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Worldbike Job Opportunity

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  • natebyerley
    Hey all - wanted to share this exciting, international job opp with you. Worldbike is on an tight hiring timeline - so please share this widely. It s an
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2009
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      Hey all - wanted to share this exciting, international job opp with you. Worldbike is on an tight hiring timeline - so please share this widely. It's an amazing opportunity.


      Worldbike, working in cooperation with UN-Habitat, is seeking a full time shop manager to work in Kibera, Kenya between the dates of March 1st and June 31st, 2009. Worldbike is a U.S.-based NGO that promotes non-motorized vehicles (NMVs) as tools for development primarily through the creation of livelihoods and for the provision of essential services for those most in need.

      Currently, Worldbike is testing non-motorized technologies in solid waste management applications in urban and peri-urban settlements in Kibera and the Lake Naivasha area. The offered position seeks a person who can 1) take over the development of existing prototype designs and a workshop 2) work with and train two inexperienced assistants 3) research and source difficult to procure materials and components and 4) undertake a methodical and iterative testing process.

      The most successful applicants will demonstrate an ability to adapt quickly, focus on project goals, and remain organized while working within the context of a UN-Habitat project.

      Position Title: Shop Manager


      -extensive experience in bicycle mechanics

      -moderate experience in vehicle design and fabrication

      -computer and Internet proficiency
      Desirable Attributes:

      -strong grasp of basic mechanical principles and the ability to communicate them

      -experience working in a results-focused environment

      -familiarity with international development concepts and community-based approaches

      -experience in entrepreneurship and business operations

      -having the Yellow Fever vaccine since it can sometimes be in short supply


      The selected candidate will be expected to develop a sustainable supply of non-motorized vehicles appropriate to solid waste management in urban settlement settings. This is to be accomplished either through domestic production, foreign sourcing or, more likely, some combination of the two. The work is to be conducted in collaboration with a local youth group and with the ultimate goal of establishing a viable business enterprise to be owned by the group selling, marketing, and utilizing non-motorized vehicles. The candidate will be responsible for:

      - developing vehicle designs and sourcing needed materials
      - managing the assets of a workshop
      - managing two shop assistants
      - developing and teaching a bicycle mechanics, design, and
      fabrication curriculum
      - maintaining rigorous records of activities and research results
      - working in collaboration with business planning efforts that will
      make the workshop a sustainable enterprise


      To be negotiated in light of the candidate's experience. Starting salary ~1500/mo. Travel expenses would be covered by Worldbike.

      Maximum working hours: 40 hrs/wk

      The selected candidate will be signed as an independent contractor to Worldbike. Please send your expression of interest to Nate Byerley (nate@...) by Wednesday March 4th with your CV and an explanation of why you consider yourself to be the best candidate for the position.
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