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Re: [rootsradicals] Surly Big Dummy

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  • Joel Parks
    the roots radical gardenI m certainly buying a Big Dummy when they become available. I ll be selling my conversion based on a Bridgestone XO-3. The frame s
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2006
      the roots radical garden
      I'm certainly buying a Big Dummy when they become available.  I'll be selling my conversion based on a Bridgestone XO-3.  The frame's too small for me and I'm ready for a new bike.
      I haven't figured out if I'll sell the Bionx motor drive kit I have installed with the Xtracycle or keep it for the Big Dummy.  I like the idea of using disc brakes F & R but the Bionx wheel I have doesn't have disc mounting.  On the other hand, since I've installed the Bionx I don't have to apply the R brake much anymore since the regen slows me down pretty effectively.
      I don't know why you'd be surprised at the $820 MSRP - the surlyblog clearly states it will be approximately $811.06 which I figure means give-or-take $100.
      Here are a couple links to the surly blog archives to whet your interest:
      I was thinking of harrassing Grant Peterson of Rivendell for not coming up with a one-piece Xtracycle frame first.  I read somewhere once he's on the X-access board or was, at least.  But then I realized he's too hung up with lugs to consider a project like this.  Too bad for him/Rivendell, since this has the potential to be a blockbuster product.  I am so psyched Surly is doing it.  I love their stuff but couldn't justify another bike, since I really only ride the Xtracycle anymore.  Now I can get a Surly and ride it all the time!
      I wonder if I can order the Big Dummy with a Pugsley fork and run those Endomorph tires and Marge rims?  Probably not, the chainline would be wrong unless I got some really wide BB axle.  And I'm not sure I really need 3.7" wide tires.  The Ritchey or Conti semi-slicks work good in the summer and the Nokian Hakkepellita 106's with carbide studs work good in black ice season.  I suppose I'll get the stock fork unless the Pugsley.  But it would be fun to ride those really fat tires someday...
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