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  • Anna Cummins
    after having had a fortuitous encounter w/ fossil fool and the soul cycle slim last nite in SF, gotta say, that thing ROCKS! though i try not to crave material
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 11, 2006
      after having had a fortuitous encounter w/ fossil fool and the soul cycle slim last nite in SF, gotta say, that thing ROCKS!

      though i try not to crave material things, well, i covet that one. life is short, and fun is priceless.

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      From: "Paul Freedman"
      To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [rootsradicals] Soul Cycle Slim
      Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 11:00:13 -0000

      What's up Roots?

      I know a few of you have been following my progress on the Cruising-with- Music front.

      I recently finished a Soul Cycle mobile audio system for a customer from San Francisco.

      Photos: http://www.flickr. com/photos/ 28602169@ N00/sets/ 7215759430412870 3/
      The Soul Cycle Slim is the most advanced bike so far, both visually andin terms of features and sound quality.  It's a 2.1 system consistingof two midrange speakers up front and a rear mounted subwoofer. Theimmersive quality of music on this bike is really amazing. The stereoseparation and clarity of is fantastic on vocals, and as the rider youdon't have to turn up super-loud to feel like you're 'in the music'.It's not a wake-the-neighborho od kind of rig. It's more of a refinedpersonal audio system, that's still capable of powering a small partyrid e -- say 5-10 people.

      Of course, it's got several of the signature Soul Cycle features: front mounted controls,  backlighting in the speaker cabinet, andconcealed wiring. Because of the custom nature of this project, I wasable to work withframebuilder Curtis Inglis of Retrotec to come up with an Xtracyclespecific cruiser frame that has an integrated load-carrying capacity infront of the handlebars. Putting load on the frame instead of thehandlebars makes steering feel effortless (great for cruising). I usedtranslucent fiberglass matrix panels that break light into hundreds ofdime-sized 'pixels'.

      The rear cabinet has an integrated passenger seat and backrest. It fitsbetween -- and doesn't interfere with -- the V-racks. This means thatyou can use or not use the V-racks, depending on whether you want tocarry something to a party, or show off the clean lines of the SoulCycle. The cabinet mounts directly to the frame in the front and hasbeen really great in terms of vibrations. This bike feels very solidwhen crossing trolley tracks in San Francisco.

      Another nice aspect of this bike is that it's lightweight. I can carrythis bike up the stairs to a BART platform without too much pain. Lowdraw digital amplifiers meant that I didn't have to go with a hulkinglead- acid battery.

      I wish I could keep this beauty, since it really is light, fast, andBART-compatible enough for commuting to my Berkeley workshop. But  I'mhappy to share the Soul Cycle experience with others.

      If anyone's interested in getting a Soul Cycle Slim in time for nextcruising season, just call me -- 888-354-BIKE. We have multiple optionsto fit your needs and budget.

      Soul cycle information is up at:
      http://www.fossilfo ol.com/soul- cycle/soul- cycle.php 

      Hope everyone's doing well in Xtracyclelandia. 


      Pau l a.k.a. Fossil Fooll

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --

      Paul Freedman
      Fossil Fool

      "The Only Safety Products Bikers Can't Wait to Use!"

      Available at: www.fossilfool. com
      Phone: Toll-free 1-888-DLG-BIKE
             Local: 415-810-3696
      Fax:   443-347-0521
      Email: paul@fossilfool. com

      1336 Channing Way
      Berkeley, CA 94702

      Anna Cummins, Founder

      "Because you look so good with a cup and bag...."

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