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  • Again, this looks great. Recognizing my own inadequacies when it comes to power tools, I am still looking for similar, commercially available alternatives. Any comments about the products on the following website. Unfortunately, it's in Dutch, but if you click on the link on the left that looks like Products, you'll see their kid seats. I am wondering if these can be modified to...
    Greg & Amy Hinson Jul 8, 2008
  • Count mine as another voice complimenting you on the handiwork and wanting to know more about the plans. I don't know if I am handy enough to pull it off, but what you did if the perfect answer to what we need! A quick question, I understand why the second seat has a different site shape, to allow the second kid's legs to not be too cramped, but why not cut the first seat to the...
    Greg & Amy Hinson Jul 5, 2008
  • I need a bike and a Free Radical. Since the 700c size is the only thing available, I am looking at 700c Townies. The best looking one comes with a chainguard a Shimano roller brakes. There is another regular cantilever brakes model as well. Forgive my newbiness, but will this work with roller brakes? And what is the practical difference between riding a 26" and a 700c bike? Thanks...
    Greg & Amy Hinson Jul 4, 2008
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  • Anyone familiar with the Pack Max Duo bike from De Fietsfabiek (http://www.fietsfabriek.nl/index_eng.htm)? I am wondering if the seats you see on that bike can be purchased separately, or if there is another similar commercial option? I just don't think I can do the plywood modifications I have seen online.
    Greg & Amy Hinson Jun 8, 2008
  • Can I fit an xtracycle conversion on an Electra Amsterdam Balloon 8 (women's)? See here: http://www.electrabike.com/amsterdam/ Thanks, this is my first post and I am anxious to join the crowd... Amy
    Greg & Amy Hinson Jun 7, 2008