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Re: [rootsradicals] cool things to do

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  • Jay Townley
    Kipchoge, Wow! This is great stuff - thank you for sharing it. Best regards, Jay ... From: To: Sent:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2001

      Wow! This is great stuff - thank you for sharing it.

      Best regards,


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      > Now I don't want to make it seem like JP is the teacher's pet or
      > anything, but he sent me this groovin little note and choked me
      > all up that the roots force is on the scene. I'm passing it on for
      > inspiration. -kipchoge
      > ----------------
      > By the way, I have purposefully gone into every bike
      > shop in my area and asked them if they carry your
      > product, them asked them why they didn't because,
      > well, didn't they know that the Xtracycle was item #1
      > on Outside Magazine's gear pick, and that they were
      > the coolest thing on two wheels, and they should get
      > their butts in gear and join the modern world,
      > dang-it! Well, maybe it didn't come out like that, but
      > you get the idea. Also, just a suggestion, I had
      > dinner with the Happiness and Longevity Chairman for
      > Backroads bike touring company tonight. Earlier I had
      > told him about Xtracycle, and he sounded very
      > interested. I told him to check out the new site (he
      > had visited the older one, and said he wanted to see
      > more pictures). I know that he does bike trips, like
      > two week trips through Bhutan with clients who are 60+
      > years old. Perhaps such a company would be interested
      > in a fleet of Xtracycles for their guides- safer than
      > panniers if a client has a breakdown, etc. I can put
      > you in contact with him, or plant a seed. After I
      > described it to him again tonight, he said, "I'd buy
      > one."
      > Visualize whirled peas.
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