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Re: [rootsradicals] attaching Burley Piccolo to a FreeRadical

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  • BlueFrogPrpleDog@aol.com
    Thanks! In a message dated 6/9/2006 2:14:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, parepidemos@mac.com writes: Yes, it requires some modifications... in fact, I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2006
      In a message dated 6/9/2006 2:14:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, parepidemos@... writes:
      Yes, it requires some modifications... in fact, I recommend you find a
      good welder.  I make a big mess and start small fires when I try to
      weld, so I found Steve Salinas at Steve's Bike Shop in north Pasadena

      There are 3 problems you need to solve:
      1.  the stock Burley rack setup includes two stays that are meant to
      reach from the front top edge of the rack to the seat stays on your
      bike.  Of course, the FreeRad moves the rack way out of reach.  Steve
      solved this by cutting some stock aluminum tubing and welding one end
      into a T (connecting the two Burley stay-mounts into one crosspiece,
      and one long-reach shaft), and attaching a couple of front-fork
      dropouts to the far end.  Using dropouts saved him some fabrication
      time, and they angle in such a way that the new stay-shaft cannot slip
      out even if both bolts are totally loose.  One bolt must be completely
      removed for the stay-shaft to even wiggle.  (the bolts attach to my old
      rear brake mounts on the bike's seat stays)  See photo in the
      rootsradicals album "Nic in Los Angeles".
      2.  the new stay-shaft (or any similar fix to problem #1) plows right
      through the plane of your snapdeck.  Scrap paper, pencil and a steady
      hand with a jigsaw will solve that pretty handily.  The resulting
      half-deck is still a comfy seat for one adult passenger, and still
      makes a handy cutting board.  Having only two snap-claws holding it on,
      instead of 4, seems to make no difference with either the deck or the
      freeloaders' stability.  It did tend to rattle against the Burley rack
      at first, but I keep a spare bungy cord or two coiled around the rack,
      and that takes care of the rattle.
      3.  the Burley rack's main attachment to your bike are these vertical
      stays that fit on either side of your rear axle or hub.  I'll post a
      closeup soon.  Don't remember the exact issue here (it was several
      years ago) but Steve finessed it somehow.  Part of the problem may have
      been my cheapo Motiv axle... you may not run into this problem but it's
      something to consider beforehand.

      If you do mate a Piccolo with your FreeRad, please make sure you have a
      strong center stand, either Nate Byerley's RockSturdy or Val Kleitz's
      swing-down 2-leg stand. (I have used and love both of them.)  You will
      need it.

      By the way, with the Piccolo removed and a decent cushion over the
      Burley rack, you get a "stadium-seating" effect with two passengers
      that's pretty cool.  ;-)


      >  Re: Digest Number 121
      > Posted by: "BlueFrogPrpleDog@..."  BlueFrogPrpleDog@...  
      > lavendergecko
      >  Thu Jun8,2006 9:32am (PST)
      >  WOW! This looks like the solution to my "problem". Thanks for sending
      > the
      >  pix. The photos are great!
      >  Do you mind sharing with me what you have to do in order to attach
      >  Piccolo to the FreeRad? Does it require modifications or is it done
      > with
      >  equipment as is?

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