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Florida rosacean seeking [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION]

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  • Dave Fleming
    Hi, FLG, There s no alcohol. AND, it s not harsh at all. It s the rosacea that s harsh. Putting it another way, we normally don t think of an operation for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2003
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      Hi, FLG,
      There's no alcohol. AND, it's not harsh at all. It's the rosacea that's harsh. Putting it another way, we normally don't think of an operation for appendicitis as "harsh", because we're all swollen up, and in horrible pain, and on death's doorstep. After that, we might proudly show the scar on our abdomen, without thinking of the surgery as "harsh".
      On the other hand, the suffering from chemotherapy, (for cancer), is so horrible, that some people choose to forego it, live the life they have, without treatment, and die a couple of years sooner.
      I agree with you, that I wish this treatment/cure for rosacea were more "magical", and more "overnight". But I suffered for about twenty years with progressive rosacea, and I thank God daily for giving me "another life" to live, even at my age. Just today, I was marveling at the "feel" of my skin, rubbing it with my finger tips, like I was a teenager again, when I didn't even know the word "rosacea".
      Also, even though it cannot be proven, that there is a stealthy fungus causing rosacea, I strongly believe that that is the case. And, no matter WHAT is causing the rosacea, I am extremely confident that I stumbled across the one-and-only means of actually CURING rosacea, since the synergistic potentiation of mixing DMSO with fluconazole appears to ATTACK the "rosacea causing entity", where it lives.
      If you want to convince yourself, that this [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION], is not harsh, just apply it daily, for a while, on some sensitive skin, like the inside of your arm. It basically has an almost zero effect, on healthy skin. Then, you will put the blame for any "harshness" of this treatment/cure, where it belongs, on the "rosacea causing entity". After the initial stinging, which decreases to zero, after many applications, the effect is no more than a mild sunburn, (which also no longer occurs, after many applications, with the subsequent "regeneration" of healthy skin, each time, replacing the rosacea-diseased skin, which was somehow destroyed). As you may well know, a mild sunburn needs at least several days, to "heal", and get back to absolute normal, but people who don't have rosacea, usually don't think that's such a terrible price to pay, even for just a fun day at the beach.
      The absolute really saddest part of this present situation, is that it appears to be like pulling teeth, especially in the USA, to find doctors who will prescribe [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION], to treat/cure rosacea. If enough rosaceans do not succeed in getting this done, I believe this honest-to-God treatment/CURE for rosacea could actually be "buried" and lost. So, you will not be getting rid of your rosacea just for yourself, but for the good of over a hundred million rosaceans, worldwide.
      I was so in the dark, when I began using [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION] on my face, that of course, I did not get any before, during, and after photos. But dermatological researchers generally admit, that photos are highly unreliable as "clinical proof", because different lighting, and many other factors make this "proof" very unreliable. It is only credible witnesses, like the doctors prescribing this for rosacea, who will establish this treatment/cure as the real McCoy.
      Please study the following messages carefully, and I will be praying that you can find an MD who will help you treat/cure your rosacea with [FLUCONAZOLE 1% SOLUTION]. If you need help finding an MD, please let me know, and I will try to help, although I believe you have to get fired up about this, to make it happen. After changing your name and email address, I will be posting this on the rosacea-cure board.
      Most all the info, is at:
      God Bless,
      Most Sincerely,
      Dave Fleming
      >From: FLG
      >To: <fulltruth40@...>
      >Subject: rosacea
      >Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 21:09:14 -0400
      >What a pain this rosacea stuff is.
      >I live in Sunny FL and a couple years ago BAM! I'm the red faced freak.
      >I have to read more of the exsisting stuff that has already been posted
      >including where to get THE CURE. (what was the last thing our great medical
      >advances actually cured something? I'll tel you what, POLIO! About 50 years
      >Anyway, I have always had redness in the cheeks and especially under the
      >corners of my mouth. I have all the symptoms of Rosecea except the pimples.
      >This through the docs of the past for months and cost me a fortune until
      >they did a biopsy. Now, after treatment and antibiotics I am worse than ever
      >with just a brief respite of somewhat normal appearance.
      >My big problem and the reason I am writing is...I can not have anything
      >slightly alcohol based on my skin or it gets WAAAYY worse. I can't even
      >leave the house. Is there any alcohol content to this solution?
      >the solution sounds a bit harsh but I am willing to try anything that could
      >end this pain once and for all as long as there is no alcohol.
      >Thanks for the help ahead of time.
      >Any before and after pics?

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