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Re: [rootsradicals] Kids set-up question

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    The mountain bike should work if it has 26 wheels(standard) unless it has rear suspension. Where do you live? Xtracycles are everywhere, though due to
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      The mountain bike should work if it has 26" wheels(standard) unless it has rear suspension.  Where do you live?  Xtracycles are everywhere, though due to shortages many bike shops have sold out even their test rides.  You can request a test ride on the Xtracycle website. Go to community and Roots Radicals.  Near the top of the page is where you find the link (that says "Click here" to sign up and an depending on how remote you are the chances are good that you will get a response. 


      You can tow your ten year old's bike with one wheel in the bag if you need to, though not with him on it.  At that age he/she should be able to keep up very well.  I commuted for 5 years, no car  from the time my children were 6 yr old and  8 year old, on their own bikes, and kept the little guys in front where I could see them. The oldest one was very careful and always in the lead and the younger close enough so I could shout instructions/warnings.

      I watched the video of the tow bar video and it should work on an Xtracycle with an alternate mounting further back.  I wouldn't recommend it though.

      On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 3:02 PM, <growingkidsmom@...> wrote:

      Thanks again for all the suggestions so far.  My head is going nuts trying to wrap around it all at the moment.  But I had a couple of questions. 
      1) I have an old mtn bike I was going to use with this, is that going to be fine or do I need to consider another bike? 
      2) Will riding with 3 kids straped onto the bike be unweildy? When my oldest was younger I tried having him in a seat on the back and it was pretty unstable.  I really wish I could try this out but couldn't find anyone listed in my area who has one already. 
      3) I was looking up information on the tow behind bikes and I seen this bar set-up that lets you hook up a full bike to your own to tow behind you.  Does anyone know anything about these?  Would they work with the xtracycle?  I kind of like the idea that he could ride on his own or be towed depending on where we are. 
      Thanks again for all your help.

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