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Xtracycle Takes Venice Beach and the LA Bike Tour March 4

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  • Jacob Dorman
    Greeting xtracyclers. For those of you who don t know me, which I guess is most of you, I m Jake, a friend of choge s from college and various rivers of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2001
      Greeting xtracyclers. 

      For those of you who don't know me, which I guess is most of you, I'm Jake, a friend of choge's from college and various rivers of the greater u s of a.  Right now I navigate the mean streets of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach by BIg Blue Bus and bicycle, going to and fro between home and grad school in history at UCLA.  I got my freerad the first of the year, and I thought it high time I report in and let the group know all the ways the xtracycle has changed my life *even though it is not yet attached to a bicycle*   That's right.  I've got two 27 inchers, and am still looking for the extracycle cycle.  But with luck I'll find my ride this week.  Still, visiting choge this new years and putting the xtracycle into action inspired me to start living the xtracycle way in LA.  The following is a list of the things I've done because I started relying on my bike more and proselytizing strangers about xtracycle.  So far I have:

      1) Met my neighbors and sipped in a sunset while listening to flamenco guitar
      2) Gotten outside and explored my neighborhood
      3) Discovered an awesome natural foods market right across the street from Costco that I had driven by but never noticed.
      4) Bought bulk flour at said store and baked yummy bread.  Bought dried beans and made bean soup.
      5) Had a long conversation about hip hop with the white guy at the local skate/surf/snow board gallery
      6) Worked my bikes into shape for hours at a time, getting grease embedded in my fingertips and figuring out how derailers and back axles work.
      7) Talked to homeless people.  Given money to homeless people.  Solicited money for homeless people.
      8) Talked to strangers.  Had mindblowing conversations with total strangers.
      9) Discovered an incredible bike shop that carries used bikes and where they're happy to loan you tools or give you ball bearings or show you how to make repairs yourself.
      10) Stopped into my favorite thrift store and bought an entire wardrobe of super hip spanking new duds for about $30.
      11) Gotten a major asthma attack that knocked me off my bike for a week (ok, so its not all positive choking on exhaust fumes in the city of angels)
      12) Experienced this city in more and better ways than I ever have before.

      All the bike people I tell about the xtracycle have been super into it, but I've had to put my evangelizing on hold until I actually have my freerad hooked up and running.  Still, I'm convinced that Venice Beach is prime xtracycle territory-- there's already bike rental shops every few blocks and people cruise around the boardwalk in all manner of wheeled contraptions of every description.  Bikes are big here.  Plus there's the right combination of eco freakos, trendsetters, surfers, farmer's market shoppers, and cashladen cycle addicts here.  Venice Beach/Santa Monica Pier is also the second largest tourist attraction in California after Disneyland, so on weekends there's a couple thousand people crowded into the beachfront cafes and cruising the boardwalk taking in the bodybuilders, bballers, sufi mystics, skaters, surfers, ufo worshippers, street performers, quadskate disco dancers, orthodox jews, black jews, atheists, meat-is-murderists, drum circle neotribalists, tattoo artists, massage therapists, psychics, and tshirt and sunglass salesmen and women.  In other words, this is a ripe field for making xtraconverts. 

      Coming up on March 4 is the 7th annual LA Bike Tour which precedes the LA Marathon and snakes its way all over this giant megalopolis, up and down eight lane avenues closed to cars for the day.  15,000 cyclists are expected to participate this year, making the LA Bike Tour the most popular cycling event this side of rush hour in Beijing!!!  It would be great to get a whole bunch of xtracyclers to come out in force for the day and bring our message to the bike riding masses in the very belly of the car choked beast-- LA !  What do the freeradicals think of saddling up Millie and taking LA for a weekend of evangelizing and direct xtra-action (xtraction)?  My wife Gina and I live a block and a half from Venice Beach on a walk street (no cars allowed) and could put people up.  Let me know if it sounds good to you.  Plus, for all you aspiring actors, March is pilot season here in the city of angles.



