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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Roof rack compatibility

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  • Fred K. Aron
    For Subaru s, I had bought the optional Mount Blanc roof racks, its a thule knock off...it secures to my forester perfectly...use it for a large kayak,
    Message 1 of 34 , Jul 6, 2009
      For Subaru's, I had bought the optional "Mount Blanc" roof racks, its a thule knock off...it secures to my forester perfectly...use it for a large kayak, a surfboard and now the bikes...

      From: dianedouglas8 <diane.douglas8@...>
      To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, July 6, 2009 9:20:19 AM
      Subject: [rootsradicals] Re: Roof rack compatibility

      To everyone asking about the Rocky Mount compatability. ..

      I finally had a chance to test out my extended tray Rocky Mount on my BD yesterday. I have a Thule roof rack (the one with "square" mounting bars). The RockyMount tray was a breeze to install. Just unscrew the big torx bolt and wrap the attachment plate around the bar. Tighten and you're ready to go. I was a little concerned about the front fork coming out of the mount, but it's remarkably stable once you get everything cinched down at the clamp.

      I do recommend that you maximize the space between your load bars on the roof to give the tray a little more stability. Most of the weight of the BD is in the back. Once you remove the front wheel, it really makes the back end more prone to wiggle. Extending the rear attachment point between the tray and your mounting bars will help stabilize everything and give you more piece of mind. Those of you with really short roofs should consider all options before going with a roof mount (but you probably could have figured that out by yourselves).

      In terms of the RockyMount tray being compatable with other (factory) roof bars, it really would depend upon your own car. The mounting bracket looks like it was designed for the square Thule bars, but has additional shims to make it work for the round Yakima bars. Years ago, I tried to use Subaru's load bars for a Yakima bike tray. It was OK, but the Subie bars were not even close to being as strong/stable/ secure as a set of real roof bars. I haven't checked, but RockyMount may sell the additional clips necessary to allow you to attach it to your vehicle's bars. Whatever the case, a set of true roof bars will be better in the long run, since they're designed to hold more weight.

      TONE, I can check the size of the Thule bars tonight if you want the measurements.

      Washington, DC

      --- In rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com, "Tone" <tone@...> wrote:

      > I e-mailed RockyMounts to find out some tech specification
      > to determine whether or not their Lariat 60" Recumbent/Xtracycle roof
      > rack would be compatible with the factory cross-bars on my '99 Toyota
      > Rav4 roof, but that was about a week ago and I have not gotten a
      > response. Therefore I am hoping someone on our great RootsRadical group,
      > who has the Xtracycle/Recumbent rack from RockyMounts, can possibly
      > provide some extra info.
      > According to both Xtracycle's and RockyMounts' web sites,
      > the Xtracycle-compatibl e "Lariat LS Recumbent" roof rack is designed to
      > be mounted on Thule and Yakima cross-bars. However, my '99 Toyota Rav4's
      > cross bars seem to be from the factory, so
      technically they would not be
      > Yakima or Thule from what I understand. The cross-bars, which are on my
      > Rav4, are basically non-grooved bars with a rectangular cross-section.
      > The measurements of the bar's cross-section in thickness and height are
      > just about 1-1/4" x 7/8" or 33cm x 22cm. Obviously I am hoping Thule or
      > Yakima crossbars have pretty much the same dimensions. I would imagine I
      > could modify the rack to somehow work with my cross-bars if it was not
      > just right, but I would definitely still want the lock-to-crossbar
      > functionality to still work properly.
      > Any advice/suggestions/ guidance in this matter would be very
      > much appreciated!
      > Ride safe everyone,
      > _TONE_

    • Andrew Kreps
      ... No worries. I m sure your bar will be fine. My eyeball-on-the-measuring-tape method could easily be off by 1/16th anyhow. :)
      Message 34 of 34 , Jul 8, 2009
        On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 9:01 AM, Tone<tone@...> wrote:
        >             Sorry for my inattention, and thank you for providing those
        > measurements! My follow up question equating your “room to spare” to an
        > extra 1/16” in both dimensions still stands though.

        No worries. I'm sure your bar will be fine. My
        eyeball-on-the-measuring-tape method could easily be off by 1/16th
        anyhow. :)
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