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RE: [rootsradicals] Rest Vs. Performance on the X ( Vs Diet)

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    Kwikfile, I certainly agree with you about the sleep. Even when I was still working as a messenger, being sleep deprived was the biggest factor in sluggish
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2008
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                  I certainly agree with you about the sleep. Even when I was still working as a messenger, being sleep deprived was the biggest factor in sluggish riding for the whole day. Back then I ate only a pack of Nature Valley bars for breakfast, would not eat anything all day, then when I got home I would eat a big dinner. I avoid fast food chains as much as possible, but I would pick up Chinese food or “American” food from one or two local restaurants in my old neighborhood. Usually after I ate I would konk out on the couch for an hour or so most nights because my body was using energy to digest all the food.

                  Now that I am no longer a messenger working on commission and instead commuting to my hourly job at a printing company with a specified lunch time, these days I almost always eat half a toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, a banana for lunch, and a decent sized dinner. I probably eat less take-out food than before. I still tend to doze off a bit after dinner, but besides the digesting factor I think it is more because for this job I have to get up at 6am and I tend to stay up late like before. Where as, back in NYC I would get up at about 7:30 to 7:45 for work.

                  As for my commute route, in New York it was obviously all urban going from Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge into the city. These days in York, Pennsylvania it is definitely not as urban. Where I am in town now there are some detached houses with yards, but most of them are attached and no taller than three floors. I do have to go through a couple of “industrial” blocks, but apart from about three sets of railroad tracks, it is not a big deal. After that, my commute becomes more and more “suburban” and even “rural” in parts. As I head out of town the houses are spaced out more, there are one or two “McMansion” developments, then I ride through a number of farms with various fields of corn and wheat, etc. There is one hill along side a cemetery, which is probably the steepest part but not as major an uphill as any of the bridges between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

                  Compared to New York, it is a big change. Aside from the occasional road kill, I regularly see ground-hogs, rabbits, and lots of different birds. I have also seen deer and foxes too. I have even ridden past a ground-hog and a vulture within two feet of me once each. It is a lot more pleasant of a ride than NYC. My wife and I are buying our first house at the end of this month, so my commute will change slightly in August. I will no longer have to go over any train tracks or up that cemetery hill. Instead I will be going through older suburban neighborhoods and a Christmas tree orchard. After that I will still be riding through those McMansion developments and the farmland, but before I do my route will take me through more of a shopping area than before. That will obviously be more convenient for me.


                  Was that the kind of response you were looking for, Kwikfile?

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