      PS: Check out more at: http://www.acuralabiketour.com/

      ACURA L.A. BIKE TOUR VII March 4, 2001 - 6:00am Make your Acura L.A. Bike Tour experience more meaningful
      by riding for the Official L.A. Marathon Charity Program
      Each year, the normally busy streets of Los Angeles are closed
      to all traffic for the ACURA L.A. BIKE TOUR - - the first event of
      its kind in the world. Since its inception in 1995, the Acura L.A.
      Bike Tour has become the singlemost popular cycling event in the
      world for a growing number of participants.
      It is easy to see why. As the day dawns in a park next to the Los Angeles Memorial
      Coliseum, you can feel the excitement in the air as you mount
      your bike, surrounded by more than 15,000 people who enjoy riding
      their bicycles as much as you do. Knowing that the streets have
      been cleared of all motor vehicles, you look forward to hearing
      nothing but the sound of your fellow cyclists touring the traffic-
      free streets of Los Angeles for this one rare day each year.

      With Mayor Richard Riordan and a host of celebrities leading the pack at a comfortable, yet challenging pace, the Acura L.A. Bike Tour begins and it is even better than you could possibly imagine. As you pass through Koreatown and Hancock Park, you enjoy the camaraderie of friends and families pedaling together. In Hollywood, you may well savor just how serene the city can be when you take away the noise and stress caused by motor vehicles. With the impressive downtown skyline rising before you, you feel the anticipation that comes with closing in on completing the 22+ mile ride. Surrounded by your fellow cyclists, you could not be more exhilarated as you cross the Acura LA Bike Tour Finish Line with the LA Memorial Coliseum rising before you. Whether you stay for the post Tour celebration or head over to watch the start of the Los Angeles Marathon, you will take with you the memories of the unforgettable experience that is the Acura L.A. Bike Tour. You may also want to be among the growing number of hearty souls who follow the Acura L.A. Bike Tour by running the L.A.Marathon 5K Run/Walk starting at 9:30am or the 26.2 mile L.A. Marathon starting at 8:45am.

      THE BASICSTHE ACURA L.A. BIKE TOUREach year, the normally busy streets of Los Angeles are closed
      to all traffic for the ACURA L.A. BIKE TOUR - the first event of its
      kind in the world. WHERE:Begins at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Exposition Park
      (near Exposition Blvd. and Menlo) and continues for 25 miles on
      the route of the Los Angeles Marathon. WHEN:Sunday, March 4, 2001 Start time: 6:00am All riders must
      complete the Acura LA Bike Tour at a maximum, nine minute
      per mile pace and by 8:40am at the latest. Riders on the
      course at 8:40am will be directed to bail-out routes.

      WHAT ELSE: The Acura L.A. Bike Tour is a ride, not a race. ALL RIDERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR HELMETS. ENTRY INFO: Register by mail or in-person at the LA Marathon Quality of Life Expo March 1-3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. All entries received on or before February 19 will receive a confirmation card by mail. ALL RIDERS MUST PICK UP THEIR BIBS, T-SHIRTS AND GOODIE BAGS AT THE QUALITY OF LIFE EXPO. ENTRY FEE: $25.00 before February 10, $30.00 thereafter. DO NOT MAIL ENTRIES AFTER FEBRUARY 10. PARKING: Exit 110 Freeway at Martin Luther King Blvd. and proceed to one of the many parking lots in the Coliseum/Sports Arena area. ·No vehicles will be permitted on the course. ·Roads will be cleared for riders 6:00 AM-8:40 AM. ·Helmets are required. ·Riders must complete the course by 8:40 AM. T-SHIRTS & GOODIE BAGS: Each entrant will receive an official t-shirt and goodie bag. They will only be available at the Quality of Life Expo.

      RegistrationSecure Online Registration
      for the ACURA LA Bike Tour
      Using our registration system, you can pay securely online with
      your credit card, or you can enter your data and then pay over
      the phone or fax. Unregistered ParticipantsRiders without bibs will not be allowed on the course. Security
      personnel and course marshals will be located at the start and
      throughout the course to remove riders without bibs. Late RegistrationAfter February 10, 2001, applicants must register at the Quality
      of Life Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall. You
      must pick up your bib, race instructions, T-shirt and goodie bag at
      the Quality of Life Expo. The entry fee of $25.00 is available until
      11:59pm (PST) on 2/10/01. Late entry fee is 30.00 thereafter. DO

      Registration must occur prior to the day of the ride, Sunday, March 4, 2001. There will be no registration the day of the ride. You may register until 5 PM Saturday, March 3, 2001 at the Quality of Life Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall. All applicants who register before February 10, 2001 will receive a confirmation card. Please note, entry fees are per person. ALL RIDERS MUST PICK UP THEIR BIBS, T-SHIRTS AND GOODIE BAGS AT THE QUALITY OF LIFE EXPO.

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