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Re:Wheel Light - Monkeylectric alternative

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  • Morgan
    Hey Tone & Everyone, I ve searched a lot for decent spoke lights, I think they are fun, and that they also increase visibility. I tried something like the one
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 2, 2008
      Hey Tone & Everyone,

      I've searched a lot for decent spoke lights, I think they are fun, and
      that they also increase visibility.

      I tried something like the one you sent the link for, ordered two from
      eBay, and I found it to have several issues:
      1. Only could be seen from one side.
      2. It was heavy (though the one you sent a link for might be lighter,
      I do not know)
      3. It was bulky and a bit difficult to install
      4. It threw off wheel balance
      5. Batteries were a PITA to replace (pain in the you know what)
      6. One of them died after only about 1.5 months of use.

      Then, I moved onto the NiteIze spokelit. This is a very simple device
      that is just a single color. It is lightweight and appears to be
      durable. I used that for several months and was happy with it, but I
      wanted something flashier. It is great, however, if you just want a
      durable, low cost, spoke light maker.

      I got over the price tag, and moved onto the Mokeylectric light. Wow,
      this thing is so far superior to the other two, that we decided to
      carry them in our store. It is brighter, lighter weight, waterproof,
      programmable, multi color, produces light on both sides, and produces
      much better patterns. I have one on my bike now, and love it. It
      appears to be built to last, though I have only had about a month of
      testing on it so far.

      Based on these experiences, I would recommend the Spokelit if you are
      looking for an inexpensive but durable spoke light, and I would
      recommend the Monkeylectric light if you want one that produces fancy
      patterns. The "SpokePOV" lights look nice too, but you have to build
      them from a kit (and we are already too busy building circuit boards
      for batteries, so I haven't had time for that).


      > Ever since someone brought up the Monkeylectric multi-colored
      > and multi-patterned Persistence-Of-Vision (POV) wheel lights, I have
      > been thinking of getting a pair. In case you do not know about them,
      > here is a link:
      > http://www.monkeylectric.com/m132s_gallery.htm
      > I even put it on my X-mas list, and figured my wife might
      > purchase them for me because she obviously wants me to be as visible
      > and
      > safe as possible while riding at night, etc.
      > Well, just recently my wife pointed out this other POV
      > multi-pattern wheel light to me:
      > http://www.ltdcommodities.com/home/catalog/cat_item_pg.asp?G=600&P=92&Re
      > c=1&N
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