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  • kwikfile08
    I was reading this new site by Russ Roca called the Epicurean Cyclist . In there he mention a solo road trip and he
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2008
      I was reading this new site by Russ Roca called the Epicurean Cyclist . In there he mention a solo road trip and he said, "It was my first solo trip and the thing I learned is that left to your own devices, it actually only takes about a day and a half before you start talking to yourself :)...In all seriousness, solo is a different type of trip. Very internal and retrospective. Good for clearing out the cobwebs in the heard, finding your self, etc.,  "

      For me I start talking to myself just commuting to work. Sometimes it's talking crap to a hill I am climbing. Saying things like " I own you hill, do ya here me?" Or "yeeha" on a down hill.
      Or in more retrspective and somber moments I think about my friend Jeff Druck who died while cycling from an enlarged heart at the age of 51. Funny too, because he had a big heart and was so full of Life and Love. We cycled a lot, mostly mountain biking some road. Although he was 10 years older than me, he kicked my butt. He started off as a middle age geezer of a rider and quickly became an all Star racer in the local scene here in So Cal. As I weened away from cycling for a few years, he went hog wild. Often riding by himself and calling me from the beach just to rub in the fact that he is with all the hotties at the beach and I am not. Jeff was married and faithful he was just using that as a rue to get me to ride next time. I am not Native American. I saw Jeff as an Elder to me. He knew so much stuff about many things; Plumbing, Cars, Building Homes, Hunting, Fishing (Salt and Fresh) and he loved animals. Sometimes I feel his prescence as I ride the places where we had ridden. Yes I talk to him then as he encourages me to keep pumping up a hill. He would say "Let R Rip" before a steep descent. Heck he still says it in my mind as I talk to him. He is a big reason why I ride now and a person I will never forget. Do I talk to myself while I ride? Yes and Jeff too. So I never really ride alone.

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