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Re: [rootsradicals] mounting lights, locking up

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  • Sean Moore
    Moderate bike theft where I live, I try not to leave it outside for very long. In my garage I lock my bike and my wife s bike to an eye in the concrete wall
    Message 1 of 79 , Oct 2, 2009
      Moderate bike theft where I live, I try not to leave it outside for very long.

      In my garage I lock my bike and my wife's bike to an eye in the concrete wall with a large chain through both wheels of both bikes.

      Out and about I don't worry about my bolted IGH rear wheel, I run my kryptonite cable through the freeradical.  U lock to whatever's clever.  There is nearly no dedicated bike parking at shopping areas around here, I'm always locking to light poles, etc.

      Sean Moore

      On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 9:28 AM, lizwdurham <lizwdurham@...> wrote:

      2 questions:

      1- So my rear light bracket is not large enough for mounting on the rack. I checked the bracket for my son's light nad my husband's...thye are also too small. All are different Planet Bike lights. THe racks are a bit larger than a typical rack. What lights do most folks use? Or do you put them solmewhere other than the rack?

      2- I have always locked my regular bikes with a cable through the back wheel attching to u-lock that goes through the front. I live in Chicago where bike theft is common. With the freeloader bags, it isn't as easy to access the back wheel. How do most folks lock up?


    • jonthelam
      Thanks Tone. I get the idea. Looks like your lock is one of those standard brass ones.
      Message 79 of 79 , Oct 13, 2009
        Thanks Tone. I get the idea. Looks like your lock is one of those standard brass ones.

        --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Tone" <tone@...> wrote:
        > Johnny/Jon,
        > You are in luck, somewhat that is. I managed to find some photos ¡§of¡¨
        > the mini lock I used on my old Xtracycled bike¡¦s rear quick release. I
        > say somewhat because the original subject matter in the photos is focused
        > on some of the FreeRadical frame failures I had. I sent variations of
        > these photos to Xtracycle to initiate the guarantee & replacement of the
        > frame.
        > PLEASE NOTE: To everyone viewing the photos you MUST understand I have
        > been considered a heavy duty user and abuser of my Xtracycle. I worked as
        > a full time cargo bike messenger in NYC, but most of the stresses I
        > really put on the Xtracycle were from personal use while hauling
        > heavy/bulky loads, as you might have seen in photos I have posted links
        > to. From what I have been told by the awesome folks at Xtracycle, at the
        > time of my FreeRadical failure(s) there had only been two other
        > ¡§people¡¨ with broken frames¡K those tested by Xtracycle and those
        > belonging to the ¡§Riding the Spine¡¨ crew. According to my
        > understanding, the Spine guys did/do bike touring & camping trips on
        > remote rough mountain jungle terrain from the Southern tip of South
        > America all the way to Alaska. Clearly Riding the Spine are extreme users
        > as well. Also from what I know, around the time of my second FreeRadical
        > replacement Xtracycle had already implemented reinforcement to the
        > joint-area prone to cracks in the production run of FreeRadicals at that
        > time. Therefore any prospective Xtracycle buyers should not worry
        > themselves about purchasing a FreeRadical. Besides, in all my dealings
        > with the Xtracycle folks they have been more than accommodating with the
        > utmost customer service and response in their guarantees and
        > replacements. If I lived on the West Coast I get the vibe I would be
        > hanging with them!
        > With that being said I will get on with the photos, which unfortunately
        > were all taken after dark due to coming home from working as a messenger
        > all day.
        > This is a photo taken with out the FreeLoaders from the perspective of
        > being just above the right end of the Rear Step.
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-Rear.jpg
        > You can see main body of the mini lock, which is the brass rectangular
        > shape behind/beneath the left drop-out. The U-bolt of the lock is barely
        > visible to the left of the top edge of the hub. However, the metal part
        > of the bolt is hidden within the black rubber tube/hose I mentioned
        > earlier, which is used to prevent rattling and scratches.
        > This is basically the same photo except it is without using a flash, so
        > there are slightly less harsh shadows cast, but I did have to manipulate
        > the image to make it easier to read:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-RearNoFlash.jpg
        > This photo was taken with the FreeLoaders on between the rear post of the
        > left V-Rack and the tire:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-FreeLoaders.jpg
        > It is particularly difficult to make out the lock in this photo because
        > the only light is coming from the flash. The rubber-hosed U-bolt of the
        > lock is the black triangle above the quick release ¡§nut¡¨, while the
        > black slender rectangle extending below it is the lock body.
        > This photo was taken from the gear side of the FreeRadical looking
        > through the wheels:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-Gears.jpg
        > Here we have part of the quick release lever visible almost along the
        > right edge and above the middle of the image. You can see how it has been
        > locked at almost a 45 degree angle to the ground or FreeRadical tubing
        > below it. Just to the left of the QR lever you can once again see the
        > black rubber tube padding the U-bolt of the mini lock. It is a bit
        > difficult to tell apart from the gray of the supposedly ¡§black¡¨ color
        > of my carbon-fiber Aerospokes, which have lightened in color from fading
        > over time and the build-up of dirt, grit, and exhaust.
        > The final photo I have is a close up from just below the quick release:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-UpLever.jpg
        > Unfortunately the flash blinds most of the lock, but you can definitely
        > see the QR nut, part of its lever, the lock body, and a section of the
        > U-bolt without rubber tubing on it.
        > I hope these photos were at least somewhat useful. ļ
        > Ride safe and secure,
        > _TONE_
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