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  • growingkidsmom@aol.com
    Thanks for that input so far. We live in Arizona the worst inclement weather we get is 120+ in mid-summer, that s my biggest concern. The amount it rains
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 15, 2008
      Thanks for that input so far.  We live in Arizona the worst inclement weather we get is 120+ in mid-summer, that's my biggest concern.  The amount it rains here is so few and far between that its just not a big deal and because we see so little of it we usually enjoy being in it as long as I don't have something with me I care if gets wet :-)  It just got cool last week here and will stay nice till the end of April when it will start heating up and I will need to stay indoors during the mid-day. 
      We live in Suburbia so traffic isn't too bad and almost everywhere I go I will be in neighborhoods or on bike trails unless I am crossing the street.  I have a bike trail that runs right behind my house and goes straight to the library without every setting foot on a major road except 1 crossing which is lighted with an on-demand crossing light.  The Grocery store is almost exactly 1 mile from my house again across 1 major road.  The mall is down the bike-trail with only about a mile on the road and the same with my farmers market and dr's offices.  I can take the bike-trail all the way into downtown where the closest bike-shop is :-).  If I head the other direction for say to visit grandma there aren't as many off-road options but once you get about a mile past my house its all farmland anyway and very light traffic.  Probably won't stay that way forever but so far there are no plans to build out that area and most of the farmers out there are digging there feet in trying there darndest to fight the encroaching developments.  I suspect with the economic downturn it will be a while before they have to start wielding swords to keep them out :-)  We're pretty much flat around here, the bike trail has small hills but not much. 
      I hadn't even thought about having my 10 yr old ride behind me, that might be a good idea.  I figured he would need his own bike.  I will have to run that one past my dh.  I did see one of those things on craigs list for $35.  Would he be a help on one of those things if I needed an extra push say to get up a hill or something?  Just a thought.
      Thanks again for the input.  I have been browsing the archives.  I was wondering how doing a seat set-up on the xtracycle would work out though, I guess I was a bit worried about then getting too wiggly and the bike ending up all over the place.  I do think they are too young yet to free-ride on the back but defiinatly filed that away in the back of my mind for future reference.
      In a message dated 10/15/2008 1:31:52 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, kennliza@... writes:


      A LOT is going to depend on the temperament of your kids, the climate
      where you live, and your comfort with your bike.

      That said, you could easily hack an Xtracycle to carry the twins.
      There are tons of setups posted here, and any one of us currently
      hauling kids would be happy to describe how we do it. I'd search long
      and hard for a Bike Tutor (www.biketutor. com) to carry your wee one up
      front. And you can probably rig a trail-a-bike for your older child.
      There are lots of discussions posted here, too, about how to do that.

      However, towing the trail-a-bike is going to make your set-up pretty
      long and unwieldy. Not impossible, just tough in crowds, heavy
      traffic, or when you need to make tight turns.

      And it can be tough to keep little ones warm and dry on the bike in
      inclement weather, so that's a consideration when it comes to
      completely ditching the car. But there are a lot of folks on here who
      have figured out either hacks or gear to make it work.

      But with an X, you should have plenty of room for hauling groceries
      and other stuff AND the kids, as long as you're diligent about
      clearing all the detritus of previous rides out of the bags before you
      set off for a new adventure. :)

      --- In rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com, "Lorrea" <growingkidsmom@ ...> wrote:
      > Hi, I am looking for information or ideas on a good kid hauling,
      > grocery store, library trip type set-up. I am a stay-at-home mom with
      > 4 kids. My husband and I are giving up the 2nd car and I am looking
      > for options to keep the brood moving. My kids are 10, 2 yr old twins
      > and 10 months. Everything I do is pretty much within a 10 mile radius
      > or less from my home, most things being 2-3 miles so I don't see any
      > reason to need a car most days. The challenge comes in a set-up that
      > will get me and the 4 kids where we need to go and allow me room to
      > haul stuff as need be. My husbands works long hours in the city so
      > he's rarely home and when he is we try to do stuff together outside of
      > the normal running around so grocery shopping etc... has to be done
      > with the kids in tow. I would love to hear some ideas on how to make
      > this work.
      > Thanks in advance for any suggestions
      > Lorrea

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