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Re: [rootsradicals] Can you attach an Xtracycle to a single-speed cruiser bicycle?

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  • messtime
    Dear Ray, That s good to hear! That is interesting you live in Australia. Please open virus free attachment for picture of the best bicycle road in
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      Dear Ray,
      That's good to hear!  That is interesting you live in Australia.  Please open virus free attachment for picture of the best bicycle road in Australia! 
      The xtracycle looks like something i could have used 12 years ago when i was living the homeless lifestyle in Ft. Bragg CA.   Myself and another guy were always hauling food and water, camping gear and white buckets used to hold misc. junk all over the area on our bicycle's handlebars and rear baskets.  Now i am not homeless (living in a motel) but can still use it for groceries and maybe camping gear and hauling things between my motel room and mini-storage unit.  The xtracycle looks to be something a homeless person could put to good use.  I live in a northern california beach town (crescent city) and there is a lot of homeless people here riding bikes loaded down with all kinds of stuff.  They either load there bike down or make homemade bike trailers.  The xtracycle might be a better alternative for them and myself if i become homeless again.   Thanks for the comments!    gary

      On 1/23/07, Cathode Ray <ray@...> wrote:

      At 7:13 PM -0800 22/1/07, messtime wrote:
      >I guess i will have to experiment and get some experience with using
      >the Xtracycle. I do not really know what to do right now as i have
      >never even seen this hauling system except in pictures

      I did a lot of looking at pictures and wondering how it might handle
      before I bought the xtracycle online. I had no opportunity to test
      ride, as I live in inland Australia and the nearest dealer was 500 km

      When the bike shop assembled it for me and I started using it....WOW
      ! Way better than I thought possible! Far exceeded my expectations,
      and has changed my lifestyle.


      1301-B NORTHCREST DR #105
      CRESCENT CITY  CA   95531
      707-464-4113 RM 35

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