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Re: Snapdeck Seats and Cushionsm

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  • Philip Chase
    I have done both a custom seat and running boards so have some perspective to offer. If you have a staple gun, a little patience, and the will to perforate
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      I have done both a custom seat and running boards so have some
      perspective to offer.

      If you have a staple gun, a little patience, and the will to perforate
      your snap deck a custom seat is quick and easy. I took the snap deck
      to an upholstery shop and told them what I wanted to do. The man
      offered me a piece of 2" scrap seat foam. We placed the deck on the
      foam traced it with a marker and he cut along the line with a foam
      saw. It made a nice clean cut. I got out of there for $10. At the
      local fabric shop I found some faux leather vinyl that matched my
      Brooks saddle nicely. I don't think was even $10 for the vinyl.

      Before I assembled the seat I trimmed the upper edge of the foam. It
      was a pain because the foam is hard to cut evenly. I'm not sure I'd
      do it again. Once you've dealt with that (or skipped it), get a
      helper to hold the canvas in place as you start to wrap and staple.
      Symmetry is key, so wrap, pull, and staple on opposite sides at the
      same time. The tail end is tricky because of the sharp radii over
      the V-Racks and the concavity between them--this is where you need the
      most patience.

      My daughter loves the padded seat. My son has mixed feelings--he
      likes the pad, but dislikes the tackiness of the vinyl. He liked
      sliding off the snap deck on dismount.

      As to a solid deck in place of fabric wide loaders, I built some
      running boards for my X. What I made was about 3" wide and ran from
      front bridge to rear. I used 1/2" hardwood plywood and glued a
      tapered stiffener on the underside. It turned the cross section into
      a very squat "T" shape. Deepening the section like this vastly
      strengthens the plywood. The strength--and stiffness--are directly
      proportional to the cube of the thickness, so a little extra thickness
      goes a long way.

      The boards could easily handle my 165 lbs, and my son liked the broad
      footing. My daughter sits in back and had trouble reaching the 3"
      wide boards when the FLs were loaded with gear--I push the gear to the
      rear of the FLs when I have passengers. I found the running boards
      were a bit annoying without the passengers they were designed to help.
      The tubes the boards were mounted on were a bit loose in the bridges,
      so they tended to rattle without a pair of feet on them. Also,
      smaller hard items (think U-lock or chain) in the bottom of unloaded
      FL will bump on the running boards. While a fabric wide loader is
      soft and quiet, the wooden running boards are hard and resonant. I
      quickly tired of the noise and took them out replacing them with foot
      pegs. I have yet to re-engineer them.

      I'm not saying the noise is a show stopper--everyone's need are
      different. I bet if I put them back on today my daughter would
      incorporate them into the snapdeck surfing routine she does on the way
      home from the pool.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Silivrenion <silivrenion@...> wrote:
      > Now that we're blessed with amazing weather, I'm looking to do some
      > modifications on my Xtracycle, one of which is replacing the
      > wooden seat with a nice cushioned seat. Well, not replace. It would
      > attach to the top of the wooden platform.
      > Either way, I'm looking for one-shot places to buy a cushion or
      > seat for my passenger(s). Any ideas?
      > After this, I'll be replacing the cloth on the wideloaders with a wooden
      > running plank for increased stability, and to allow the passengers
      > to step that won't break the wideloaders.
      > --
      > Steve Morley
      > http://silivrenion.com
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