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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: rear brake cable routing and rear disc caliper protector

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  • Devian Gilbert
    here s a pic http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/rootsradicals/photos/view/a691?b=84 (more pics in the album) no need to bend, etc. it simply bolts OUTBOARD of
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      here's a pic
      no need to bend, etc.

      it simply bolts OUTBOARD of the frame, under the bolt head, between the frame and the bolt head.  position the shape of the protector so it protrudes outward.
      the part section of the protector that has an "eye loop"... that piece goes up top.  i used a washer between the bolt head and the disc brake protector.


      "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race." H.G. Wells

      On Jul 1, 2008, at 9:49 AM, Tone@... wrote:


      When I first switched over to rear disc brakes on my Xtracycle I got 
      the 203mm rotor kit from Xtracycle, which came with the caliper 
      protector. I had my bike shop install everything, but they could not 
      get the protector to work as it was.

      When they told me about this they told me it might have been possible 
      the company sent me a rear derailleur protector instead of a disc 
      brake protector. I called Xtracycle to clear things up, and at that 
      time I was told the caliper protector Xtracycle sells IS in fact just 
      a slightly modified rear derailleur protector and the way it is 
      modified is by bending it in a specific manner. They said it may very 
      well be possible someone on their end of things just neglected to bend 
      the "caliper protector" before it was sent out to me.

      Previously my bike shop actually said they thought they could get it 
      to work by bending it, but wanted to check with me first. After I 
      spoke with Xtracycle I then just gave my bike shop the go ahead to 
      bend it to get it to work right. Ever since then things have been fine.

      If you decide to bend it yourself or have your bike shop bend it for 
      you, just make sure they do not apply the force to bend it while it is 
      mounted on the bike. That could potentially damage the frame or mount, 

      Good luck and ride safe,

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