accept patients, according to my recent phone conversation with them, (at the toll free number in message #169). It appears that they have formed some alliance with the Yahoo! Company since I posted message #169.
      So, you can obtain [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION] by finding a doctor to help you with a prescription of this med for rosacea. Message #64 is the most helpful to you in doing this. To my knowledge, USA doctors have started prescribing this med for rosacea, since October 2003, so you will hopefully be able to obtain it more easily, (for rosacea), as time passes. It helps if you demand this prescription for rosacea, rather than taking "no" for an answer.
      If the news of this one-and-only, first-ever, treatment/cure had not been suppressed, many more rosaceans would have gotten rid of their rosacea by now. We can only pray that those responsible for this suppression, and disinformation, lose much more money in the future, for their actions, than they are making from "helping/supporting" rosaceans now.

      There are some testimonials that have come to me, but they are incomplete. As you may know, it was about 18 months, from my first use of [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION] on my rosacea, until I first got on the internet, to "announce" this first-ever, one-and-only treatment/cure for rosacea. I was the first, so I took longer, but even those now getting rid of their rosacea with this med, take time to realize that this is the real thing, the first-ever true cure for rosacea.

      We also have to fully understand, that paid liars/profiteers will be coming forward, in every way possible, to try to publicly discredit this [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION] treatment/cure for rosacea. But for those who apply this med even one time to their rosacea, and experience the improvement that occurs, I am extremely confident that they will understand that they want to continue this treatment/cure to 100% completion, which will normally take many months.

      The main requirement, in any truthful and complete testimony, is that the doctor prescribing this med for rosacea tell the truth publicly, that this med treats/cures rosacea. To my knowledge, this requirement has not been met yet, by enough doctors. Part of the reason for this, is that the forces that are trying to suppress the news of this cure for rosacea, are so powerful, and so insidious, and downright evil. When the profit motive overcomes every good motive, (as in this case), the result is more ugly than most of us can imagine.

      We can only pray that these astronomically evil forces are defeated, sooner rather than later. In the USA, about 14 million rosaceans are being prevented from getting rid of their rosacea. Worldwide, an estimated two hundred million rosaceans are being kept in the dark, and are continuing to suffer while the "rosacea-profiteers" prosper from this suffering. For those profiteers who are reading this, I can only emphasize, that you will pay for your actions, and my prayer is that you are punished sooner, rather than later.
      God Bless,
      Dave Fleming

      NF wrote:
      Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 23:36:21 -0000
      To: rosacea-cure@yahoogroups.com
      From: NF
      Subject: Testamonials?

      Hello. i'm new here, but i like the info i've seen. i was just
      wondering if there are any testamonials about this medication for
      rosacea? it seem's only Mr. Flemming has experience using this med.
      anyone else?
      And if anyone knows the website of that California company that will
      perscribe the medication online could you give it to me? i believe
      it was in message #169. thank you.

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