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Re: [rootsradicals] Dogs, Baby birds, Flats and An X carrying an Xtra Bike...Week End Xperiments

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  • Sean Moore
    For your dog you could try dog boots, hunters use them to protect their game dogs. Even come in hi-vis orange. ... -- Sean Moore moore.sean@gmail.com
    Message 1 of 2 , May 23, 2008
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      For your dog you could try dog boots, hunters use them to protect their game dogs.  Even come in hi-vis orange.

      On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 6:23 PM, kwikfile08 <kwikfile08@...> wrote:

      Now that I got your attention here my story. My week end Xperiments:

      Like I have been riding nearly 700 miles on my X conversion. NO FLATS.

      I wanted to take my 60 Lbs. (US) German shepherd on my X. Attached a Yellow snow sled
      put her in it - she jumped out.
      Next I tied her leash to the back of the X and rode back and forth on the street. Success !

      Not - she has soft paws from being indoor so she hurt them on the street practice run.
      Odd since she will dart out the door if we are not careful and jet down the street - never
      got hurt. So here I am - hurt dog feeling bad. Xperiment gone wrong. Later that evening I
      went out to the garage looked at the bike and the rear tire was flat! Sh@#$#t ! Karma back
      at me instantly. After close inspection my inner tube had several defects on the rim side,
      too many to fix.
      Off to the LBS Jax in Yorba Linda. I bought HEAVY DUTY Bontrager tubes (2). Man the are
      great, but freaking HEAVY for sure. In a strange twist of luck, Karma whatever. It turned
      out to be all Good!
      BABY BIRD!

      I went for an initial test STARBUCKS Sunday 10 Miler with the new tube. Perfect ride with
      45 PSI as Opposed to 60PSI
      AS I was heading up this killer hill in the 90 F degree heat. I looked down and saw an alive
      baby bird sitting on the HOT Asphalt. He will die if he continues to sit out there or get run
      over : (

      So I stopped and began to pick him up. Just then he flapped his little wings and landed in
      the bush away from the street. As I came near again he chirped for me to stay away. Very
      was hot, buy you know it was great to see the Xpressions of people in the Metal boxes.
      Wondering what is a crazy S.O.B. doing out in that heat? My answer to them is: I am Living
      Man, Being Alive, Xperiencing Nature at 10MPH.

      XTRA BIKE on an Xtracycle set-up:

      SO I Xperimented with carrying another bike on my X. I took my Yakima bike rack Steeeel
      head from my car and installed it on my Wideloaders. With some Old inner tube (See
      earlier part of the story)
      After attaching it I put my sons Trek MTB on it and carried the front tire on the other side.
      YES It works. But my front end was very squirelly, over time I suppose one wwould get
      used to it. Next time I will take pics. Xtracyle sell a Rocky mount set up. That's what gave
      me the Idea to try it. It was OK and proved yet again the ability to use the X for the tasks
      of a Metal Box. Yes I got looks - that's good. People will see by Xample that it is possible.

      Those were my Xperiences this week end here in the O.C. in California.
      Anyway it is 5:21 PM still hot. Waiting for a little cool this eve to get the rig set up for the
      morning ride to work.

      Thanks for reading this -


      BTW Sophie Dog is all well - just hot so she is laying around a lot. Guess she is a HOT


      Sean Moore
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