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RE: [rootsradicals] internal gears/ less is more

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  • Leifert, Jesse - BLS
    I m tall...relative to short people. I ve recently traded those riser bars for some On-One Mary bars...sweet.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 2006
      I'm tall...relative to short people.
      I've recently traded those riser bars for some On-One Mary bars...sweet.
      I had to change a tire as well and it was a bit more difficult than a regular non internally geared bike.  Just remember to never ever spin the back wheel and hit the brakes with the brake arm not attached.  That really made me angry when I did that.
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      Hey, Susan and Brian, how's about posting pics of your bikes. Jesse,
      saw your bike, are those trials bars or risers angled up because your
      I Also find that fewer gears work for me, since I do not live in a
      very hilly area, that was one of the reasons I thought of going
      internal(and converting a 12 speed to a fixed gear on another bike), I
      only used 3 or 4 different gears on my old 24 speed. I was a bit
      worried about all the talk online about an internal hub being less
      efficient mechanically, but have found this not to be as pronounced as
      I had feared.
      I had also been warned that changing a tire was horribly difficult.
      I wanted to experience this situation, to see for myself. I didn't
      have a problem and didn't even need to diconnect the shifter cable,
      sure, you need to unscrew the brakearm, big deal. If you turn your
      bike upside down, undo the brakearm, loosen the axle bolts/ chain
      tensioner and lift wheel out and turn sideways, rest wheel on frame,
      change tire, reverse process.
      There seems to be both a lack of useful, real life, information on
      internal geared bikes(from people who use them), and bike shop fear(
      few mechs where I live know how to work on one).

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