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Re: Cross Canada on ebike/Xtracycle/recumbent (it is cheating!)

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  • zoot_katz
    ... respond ... anything but). ... related stuff? ... easier to ... That was a heart felt wish for you to succeed in your passion while suggesting it also
    Message 1 of 34 , Aug 31, 2008
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Morgan" <mcgurme@...> wrote:
      >Again, sarcasm - it was your previous sarcasm that prompted me to
      >in the first place (i.e. "Good luck" when you appeared to mean
      anything but).
      >How about you introduce yourself and your interest in Xtracycle-
      related stuff?
      >I think if you did that, you'd receive a warm welcoming. It's a lot
      easier to
      >someone who says a bit about themselves and why they are here.

      That was a heart felt wish for you to succeed in your passion while
      suggesting it also takes business skills to make it work. Quality
      control and customer service are points often overlooked in a boom
      like e-assist bikes are experiencing.

      I am an enthusiastic customer and feel lucky myself to have a
      reputable shop near my home. Your customers should feel equally

      I've been an Xtracycle rider for 106 weeks, rain or shine.
      I got a sweet heart deal off craigslist for a demo unit with an extra
      snap deck, rock steady stand, Surly singulator and spare kickstand
      for $250. It was married to a Scot racing pro with a SACHS 3x7 rear
      hub for 63 gears. That hub isn't recommended for cargo duty.
      The free-radical was moved to butted a mixte MTB frame May 2007.
      Having a step through is desirable for carrying top heavy loads or
      bulky items on the SnapDeck.

      Within weeks of first getting he Xtracycle and seeing Todd's
      Stokemonkey, I predicted a motor in my Xtracycle's future. Now seems
      to be the time given the current market trends.

      I'm admittedly a buzz-bike newbie but did search for a thread for
      introductions. It never occurred to me start one.

      My Xtracycle allowed me to once again carry home large bags of kitty
      litter since I'd sold my station wagon in 1996. It had "wood" on the
      sides and the Xtracycle reminded me of that. Soon I was to find out
      it's easier to carry two large bags of kitty litter rather than one
      and the other FreeLoader loaded with toilet paper and light bulbs. ;)

      A post on endless-sphere, speaking of Justin's trip, reads in part:
      "It's hard to qualify in the context of other continent-crossing
      expeditions gone-by. Justin hasn't been actively seeking media
      attention. He hasn't been looking for opportunities to grandstand his
      (obvious and considerable) talent. He hasn't tried to "scare-up" any
      kind of corporate sponsorship that he can later leverage as an
      endorsement for his business. There's a fire that burns in Justin's
      belly, and despite plenty of bragging rights, he remains humble about
      how he's actually accomplishing all of this. When he gets to Halifax,
      he'll have accumulated plenty of empirical data about his rig, and
      that will be very useful to him going forward with possible business

      That's what I'm saying. He's got the guts and he but he ain't going
      for the glory.

      I don't necessarily share a lot of the "green" position passion of
      many younger posters having adopted the lifestyle years ago without
      much fuss or bother.

      If yours, Justin's and Todd's shops help get people out of their
      cages then we need more of them.
      Good luck.
    • zoot_katz
      ... Duh! make that Lake Huron, in the Province of Ontario.
      Message 34 of 34 , Aug 5, 1940
        > *Manitoulin Island is the largest island in the world surrounded by
        > freshwater.(Lake Ontario)

        Duh! make that Lake Huron, in the Province of Ontario.
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