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Modified FreeRad

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  • Pete
    Hi All, Finally got around to posting pics of the modifications made to the FreeRad on my X.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2008
      Hi All,

      Finally got around to posting pics of the modifications made to the
      FreeRad on my X.


      Bit of back story,

      One day about 9 weeks back, someone riding behind me pointed out that
      my rear wheel appeared to be leaning over to the right (at a bit of an
      When I looked closer I saw that the actual problem was that the
      FreeRad had developed a pronounced upward bend in the middle of the
      left main tube plus there was a significant crack just behind the left
      rear dropout (no pics sorry).

      The kickstand plade had also suffered damage at some stage (probably
      the 170lb load I had on the week before). It had broken it's welds
      where it connected to the front transverse tube and had also ripped
      half away from the lower left side tube. All this just 2 weeks before
      I was supposed to join a 9 others on a bike tour of the King River Valley.

      Luckily I live very near bicycle frame repair specialist Gripsport
      (www.gripsport.com.au). John, the owner, promised a 4 day turnaround
      on most basic repairs and wasn't fazed when I asked if he could
      engineer some extra bracing to overcome a basic design flaw in the
      From the dropouts to the back rack mounts there is only the ovalised
      tube itself that has to support up to 100lbs of bouncing load. That is
      a quite a lot of stress for just a 20mm wide tube (Think of holding
      out a 18" long spar in one hand with 50lbs hanging off the other end).

      John suggested pretty much what I already had in mind which was to add
      tubing over the top of the rear dropouts to transfer the load forward
      through to the front mounts. (as on the Big Dummy and a couple of
      other home-made longtails I've seen posted).

      Can't say I've noticed any difference to the ride and only time will
      tell if it holds up under the sort of loads I sometimes carry but it's
      good to be back on the road.

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