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RE: [rootsradicals] Re: mounting lights, locking up

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  • Liz W. Durham
    I suppose V-racks and Freeloaders are at risk for theft.I am thinking that they might be less of a target though just as a regular rack is not such a target.
    Message 1 of 79 , Oct 1, 2009

      I suppose V-racks and Freeloaders are at risk for theft…I am thinking that they might be less of a target though just as a regular rack is not such a target. In all my years of Chicago riding I have never had a rear rack stolen and have not heard much about rack theft in gerenal. But the BD does generate attention so who knows what a thief might think upon site of such a fine rig.


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      One of the members of another on-line bike forum tested Sheldon's 'wheel-only' theory and proved it to be very faulty. He locked up his bike via that method, then cut through the tire, tire bead, and rim in about 10 seconds with a standard hacksaw. The lock slipped through the cut in the rim and he walked away with the entire bike.

      Granted, the rear wheel was toast, but I will never again use that method.

      The video hides somewhere on FixedGearGallery. I don't recall the poster or the thread, however.

      In Indy, I usually self-lock my BD with a u-lock around the down tube and front wheel. I'm on the Northside and in the North Suburbs, so I think I'm fairly safe. Not many hardened bike thieves up here.

      When I visit Chicago, I don't take the BD because I don't have a satisfactory way to secure it, the V-racks, and the Freeloaders . . .

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      > I don't have an Xtracyle (I'm a wannnabe, not an owner), but ...
      > 1. I thought most people did it the other way round, U on back, cable on
      > front.
      > 2. http://www.sheldonbrown.com/lock-strategy.html
      > Sheldon points out you only need to get the wheel (inside the rear
      > triangle) not the wheel and frame. This might be easier? But if you're
      > struggling with a cable lock on the rear, perhaps not :(
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      > Subject: [rootsradicals] mounting lights, locking up
      > 2 questions:
      > 1- So my rear light bracket is not large enough for mounting on the
      > rack. I checked the bracket for my son's light nad my husband's...thye
      > are also too small. All are different Planet Bike lights. THe racks are
      > a bit larger than a typical rack. What lights do most folks use? Or do
      > you put them solmewhere other than the rack?
      > 2- I have always locked my regular bikes with a cable through the back
      > wheel attching to u-lock that goes through the front. I live in Chicago
      > where bike theft is common. With the freeloader bags, it isn't as easy
      > to access the back wheel. How do most folks lock up?
      > -Liz
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    • jonthelam
      Thanks Tone. I get the idea. Looks like your lock is one of those standard brass ones.
      Message 79 of 79 , Oct 13, 2009
        Thanks Tone. I get the idea. Looks like your lock is one of those standard brass ones.

        --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Tone" <tone@...> wrote:
        > Johnny/Jon,
        > You are in luck, somewhat that is. I managed to find some photos ¡§of¡¨
        > the mini lock I used on my old Xtracycled bike¡¦s rear quick release. I
        > say somewhat because the original subject matter in the photos is focused
        > on some of the FreeRadical frame failures I had. I sent variations of
        > these photos to Xtracycle to initiate the guarantee & replacement of the
        > frame.
        > PLEASE NOTE: To everyone viewing the photos you MUST understand I have
        > been considered a heavy duty user and abuser of my Xtracycle. I worked as
        > a full time cargo bike messenger in NYC, but most of the stresses I
        > really put on the Xtracycle were from personal use while hauling
        > heavy/bulky loads, as you might have seen in photos I have posted links
        > to. From what I have been told by the awesome folks at Xtracycle, at the
        > time of my FreeRadical failure(s) there had only been two other
        > ¡§people¡¨ with broken frames¡K those tested by Xtracycle and those
        > belonging to the ¡§Riding the Spine¡¨ crew. According to my
        > understanding, the Spine guys did/do bike touring & camping trips on
        > remote rough mountain jungle terrain from the Southern tip of South
        > America all the way to Alaska. Clearly Riding the Spine are extreme users
        > as well. Also from what I know, around the time of my second FreeRadical
        > replacement Xtracycle had already implemented reinforcement to the
        > joint-area prone to cracks in the production run of FreeRadicals at that
        > time. Therefore any prospective Xtracycle buyers should not worry
        > themselves about purchasing a FreeRadical. Besides, in all my dealings
        > with the Xtracycle folks they have been more than accommodating with the
        > utmost customer service and response in their guarantees and
        > replacements. If I lived on the West Coast I get the vibe I would be
        > hanging with them!
        > With that being said I will get on with the photos, which unfortunately
        > were all taken after dark due to coming home from working as a messenger
        > all day.
        > This is a photo taken with out the FreeLoaders from the perspective of
        > being just above the right end of the Rear Step.
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-Rear.jpg
        > You can see main body of the mini lock, which is the brass rectangular
        > shape behind/beneath the left drop-out. The U-bolt of the lock is barely
        > visible to the left of the top edge of the hub. However, the metal part
        > of the bolt is hidden within the black rubber tube/hose I mentioned
        > earlier, which is used to prevent rattling and scratches.
        > This is basically the same photo except it is without using a flash, so
        > there are slightly less harsh shadows cast, but I did have to manipulate
        > the image to make it easier to read:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-RearNoFlash.jpg
        > This photo was taken with the FreeLoaders on between the rear post of the
        > left V-Rack and the tire:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-FreeLoaders.jpg
        > It is particularly difficult to make out the lock in this photo because
        > the only light is coming from the flash. The rubber-hosed U-bolt of the
        > lock is the black triangle above the quick release ¡§nut¡¨, while the
        > black slender rectangle extending below it is the lock body.
        > This photo was taken from the gear side of the FreeRadical looking
        > through the wheels:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-Gears.jpg
        > Here we have part of the quick release lever visible almost along the
        > right edge and above the middle of the image. You can see how it has been
        > locked at almost a 45 degree angle to the ground or FreeRadical tubing
        > below it. Just to the left of the QR lever you can once again see the
        > black rubber tube padding the U-bolt of the mini lock. It is a bit
        > difficult to tell apart from the gray of the supposedly ¡§black¡¨ color
        > of my carbon-fiber Aerospokes, which have lightened in color from fading
        > over time and the build-up of dirt, grit, and exhaust.
        > The final photo I have is a close up from just below the quick release:
        > http://www.cranksgiving.net/xs/QRMiniLock-UpLever.jpg
        > Unfortunately the flash blinds most of the lock, but you can definitely
        > see the QR nut, part of its lever, the lock body, and a section of the
        > U-bolt without rubber tubing on it.
        > I hope these photos were at least somewhat useful. ļ
        > Ride safe and secure,
        > _TONE_
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